Fan Encounter Videos/Pix from 06/15/2009 - They Day That Kept Giving :)

Thanks to Christine for sharing her story with us :) She has a great video of Rob from June 24th (Carnival day) at the end of the post :)

Confessions of a Robert Pattinson stalker :) (yes i just admitted that)

It started out innocently enough as I was walking home and noticed signs for "Remember Me" filming in Washington Square Park on June 15 so i thought why not??? The next morning I was walking home and saw them setting up, getting ready to film. I got excited to see them film so I waited around in the park a little after 9am. Shortly after, one of the PA's approaced me and 2 other girls and told us to clear the park because they would be filming shortly . . . so i thought FINE i will just go home. I started home and noticed the 20 papz hanging outside by one of the trailers and 2 girls. Turns out they had flown all the way to NYC just to see Rob!!! I figured the papz had the 411 so I waited . . . 15 minutes go by and rob came out!!!! I ran down the street with the papz with Rob only a few feet in front of me!!!! I took a few pictures and watched him film the scene of him walking down the street with his friend, drinking his coffee. The papz got a little out of control and actually got into a fight!!!!! It was only me and a few girls at this point and all the paparazzi. It was nice to watch him work and do his thing. I got some pictures and some videos of him.

Gozde: We posted the first 3 videos before we knew they were Christine's :)If you missed them here they are, if not skip to June 24th!

The next time I got a really great look at him was during the carnival scene filmed on June 24. I checked out the scene around 8pm and decided to go home, charge the phone and go back. I met up with Khanisha who shared with you her pictures and Gina joined us later. We watched him film with Emilie and stayed there to 5am!!!!!! I was soooooo tired towards the end but Gina said she would kill me if I went home. We figured that they would be done at 4:30am and it was already late so why not stay???? A few of us were hanging around the trailer, waiting for 4:30am . . . we figured that if there was a small group, he would probably come take pictures. You could see the other girls eyeing each other and counting . . . it was almost like everyone was hoping someone would go home so the chances of meeting Rob would increase. They moved us to the other side of the trailer behind the barricade. We saw Rob come out of the makeup trailer and go over to the wardrobe trailer . . . we kept hoping!!!! He came out and started to walk towards us . . . i was standing in the front against the barricades and i could feel everyone push closer, smushing me. Sadly my camera had died but i had my brand new Flip Video to try out. I pushed record and recorded . . . i actually had to lean back becuase he was soooo close to me!!!! It was kinda crazy and i sadly did not take a picture with him but my friends there did and i got a great video!!!! I will certainly have more set adventures in the future :)

You can hear him saying "Have you guys been here all night?" (apparently followed by a "That's Insane" :)) Oh Rob you have NO idea :))


Unknown said...

god.. he was so tired but still he came up to his fans and made their day. i love him for doing that. and fans were so nice .. there were no screaming which is good.
super great stories :)

albaville said...

He's so nice and sweet doing this at 5 am after a long day of shooting..Rob u are a great guy and that's the reason why we love u so!!

showme said...

God, he's so hot. the gum chewing kills me

Jewels64 said...

Thanks Christine! Smoootches!!!!

You and your friends were so respectful and so sweet to him!

Rob needs more fans like ya'll around him representing his true fan base!!!

showme said...

He not only says "have u guys been out here all night?" he then says, "that's insane" LOL

showme said...

OK, i can't stop watching the last video. i think it's been 6 times now.

he is a masterpiece of man.

Marie Baginski said...

The real Robert Pattinson Stalker can be found at!!! check this girl out, she is creepy, cool, and fab!

Here is the link:

There is also an interview on the site with her:


Anonymous said...

aaawwww I <3 the video..and yeah Rob that's insane and it is all your fault. I am so envious of all those girls who get to be in your presence..and the fact that you addressed them and asked them a question..aahhh I would have died, they were a lot stronger than I would be.

Yvonne said...

Awww, such a cute vid. Poor guy must be so exhausted from working. Still, he stops to take pictures....prob because it was a nice small crowd....not too scary :) And STILL, he thinks it's "insane" that people are waiting around all night to see him...he doesn't get it and I hope it stays that way....part of his charm :)

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