Entertainment Tonight 04/25/2009

In real Rob fashion he blurts out his "code name" :) Classic!

Thanks to Gina and Tea for the links :)


MeLLii said...

heyhey gozde (:

ouw this is souw kewl that u posted these ones but could u plz try to find 'em in hq?? bcoz didnt find them on youtube :( && I didnt know, that theres more to come before on monday ôO .. so .. thanks for always keeping us up to date :D

greetz, mellii

tfblog admin said...

i cant find HQ ones. can yu? cos i totally cant understand what theyre saying.

this blog is the best!! love you guys!!!

MojoPin said...

Hey it's uploaded on Dailymotion
the quality is good!:D

MeLLii said...

*awwww* thx for telling tea *.*

Maryann said...

Thanks Tea :-)

anna F said...

Thank you for the link Gina, Gozde and Tea.

That's good to hear that he will be busy this year outside the twilight saga!
Hopefully the soundtrack thing will work out (one song or 2 would be great at least!).
He didn't mention the "remember me" film project, but who knows when the interview took place, so maybe it was before that.

They kind of have me convinced that NM will be better than twilight! I hope that it will be true... We'll see when it comes out!

Kate said...

Ooh that was great. They gave us a decent amount o time talking with the cast instead of just teasing us!
Hope the soundtrack thing works out!
When she asked him about his codename I thought he'd just say "Yeah i do" and not actually tell what it was LOL
Afternoon everyone!

Indy said...

i cant even handle it
they are going to tease us with these snip its for ages
coz we have so long to wait.

K said...

I sure hope better sound quality show up, this was really hard to understand. Thanks posting in I got a lot out of it. I can't believe I didn't set my recorder for Saturday.

Rob's good at lying. ;)

When she asked him about his codename I thought he'd just say "Yeah i do" and not actually tell what it was LOLHe said his code name is Number 2 - LOL that was funny

Lizalou said...

Hrmm... definite difference in these interviews than the interviews with Rob last year. He seems to have grown up a bit (not that he was all that immature before) and he's maybe a bit more cautious with what he says. But, and this is so refreshing, he still seems very down-to-earth and genuine. Fame hasn't gone to his head yet.
With that, i'm hereby weaning myself off of him for a few weeks! ;)

Gozde said...

Can I just say that I loved when Rob started referring to himself as Edward? :)) He said "When I don't come back..." Robward indeed....

Lizalou...waning yourself off of Rob? Good luck with that :))

meg said...

HI, morning girls, I'm in a very GOOD mood after watching the ET special. Hope Monday is as like Saturdays episode.

Rob was dreamy as always:)

I'm still frustrated about how the reunion of Bella and Edward is different from the book. WTF no no people, if anything it's THAT scene that should NOT be messed with.

But who am I but a 1/10000000000000000000 fan :()

Jewels64 said...

Gah! How adorkable was Rob in the interview with Thea Andrews?

I think she thinks he's adorkable too!

meg said...

Lizalou - Good luck with that:-/

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link Tea. I've got to say that I think Jaydog is growing on me.

Thanks ET for FINALLY letting us get more than a 2 second clip of Rob. He's gained a lot of confidence in the last year. He's very thoughtful and intelligent as usual, but has more self-assured.

I can't wait to hear more of his music.

elaine said...

Thanks to everyone who posted this.
I think ET did a great job!
There is so much secrecy, but they really gave us more!

This next movie is going to go off the charts. Tom Cruise likes the books! WoW!

Rob working on a soundtrack! It will go platinum the first day!

I love No. 2!!!!!! He is the sexiest man alive!!!!

elaine said...

Gozde~could u post ET's link so that I can thank them.

Sara said...

Aaah, well done ET, that was actually pretty interesting ;p

And gotta say, I love all the ladies on here. So damn funny.
I was reading your drunken conversations from last night on the previous post and just dying of laughter.
Priceless. x

elaine said...

Sara, where were u last night? Do u have a life?

Anonymous said...

I think the soundtrack he was talking about isn't New Moon's. I read somewhere, can't remember where, his character in Memoirs/Remember Me is also a musician.

Lizalou said...

I'll be in Europe with no easy internet access - i'll have no choice!! ;)

bye ladies!

Lacey said...

I want more..... the interviews were good and Rob looks wonderful as usual and more confindent but still has the edge of being nervous which is adorable. NM wasn't my favorite book out of the series but I'm very interested in how the story is being brought to the screen. Looks good.

Sophia Z.86 said...

So, Kristen must be "number 1", right?

'Rob, lover, you look so much better with this hair. Glad you cut it in december. And, yes, "please me" when we meet. I´ll then tell you how...'

Sophia Z.86 said...

And Edward won´t be so perfect in Bella´s dreams. And we will see more of his dark side. I like that. That is gooood; I always found a little creepy his "perfection".

'By the way, I am addicted to you too, Rob, lover, BADLY, but I am not trying to get over it... not yet.'

Gemgirl65 said...

I saw this on TV yesterday and was so pleased to see the interviews in their entirety without the hack-job editing from Thursday and Friday's shows.

Random observations:

Kristen was so nervous during the interviews that she couldn't stand still, but then when shooting an actual scene, she was completely calm. I loved the look of dread on her face at the prospect of shooting the break-up scene. You KNOW it's gonna be a 10-Kleenex moment in the theater!

