Sam Bradley is REALLY Funny :)

This is my 2nd post with Sam Bradley is Funny title :) First oOne of the Twilight Moms interviewed Sam in Los Angeles. It's a good/cute interview. Here are the parts with Rob and you can read the whole thing over at Twilight Moms.

TM: So, the writing process for you? What normally comes first, the melody or the lyrics? Is there a formula?

Sam: It depends on the song. There’s no specific way I sit down and write. Depends on the mood. Depends on if I have my guitar with me.

TM: Is there a time of day that’s a little more…

Sam: The morning. When you first wake up, well for me, you can reflect.

TM: On something you dreamt about, maybe?

Sam: Yeah, exactly. It could be something you dreamt about yesterday, something you dreamt about a month ago, a couple of years ago. The morning for me is the freshest. My father’s a morning person and I think I am, too.

TM: That’s unusual [for a musician]. So, you wrote Never Think with Rob and then you guys went two different directions in recording it.

Sam: Didn’t we just?

TM: How did that happen and is there an original version?

Sam: I’d say that when we were writing it, it was probably closer to “Too Far Gone” but I think Rob could play it differently every time. He’s obviously a very talented musician.

TM: Very, although I like your version a lot, too.

Sam: Thank you. Yeah, it’s different. It’s really cool. I’m really proud of my version and I’m proud of his version. I think it’s a really nice, interesting thing to have such a simple and pure song to sound so different, and have almost two different meanings just in the feeling of the song and the way it was recorded. I’m going to record “Too Far Gone” again because the version I have is a demo. So, I’m going to record that again and I’m excited to see how that turns out.

TM: As a song writer working with someone who changes the style a little each, does that inspire you or make you say, “Wait a minute! We were doing it this way”.

Sam: It inspires me. I can follow just fine. It’s a deeper connection. It’s never a shock so…(laughs)

TM: So you can roll with it. That’s good. (laughs)

TM: So, how did you meet Rob?

Sam: I was working at the zoo and I was taking care of the chinchillas, obviously,. That was my division. And Rob was looking after the zebras. That’s it right? You say zebras [strong e] not zebras [soft e]? He was looking after the zebras and there was a lot of feces involved… a lot of scooping, and we were both on our break which is very rare…very rare (smiling) that we get a break at the same time but we met and we talked. I talked about my chinchillas and he talked about his zebras. You know, I wanted to transfer. I’ve always liked rhinoceros and all of the sudden a giraffe with a guitar in its mouth dropped it in my arms and then Simba, the lion, came over and gave Rob a harmonica and a guitar and all of the sudden, bam! Song. Yeah, and I think we were…how old were we? We were working so I guess we were 54 at the time? (Gozde: LMAO! I think I just fell in love :))

I met him at school (laughs)

TM: How old were you when you met him?

Sam: 12

(both laugh)

TM: That was a good story! I loved it! (Gozde: Delayed reaction much?:))

Sam: I like that one. I’m going to keep that one. (laughs)

TM: I understand you were flat mates. What was it like being roomies?

Sam: Well, we were in a zoo (laughs). It was cool, ya know. We were friends. I should imagine it would be like being a flat mate with … Did you ever have a flat mate?

TM: Yes, once.

Sam: How was that for you?

TM: I’m a little too Type A so it didn’t work well. (laughs) I’m much better on my own.

Sam: It was a creative environment, is what we had…a creative environment with not much furniture and a TV with a Play station.

TM: It had all the important stuff

Sam: Yeah…I mean the TV with the Play station came later but it was cool. I think about that place everyday. It was a really, really cool place. It was right in the heart of London, as well so the world seemed like out oyster.

TM: Sounds like something from a Dickens story

Sam: (in a very high pitched voice) It was like a scene out of Dickens!

(both laugh)

TM: So what was it like to see Twilight for the first time and hear your music in it?

Sam: Ya know, I got to go with a couple of friends and so when the song came on my hand was squeezed pretty tightly and…I was proud. That was an odd thing seeing your friend nine thousands times bigger than he is in real life. Big face on the big screen sort of thing. It’s cool. I just felt happy to be part of it.

TM: It’s [the twilight phenomenon] pretty massive.

Sam: Yeah it is, and it really has helped me.

TM: At the L.A. premiere, you got a taste of how exuberant the Twilight fans can be. Has your connection to the Twilight universe been a blessing or a curse?

Sam: I only look at blessings so like I said before, I’m just happy to be playing to people and whether they are connected to Twilight or Tom Cruise or whatever it is, it doesn’t matter because it’s them and me and I’m just lucky to have people come out and it’s not Team Edward or team Jacob. It’s my night and it’s their night and I try to make it the best it can be.

TM: You are slated to play TwiCon with Bobby long and Mark Foster. Are you nervous?

