How To Be MP3 Previews on Amazon

How To Be Soundtrack is set to be released on April 28th but Amazon gives us a taste of what's in it. Click on the name of the song below for previews and pre-order.

Pre-order for US:

Doin' Fine

Chokin' on the Dust Pt. 1

Chokin' on the Dust Pt. 2

Pre Order for UK:

Doin' Fine

Chokin' on Dust Part 1

Chokin' on Dust Part 2


Val said...

I was just looking at those last night on Amazon! Can't wait for my CD to get here!

~~Swept Away~~ said...

He sounds adorable! I added IFC to my cable plan just yesterday so I can watch HTB on the 28th! Can't wait.

~~Swept Away~~ said...
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honey bee said...

Oh, RobArt! sigh
Doin' Fine sounds kind! ;}

Caitlin said...

He may not be singing in "You're not a nobody" but that's him talking. Plus you can hear him talking in "Jam Session" and "You don't actually have things all that bad" - yeah it's not the same as him singing, but it's still Robert's voice :)

Holly said...

Got mine from Dreamboat today!!

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