Fan Report From Set 07/17/2009

Apparently yesterday was Rob's last day filming Remember Me.
I am so out of the stalking loop. *shakes head*
I'm gonna miss Remember Me and the daily photos/videos.
Are you guys ready for Rob withdrawal?
Thank God for Comic Con!
*Update: Radar Online/fan was confused and confused me as well. It was Ruby's (little girl) last day on set not Rob. Hallelujah!*

"As if I could stay away from Rob on potentially his last day of filming!! Apparently, neither could the rest of the Rob-loving population. There were soccer moms pulling up to drop their kids off at the set. "Have fun stalking honey, call me if you need anything!" The NYPD were called out for crowd control and everyone was herded behind barricades. There were even some "Rob Decoys" wandering the area but they were in no way a substitute for the real thing and didn't seem very successful!

I was so jealous though when I saw 3 really attractive girls, a redhead, a blond and a brunette waiting outside Rob's trailer who weren't being hustled behind the barricades with everyone else...(Gozde: A redhead, a blond and a brunette. Quite a selection :P) I was even more jealous when they were escorted to the door and went in!!!!! The rest of us were out on the sidewalk waiting for him to emerge. After about 10 minutes they came out empty handed...ha!

Rob finally emerged from his trailer with a full protective entourage. He was super sexy in his tight jeans as he strided away from the mass of fans to the quiet building entrance. With all of the Rob-Mania he couldn't get across the street fast enough. You can see a girl in the video burst through the barricaded area behind him and dash across the intersection without even looking just to follow him down the street taking pictures!! Luckily she was stopped by a body guard and Rob made it safely into the buidling.

Once he was inside he was nice enough to snap some photos with residents inside. By the end of the day he looked shy, he kept his eyes on his sneakers as he made his way from the screaming fans.

Rob pulled a fast ones on his rowdy fans. They cleared the entrance to the building while they waited for his car. The paparazzi, fans, and hotel staff all looked braced for him to come back out the front when a grey car pulled up to the side building. He must have escaped out of the back entrance!"

Source: Radar Online


Kate said...

We are gonna have such withdrawl symptoms when filming ends!!!
At least we have Comic-Con to look forward too! ;-)

I heard Rob would be finished filming on Tuesday :-?
I'd say he won't be sorry!

anna F said...
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anna F said...

it seems time flies... I thought there was still 1 month filming left.

You know, while the set situation has been crazy, I'm sure he'll be missing his privacy in the evening. In VC, he did film in peace (thanks to closed set) but was hunted down every evening by paps and fans if he went out.

xoRobxo said...

3 girls going into his trailer??~certainly doesn't sound like the norm. Did they win a contest or something~LOL

Moms dropping off their kids... geeze I sure hope the movie comes out good. I mean with all this crazy ass shit.... the paps and crowds... I can't imagine how a scene can get done. but I guess it has and I can't wait to see him playing just a regular guy... and hopefully a hot love scene (although I'll be crazy jealous)

Anonymous said...

I read on one of the location sites that he finishes filming Tuesday. Although others have said that's just the exterior location scenes - apparently there are still many more scenes to shoot. He himself said it was a 35 day shoot and he'd get 3 days off before starting Eclipse so that would take him to the beginning of August. Also there have been 'mutterings' that Eclipse is going to be an open set. Bet Rob hopes that's not true.

Maryann said...

Eclipse an open set? For Rob's and the cast/crew part I REALLY DO NOT HOPE SO. In Italy the set was pretty much an open set and it was crazy there too!

Alexandra said...

What's with the 3 girls going into his trailer? Did they bribe someone? lol

I also heard that he finishes filming next week but there have been so many conflicting reports lately it's hard to tell which one's true.

albaville said...

I heard too that Eclipse is gonna be an open set..I hope its not true for Rob that is gonna be assaulted by paps and fans everyday..poor guy, he's gonna finish filming on tuesday, then some days off??..when he's attending the Comic-Con?..I hope he's gonna relax and have fun..

Jen said...

Pretty sure Rob isn't done, and I don't think he'll be done on Tuesday either. That's what Ted Casablanca said, and I doubt it.

The three girls knew one of the producers so they got to meet rob. all about who you know.


is gonna be so sad when he's done but i'd rather give him some privacy at least for a few days form all the freakin paps and some anoying fans the cameras and all that
as for eclipse an open set???!!!WTF??dammn i really hope that's not true cause thatwould be mad..i bet rob would really regret playing edward if that's true

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