Sam: Am I nervous? No, I haven’t had a breath to be nervous yet. I think when I arrive in Dallas and I turn up at the hotel…(laughs)

TM: You’ll start to feel all of that teen electricity?

Sam: Do you think there will be a lot of teens?

TM: Yeah, there will be a lot of teens there. It’s not a 21 and over crowd.

Sam: It’s going to be interesting. I’m really looking forward to it. To meet lots of people is the idea and try to connect with as many people as possible.

TM: What sort of music did you grow up listening to?

Sam: I grew up listening to soul music…and reggae and country…and folk.

TM: Is there any particular artist that did it for you?

Sam: Yes (laughs) I really love Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Gregory Isaac, Tom Waite, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, (smiles) Bobby Long, Rob Pattinson.

TM: What was it about those artists that did it for you?

Sam: Honesty…these artists were very honest and very raw and I like that.

TM: It comes across in your music, as well. It has a very raw quality to it.

Sam: I hope so, yeah.

TM: Sea Blue is a great song. That and Paradise. Very gut-wrenching.

Sam: Thank you.

Sam: Paradise is an old song. I thought I was never going to play that one again. But people heard it…. I guess I put it up…and yeah, Paradise is a nice one.

TM: It’s lovely

Sam: Thanks

TM: What took you to Vancouver from the UK?

Sam: My mom. My mom is Canadian. She’s from Ottawa, actually. We went on holiday, and she tricked us, me and my sister, into moving. She asked if we wanted to go look at a house and I said, “Yeah…OK Let’s go look at a house. Wow, this house is way nice than the one we have in England. OK…shall we move?” Oh, but my job at the zoo! Whatever will I do?”(laughs) Yeah, so we moved and Vancouver is a beautiful city. It’s a lovely city.

TM: Do you intend to keep Vancouver as your home base?

Sam: I don’t think I’m going to have a home base. I think my home base is in people, not really a place. I’m going to have my few possessions there, like my sofa which is pretty much my bed. It’s cool.

TM: I was going to ask when we can expect an album out but I noticed some people walking around with CD’s last night?

Sam: Maybe they purchased those at some of the other shows. It’s an old EP that I made when I was just starting. I had only been playing guitar for just under a year and I got to make an EP and I didn’t really know what I was doing. I still don’t really know I’m doing (smiles) but I’m a little more experienced now. But as far as the EP goes, it’s like three years old. I printed a couple of thousand and now they’re all gone and I don’t think I’m going to make them again. That part is over.

TM: So no more records. That’s it. (laughs)

Sam: No, of course more records. I just meant as far as that EP goes.

TM: So when should we expect the new CD?

Sam: Next month or so. Maybe two months. Not too far away.

TM: If you could jam with any artist, living or dead, who would it be?

Sam: I’d definitely choose a dead artist. Today my answer is…Johnny Cash.

TM: What songs are on your personal play list?

Sam: “Closer” by Kings of Leon, It Could Have Been Me by Ray Charles, and 14 Times by Marcus Foster.

TM: Are there ay songs on your playlist that you would be embarrassed for people to know about?

Sam: Absolutely not. I’m a pretty open individual. When I jam out to my Brittany Spears, that’s cool.

TM: Jamming to Hannah Montana?

Sam: I don’t actually know much Hannah Montana music but she’s got a good voice (does a brief imitation)

TM: Ok… we’re going to do a little Inside the Actors Studio/James Lipton sort of thing.

Sam: OK

TM: What’s your favorite word?

Sam: Remorse

TM: Why’s that?

Sam: (smiles) Because it’s the first word that came to me.

TM: You’re least favorite word?

Sam: Like

TM: You’re favorite sound?

Sam: My favorite sound? (slaps his left cheek)

TM: (laughs) Your least favorite sound?

Sam: (slaps his right check and laughs) (Gozde: I am really in love :))

TM: What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book?

Sam: Green Eggs and…I don’t know.

TM: What question have you never been asked that you wish someone would ask?

Sam: (laughs) That one.

TM: That was great. Thank you!

Sam: You’re welcome!

For more information about Sam Bradley including his tour schedule, please check out his MySpace page located at

Source: Twilight Moms

This is my 2nd post with Sam Bradley is Funny title :) First one can be found here.


Anonymous said...

I love the his song Too Far Gone !

Maryann said...

I think I just fell in love too...LOL, not only does he got a great voice but FUNNY loves funny ppl. Me loves funny, talented and creative ppl even more! LMAO.

Letters to Twilight said...


showme said...

OMG, Godze, I'm in love too.

He is unbelievable....i love that man. With best friends like this, how can he ever take himself too serioulsy? He'll stay grounded.

