Sam Bradley: This is The Life Rob Has Chosen

I went all dramatic with the title :))

J-14 Interview with Sam Bradley:

J-14: Did you always know that you wanted to do music as a career?
Sam: Yes. I think when I had written my first song, I was ready. I was like, "Oh my god! I love this. I want to do this for the rest of my life." It hasn't really become a career until fairly recently, but I've been given a gift, a platform with a phenomenon here that is Twilight. It's a great thing to be attached to.

J-14: How did your song end up on the Twilight soundtrack?

Sam: Rob just played the song at a gig. We wrote it together [in the U.K.] and it was an incomplete song because I came back to Canada -- he took it in his direction and I took it in mine. My version's called "Too Far Gone" and his version is called "Never Think." We've both gone through a few titles for the song, but regardless, we have different interpretations and I think it's extremely cool.

J-14: What was it like hearing your own music in the film?

Sam: Well, the first time I saw it I was with my friend Tom. We were at the L.A. premiere. The whole thing was just nuts! Thousands of people outside, doing the autographs and stuff and then seeing Rob's face on the screen -- it was magical!

J-14: Have you written anything specifically for the sequel?
Sam:There's nothing specific, but I write about a lot of different things so there are things that may fit.

J-14: What has it been like to see Rob go through all of this craziness?
Sam: I think he deals with it like anyone else would. He's a blessed man right now and he's enjoying himself, but it's his job and this is his life that he has chosen. (Gozde: I always say this when people are complaining about the pap pictures I post. There are so many out of work, struggling actors. I hate it when they corner him or when it's the pictures of a private moment but the truth is it comes with the territory. And a great territory it is, for Rob, for Sam and everyone that reaps the benefits of being young, brilliant and oh so LOVED.)

Photo: Courtesy of Vanessa Heins

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Anonymous said...

Great article! Thanks for posting it Gozde. While I hate to hear stories about Rob being chased down alleys or anytime fans aren't respectful, it is true that a certain level of attention, including the paps, just comes with the territory. It means you've been successful in this chosen profession. I'm glad they seem to realize that. Sam seems like such a great guy. So happy & grateful for this gift.

Kate said...

Yes brilliant article Goz and I know you're right about it being part and parcel of the job etc i just hate to see things like when the paps are taking photos. I mean it's one thing to take photos it completely diifferent to yell things while taking them but I know they are just doing it to get a reaction but he seems o be handling it really well so hopefull he will continue to do so! ;-)

RPnKSaddict said...

I always say it 's bitter sweet. I always love seeing him but, I do hate when the papz or fans cross bounderies.
At least he has his friends to keep him grounded.

Love Sam and can't wait for his new CD..hurry and release it already...please.

Morning Gozde- Thanks for all your hard worl.I Love Robsessed.

Mrs. Robinsane said...

Gozde: Lovely parenthetical note, there at the end.

And RP's friends are so sweet and gracious—it seems they are aware that the rewards of their creative lives‚ the "magical" aspects, outweigh all of the annoying intrusions.

riddleinside said...

Gozde thank you so much for these interviews. I'm in love with the Brit pack since I went to see Marcus Foster in London.

KK (she who maintains decorum) said...

Have to agree with Goz on her comments...every job has its crappy parts...Rob has to deal with the public and paps...I think he does marvelously well with all of it. Sometimes it gets a little over the top, but I think it will all balance itself out a bit, and Rob will continue to navigate through it all with grace and humor and exceptional friends!

Jewels64 said...

I cannot wait to see Sam perform in Austin in August! I hope I get a chance to meet him. I had the lovely opportunity to briefly say hello to him on Vampire Blog radio.

All of these insanely talented men are being thrust into the white hot glare of publicity and paps.

I think they all handle themselves with such aplomb. Bravo Rob & Sam! Well Done!

phosphorus said...

That leaves the difficult question: what is private? Going to a shop to buy a new jeans and a new t-shirt and going back home again? A meeting with a female colleague for a coffee and a walk? Sitting down in a restaurant for a meal? Taking a cab back home late at night after an evening with friends in a bar?

Sounds rather private to me. Nonetheless Rob has been photographed doing just that. He doesn't complain about being photographed, he knows that comes with the package and is always ever so graceful and patient at events, on the red carpet or the beach (Cannes). But he really should be left alone when he is out and about in his free time. Because neither do we want him to end up as a nervous, pill-taking wreck nor do we want him to be forced living the same secluded life behind high walls like so many other famous actors.

Perhaps it'd be the best if some publishing house made a nice coffee-table book with 250 first class pics of Rob. It would give all his fans something to drool about - and him perhaps a bit more freedom to be out and about.

Until then, move to Germany, Rob. If magazines print paparazzi pics of private moments they can be sued. Lawyers specialized on media law earn a good living on that, so there aren't that many paps around.

P.S. Since his work won't allow him leaving the U.S. at the time being, I'd like to produce this book. It'd be a bestseller.

Kathy#1 said...

Hey KK,RP and all...I would love to see Sam in concert...wish he would travel around the U.S.

Where are you Suz and DB?

Shani said...

Goz- I have been saying the same thing all along. That this is the price of fame. And he you just have to roll with the punches.

Sam is funny saying it was magical seeing him on the big screen.LOL

Hmmmm....So him and Tom Stu was there that day of the LA premiere. I thought it was just Tom.

Shani said...

I just remembered Sam and Marcus is coming to Dallas for that Twicon thing soon. It might be today that their here???

TwiHartRK said...

Gozde - sometimes I wish that you weren't so brilliant. I agree with you and Sam - these guys are keeping in perspective.

I'm still torn about the paps and the craziness. It's one thing to want it but another thing to actually GET it. It has to be unpleasant at times.

So many have compared Rob to Leonardo and Johnny and they are looking over their shoulders, rack in the roles and nominations and adoration at the next hot young thing. It won't last forever but I think Rob will. Yesssss more Rob ladies - for years to come.

Shani said...

Scratch out "you" .

lulusfolie said...

aw sam is adorabely cute...

Suz said...


I {puffy heat} Sam Bradley!

Also seeing him in August and can't wait..

Suz <-------"too far gone"

Goz, thanks for sharing this insightful. joyful piece. I love these boys.

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