New Moon Trailer Before "The Proposal"

The confirms the rumor that the New Moon trailer will premiere before in theaters before the Ryan Reynolds-Sandra Bullock flick "The Proposal".

Earlier this evening I attended a press screening for the new romantic comedy The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. It is a moderately amusing film wrapped in a formulaic "chick flick" pita but that's not the reason for this post.
The first trailer that ran in front of The Proposal was none other than Summit Entertaiment's The Twilight Saga: New Moon.
The audience let out a low roar when the Summit logo came up and then you could hear a pin drop with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on screen. Then when Taylor Lautner appeared sans shirt... well, let's just say there are a lot of fan girls out there. The screaming continued right through the wolf transformation so I tried to focus my hearing on the guy behind me yelling "booo!" to deflect the annoying shrieks.
When The Proposal's final box office numbers for this weekend come in keep Twilight in mind. I wouldn't be surprised if a few million dollars aren't solely the result of Twilighters forking out $10 to see their beloved New Moon trailer on the big screen.
I'll give it this much: the wolf sounds a lot more menacing with the added wattage behind him. Too bad his "not quite there yet" rendering shortcomings are accentuated when blown up on the big screen.


marina mia said...

it's so bad but i feel like a total fangirl about this! I don't care about the wolf but Edward/Bella on the big screen, that's what it is all about :)

anna F said...

I'm more like "it's a trailer... let's be excited about the movie!".
Is it because the 1st trailer was so-so to me... maybe. I hope that the movie will be well edited, that's really what bothered me in the trailer (it's like showing the story instead of hinting at it). K. Hardwicke's trailer was a lot better in that sense, to my taste.

I hate that non-twilighters get the feeling that twilighters are obsessed weirdos. I'm not really a die-hard twilighter, but I get the feeling those non-fans are just so condescending -_-;

albaville said...

i suppose I'll go to see the proposal just to see the bad is it???

anna F said...


considering the guy's attitute torwards NM and this movie, this "It is a moderately amusing film wrapped in a formulaic "chick flick" pita but that's not the reason for this post" could mean he's simply not into chick flicks...
or that this one is really so~so.
Who knows?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this has been addressed numerous times, but I just watched the trailer again and realized the scene where we see Jake morph into wolf over Bella's head cannot be the same scene with Laurent. When Laurent is talking to Bella she's wearing a different color shirt and a backpack. When we see Jake jump over Bella there is no backpack, so they must have just spliced two scenes together there for the trailer.
Has that been covered?

Hannah said...

Unless it was a different trailer.. I wouldnt go to a movie soley to see it.
I have to hand it to Taylor and Chris, he's done a hell of a lot of working out for this movie and the phasing looks great!

My main concern.. Kristen convincing us she is the heartbroken shell of the former Bella when Edward leaves. The emotion in this book made it my favourite. I hope they can translate that to the big screen.

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