Sam Bradley = F--kAwesome

Anonymous said...

sam IS funny. love it! thanks for posting :)

Kate said...

Gotta love Sam!

Lizalou said...

Can't beat a great sense of humor - Sam rules!!

Glad to see that Rob surrounds himself with genuinely good people.

Hansom Ransom said...

Lol I do like him. I wish Sam would come to play in Florida. The Social in Orlando and The Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale (though it's a bit small) would be good places for him to play. Bobby Long is coming to Tampa in August and I am excited for that.

lostinphilly said...

Sam is awesome! I love his growly voice, it's so great. Rob has a really great friend in Sam. His version of "Too Far Gone" is great. I hope he has a show coming soon to my area so I can go see him.

LovetheLips said...

Thanks for posting this Goz.

I love how down to earth Sam is, and so funny! There was a vid of him singing to people on the sidewalk in Vancouver a while back...what a gracious man!

And his mom's from Ottawa!!!! Great city....I should know - it's my hometown and I still live there!

Katie said...

lol..I loved this interview the first time i read it, and laughed again the second time. Sam is just freakin awesome.

Kathy#1 said...

Love him - would really like to see him in concert. I hope he comes to the midwest! I wonder if those guys (Sam, Bobby, etc.) get tired of Rob questions. At least Sam has a sense of humor about it - too funny about the zoo (one that Rob prob thinks he's in right now).

Kathy#1 said...

Ok I forgot to say that I absolutely LOVE Sam's face in that pic of him in the back seat of the car with Rob...I think he's just really surprised and thinking it hilarious all the attention surrounding Rob. Just think if that happened to your best would be weird and funny as hell.

Kelli said...

he is so adorable. on a different note, just as i finished reading this post KOL's "closer" came on my ipod. very bizzare.

crazy said...

OMG...ROTFL @ this guy!!

WHY can't I get a chance to hang out with him and "his friend" just once??!!! waaaaaaaaah

MandyW said...

The personalities of Rob and Sam seem to mesh really well. I'm glad that Rob surrounds himself with people like this. He is so cute.

MandyW said...
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MandyW said...
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riddleinside said...

Very nice interview :)

I was in London Wednesday night and went to see MARCUS FOSTER playing in a pub called THE BOOGALOO. I knew Marcus was playing there cause I got the info from his myspace.

The pub is awesome and cosy. There were other artists who played that night and were brilliant! Marcus was the last one to play and GOD, he was amazing. I already said on this blog that Marcus is my favourite, and I confirm that once again, since listening to him sing and play in live is something that whatever words I'd use would be an understatement of the sheer awesomeness. He was also very sweet, as when I was smoking and talking outside with a drummer that played that night too -with an awesome artist called Roxy, Marcus came to compliment him in a very humble nice way :)
Bobby Long was apparently there too but didn't play. I feel bad cause I didn't recognise him, even when Marcus dedicated a song "to his friend Bobby"(I wish he puts this song on his myspace or on his upcoming EP on itunes). It was not untill Bobby and Marcus passed by me in the tube station after the show that I made the conncetion between the tall guy/the-to"my friend Bobby"-dedication and Bobby Long (I know many of you now think I'm stupid but really I was so happy that night because I also met interesting people that my mind wasn't working properly)

If you have the chance to see Marcus Foster just go for it. I promise you won't be disappointed.Check out his myspace but keep in mind that seeing him in live is a lot better. I wish I could speak English better to describe what it feels like to be there in the shadows [not of the city but of the pub;)] and wintness what is going on.

Also the song he dedicated to his friend Bobby is a killing song because it makes you forget yourself, you forget where you are and why you're suddenly feeling that pain in your chest. That was the moment when I had a thought for Rob cause I realised how he must miss playing this way in a pub surrounded with friends.

I will put some videos of Marcus playing that night on youtube very soon.

TwiHartRK said...

Thanks for the recap Riddle.

Sam has a great personality.

These are some very talented and funny guys.

Suz said...

Sam.... I am sooo far gone, it's untrue.

Come to Philly,(nearly a Jersey Girl - T. Waits reference) and find your Sugar Momma..

Emotionally Yours, (Dylan referene)

i am awesome-o said...

Sooo...roadtrip 2 dallas this july! lol I'm only 6 maybe 7 hours away! It would b so gnarly 2 c him in concert and i don't think id ever get the chance again. =D yay!

rpgirl27 said...

I agree Suz...we need a philly stop please or maybe about an hour east and that would cut my drive time....but I won't be greedy, I'll take philly.
I really like that they get inspired by Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson 'cause they are two of my son's name is Johnny lol!

PrettyChocolate said...

I've had the joy of meeting him and spending a little time with him and yes, I did fall a little in love. He's the gentlest, kindest, cutest man. I wanted to take him home. ;o)

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