*Chagrin* Clarification

The above picture has nothing to do with the post. The pic is just hot :))

Hi guys, 2 days ago I posted this:

I even like LAiMEy for posting these. She does have a point (I know! Shocker!), the emails she gets from "fans" are absolutely, bat shit crazy :)

Hi Lainey,

I’m not gonna get mad at you because those other Twilight fans are silly and they shouldn’t read your blog if they don’t like it. But I do have a request.

Please don’t call him “Robert”. He prefers “Rob”. All his friends call him Rob and the other actors too and we his fans call him Rob as well.

Thought you should know.


Apparently some people thought I wrote that letter *chagrin*. I would not write a letter like that :) It was an example of "crazy". I mean, I am crazy but not that crazy :) I also love calling him Robert.

Phew, you can't believe I made a post just for this? Well then here are some pictures from yesterday, all HQ :)

Source: RobertPattinsonSource.org and [info]ljmd in [info]pattinsonlife


showme said...

It's AMAZING u had to clarify that....some people

Good grief LOL

Thanks for the HQ's tho! Hadn't seen the 3 of them on the grassy knoll...

babbles said...

Goz... Bwahahaha, I Effing Love You... there was no way to mistake that letter as one written by you LMAO!
I will be honest, I didn't know he had a preference since he is called both, guess that fan had the inside scoop, that or I am not a true Rob fan...

oooh, look at the pretty Rob pics, lata!

Allyson said...

I was just gonna say the same thing as Showme. I am amazed that you had to actually make a post about that.

Thank you for all the beauty you have showered us with the last few days!

Anonymous said...

I love the one where E is working her wedgie and Rob has a mischevious grin about to take a drink. Love that grin!!!

Doreen said...

How crazy is that letter? The first time I read it, I thought, it's ridiculous. Does she speak to Rob directly? (sarcasm here incase no one recognizes it!) Did he specifically say Rob not Robert? How about the great Coke and Pepsi debate? Instead let's talk about how gorgeous and talented he is!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Rob, Robbie, Robert, God, Adonis, Sir Hotness, man of my dreams, Mr you make me wanna jump your bones-

Just don't call him the guy from Twilight and I'm happy.

Love the photos Goz-you rock!

Marna said...

Rob seriously needs to make that white tee shirt part of his regular wardrobe, I'm liking what it does to his arms quite a lot. :-)

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