Why did they give Jacob the Marsha and Jan Brady hair-do? :p

Rob, Rob, Rob...still so refreshingly candid, though time has taught him well about how to think a bit before he speaks. Well, except for blurting out his on-set code name as Goz said...classic! You gotta love him. He clearly charms everyone who ever interviews him. Can't believe we might get a whole soundtrack of his music to listen to at some point! *dies*

Sara said...

Elaine, I live in London and it was already pat 2am went I turned in. Hahaa.
And this was even before you girls really started having fun. ;p

RPnKSaddict said...

Love that he said being back is feeing natural and he's not stressed on set.
Also can't wait for the new music. He seems pretty content with the career aspect of things.

Jaydog has grown on me to.

I think Kristen will do the brakeup and "zombie Bella", justice. She seems really invested in making this movie great. Love her to.

Unknown said...

Number 2!!! Jajajajajaja... Priceless.

TwiHartRK said...

RPAddict and Leann - I'm with you both. You could see what KStew is bringing to us she is gonna be great!

Hi AJ, Kate, Jewels! I agree Rob seems more comfortable AND adorkable as always. Still sweet, funny and thoughtful. Oh, and YES, GORGEOUS!

Oh yeah Thea is not immune.

Team Edward, Jacob? KStew couldn't answer it she is smart to stay away from those questions - Rob's answer was great - Edward's wealthier. LOL!

kimberlesk said...

Goz -- thanks so much for posting this. It was almost 20 minutes of info!! Loved it!

Diane said...

Thanks, ET, for finally putting together a coherent story with some interesting points. Death and decay? You can just tell Rob loves all the "scary" stuff. (He's such a guy.)

SM said she didn't mind things being added as long as they COULD have happened in the books and dreams are the logical place to add those elements, as well as more Edward.

Don't you just love his incomparable little motor mouth? As if he could be "number 2" to anybody.

elaine said...

I agree, Diane! He is second to no one! I think he finally realizes that he is a superstar! I can't get enough! See u chicks later!

Bootstrap Intern said...

I am so glad they gave us more time with Rob. With all of the cast for that matter.

I'm starting to get very excited about NM.

fantasia22 said...

I love this site - y'all make my day great everyday! he's adorkable - definitely more polished then in the fall...and the hair...GOD the hair is fabulous! but his shirt is still a mess, he's got nervous giggle and its so endearing how his voice cracks/is so high when he is nervous. Smart, sexy, goofy, sweet non perfection...which makes him PERFECTION! cheers!

Mechevpao said...

I liked this ET edition, finally something clear out of all the cut they did the past two days, is always good to get more Rob, he is adorable!!! still kind of nervous at interviews, the way he said he almost passed out during his presentation at the Oscar was cute.. and I can imagine his reaction to Ron Howard asking for a pic "what do you wan the picture for?" hahaha.
I´m really exited about the composing part, that is such great news, wonder for which movie is it going to be; and I also wonder what movie he said he is working for that is a comedy but very dark, I thought "Remember me" was a romantic drama.

Stacy said...

Ok, first off, I am so pissed this was aired on Sat., cause I would have loved to have seen this on tv, it's so much better then the little snippets. I thought they said the next thing would be on Monday...dammit!
What great interviews, and I have absolutely no doubt that Rob, Kris, Chris and Taylor get it ... and I almost squeed when Kristin said Bella isn't even aware there is a love triangle ...it just shows that they do understand that the love triangle is only between Jacob and Edward ...and its nice to get clarified that the beaten up was the incident with Jane...
I just think they are going to stick to the book pretty closely, and that these interviews have really confirmed it, and I think that if they do make changes, this time around, they will be good changes and stick to the soul of the book, instead of them randomly playing in trees and shit like that.
I still think ... this movie is gonna make Twilight look like something from a film school student ... that didn't so well on her last project.
And ... UNF Rob. He looked and sounded amazing in this interview. And I think he would be great in a romantic comedy ... I know some people are up in arms about Remember Me being with Summit, but since he's trying to squeeze between NM and Eclipse, it makes sense, and I trust his choices.
And is this available for DL anywhere? I can't ever save this kinds of files ...

sas said...

Oh I am so happy about this segment! It was definitely more informative, and as many have said already. Rob is so much more self-assured, and calm. He looks absolutely stunning in that simple t-shirt! I really hope he is able to do the soundtrack the way he'd like to; you can tell it's really important to him.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, "Number 2" lol! So cute!

kespax said...

This stopped my head boiling at least - not so angry at ET now.

Love how he says he can lie but then he blurts out no. 2.
The bit where he says he doesn't know what all the wild fans want - oh sweet baby, I think it's just as well you don't know!

So what do we glean is in store:

-he's writing a score, oh be still my mad heart,
- he's booked up for at least a year,
So, after NM, Memoirs,Eclipse, and -
- he's doing a black comedy, yeah, maybe cohen bros, or a UK movie?

Then will it be Breaking Dawn.

Sometime soon I want him to play a tragic rockstar that dies - maybe Micheal Hutchence (INXS), Buckley, or just a fictional rockstar.

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