Micheal Welch talks about Robward + a Poll

From Mtv.com:

'In the film, it's more of like a hallucination kind of thing,' Welch says of fitting the largely absent Edward Cullen into the second movie installment.

By Larry Carroll
SANTA MONICA, California — Without a doubt, huge groups of Twilighters all over the world fantasize about Edward Cullen every day. But as popular as breakout star Robert Pattinson has become, those who've read "New Moon" know that his character Edward is absent for much of the story. Now, we've got the scoop on director Chris Weitz's dreamy solution to the problem.

"They figured out a very clever way to get Edward back in the film much more than he is in the book," revealed "Twilight" series star Michael Welch when he stopped by the MTV studios recently, acknowledging that Weitz and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg have devised a plan to work around the "New Moon" plot — which has Edward breaking up with Bella (Kristen Stewart) early in the story and fleeing to Italy. "It's more of, like, a hallucination kind of thing."

As any good Twilighter knows, Bella is heartbroken by their breakup but slowly begins dealing with her Edward-less existence through the realization that dangerous activities — motorcycle riding, cliff diving, etc. — cause her to hear the sexy vampire's voice in her head. Welch was fascinated by Stewart's pretend hallucinations on set and explained to us that Weitz intends to insert sequences of her seeing Edward as "New Moon" inches closer to its November 20 release date.

"It's tricky," he said of the filmmaker's dilemma. "I mean, [Edward] leaves for months."

"In the book, she just hears his voice," continued Welch, who plays rival Bella pursuer Mike Newton in the movies. "In the film, it's more of like a hallucination kind of thing. He will be [in the movie more than the book] for sure."

While the news of more RPattz is sure to excite some fans, others may be concerned about the tweak — and the manner in which Edward will be glimpsed in Bella's hallucinations. Will he be an Obi-Wan Kenobi-like figure, giving her advice from the great beyond? Will Edward come across more like a god, overseeing her safety from half a world away? Will the sequences play like a bad acid trip from a '60s movie, or more like Bella interacting with an imaginary friend?

"It's going to be interesting to see — I have no idea," Welch explained. "You can sort of picture it reading [the script], but I don't know how they actually went about filming that stuff."


Anna said...

Let's face it, NM is probably going to suck. And who cares. It has SHIRTLESS ROBWARD !!!

(thank you for the pretty picture Gozde... and a happy Rob Morning to you too :)

Babs said...

I think that Edward will be like an invisible presence to Bella, she can only hear his voice but we'll see him next to her.
Honestly I think I'll be fidgeting in my seat all the time waiting for shirtless Robward. 2 hours of pain for 2 minutes of complete bliss. Totally worth it :)

Cindeeloo said...

Awwww....3 A.M. in L.A. can't sleep. Went through some old interviews and videos of Rob. (ie. Rob and Kristin old MTV interview on twilight set)

Fell in LOVE.....ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!

Hi LB & Babs
and Good Morning Goz (or is it afternoon?)

Babs said...

Hi cindeloo :)
it's almost noon here in Italy and I've just finished reading 2666. Rob's book choices are interesting :)

Anna said...

hey girls :)

my friend actually had read that icelandic book Rob was pictured with (Of her own accord! Like, 2 years ago!). She says it was boring as hell though, so maybe that's why Rob looked kinda pissed off yesterday, he he :p

Anna said...

Um, Goz, you mention a poll in the title - am I so dazzled by shirtless Robward that I can't find it?

Cindeeloo said...


2666? I havn't heard of that one?

Ohhhh...How I would love to be in
Rob's head while he's reading a book!

@LB, after all the yummy pics of Robler...I almost forgot about shirtless Robward....Thanks for the reminder!!

half-way through the RM script...This movie just might blow NM away!!!

Babs said...

2666 was in the list of books that Gozde posted here
I requested Independent People at my local library. Knowing that Rob is reading that book will probably help me get through it if it's boring :)

Haystackhair said...

Ohhh, I sooo want to see NM. For obvious reasons, mostly in Goz's labels, LOL. When do you guys think we will see more trailers etc. from NM??? Goz, that Robward pic is HOT!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

I think NM will be good with Chris directing-however; it all depends on the damn script, hoping Melissa didn't fuck it up like she did Twilight..

Rob & Kristen will be hot no matter what! Can't wait for the scene in Italy!!!

Books, I tried reading Bel Ami-big snooze...

anna F said...


I hope that NM is not going to suck, but it might~
The thing is that, while those books are addictive (I'm not talking about the "quality", but it's hard to not read them all once you have started), I'm not sure that they can translate that well into movies, the storyline isn't made for that.

I am really looking forward to RM though!
no weird make up, a storyline made for a movie from the start! and ROB!

Stacy said...

I've read the NM script, and it's pretty good. The changes made are actually ones that flow with the story and make sense. I know there will still be people who complain, like always, but it looks like a good adaptation.

CW is a great director, 10x better then CH, and I think they have taken a completely different approach to this movie, so I have pretty high hopes.

My biggest worry is seeing KS show some emotion, but I am giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Babs said...


I read Bel-Ami as soon as I found out that Rob was in that movie. I'm a lost cause :)
But I'm too intrigued by Rob's mind. Yeah, just by his mind LOL

Stacy said...

I think Bel Ami could be the film that really sets Rob apart and establishes him as strong actor.

RPnKSaddict said...

Hi Stacy! (waves)

Thanks for the reasurence about the NM script. I want NM to be better than Twilight.

I'm always conflicted about seeing more Rob or staying true to the book.

Seeing Rob more seems to be a stronger impulse go figure.

Haystackhair said...

Is it wrong that I keep coming back to look at shirtless Robward in that hot kiss? Sigh. I soooo can't wait....

riddleinside said...

no I didn't forget you Rob, YES i'm still unconditionally and irrevocably robsessed, I miss spending hours looking at Rob's pictures but I DO NOT MISS posts about crap articles and set reports, those are a part of the reason I haven't been robsessing lately....this and my being dealing with life.

I'm waiting for New Moon because despite me being aware that Twilight is far from being the must read book, I love it and love Edward....Rob brought him to life.....then Edward gave Rob the chance to express himself in front of us....we listened and....well, you all know what happened and why we're here...."Remember me" is killing me, I'm a fan, and I've got high expectations...I keep talking about it to people who don't know Twilight neither Rob.....I'll be in the theatre Rob ;)

Oh and please, let's keep Goerge Duroy out of the subject for now, my heart can't take it.

for now I'm sooo intrigued with Tyler


ps: Marcus Foster EP is out on itunes, be sure to grab your favourite song ;)

anna F said...


I had not seen you in a while!
I'm happy that you seem OK!

I also have things to do right now that keep me away from proper robsessing ;_;

I hope to see you again soon~

Steph said...

Hey, does Rob keep his british accent for this movie? I assume he does, with PB and LO as parents, but need confirmation... Danke.

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