LA Times: Studs Who Look Stinky

Is 'Twilight' hunk Robert Pattinson in Hollywood's elite bad (smelling) boys club?

ActorRober_JLa_55963104_600 After those nasty rumors – and that’s all they were, we’re sure – about "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson’s personal hygiene not being up to sniff, we got to thinking about the appeal of bed-headed rocker-style actors such as Pattinson, Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell.

So we made a list of some of the hot Hollywood hunks who look -- or used to look -- like they might need a good suds and scrub.

Click here to see Hollywood’s (unbathed) bad boys including the likes of Benecio Del Toro, Russell Crowe, Keanu Reeves, Jared Leto, Mickey Rourke, Russell Brand, Matthew McConaughey – and lately Joaquin Phoenix. They look like they still carry the sexy scent of last night's ciggies, red wine and strange perfume.

We think it might be the cultivated whiff of danger and devil-may-care air about these guys that makes them seem so darn hot.

You'll notice Zac Efron and the Jonas Brothers are NOT on this list.

Although, after Zac's ear-wax TMZ report, we may have to make him a possible BSB contender.

Who do you most want to sniff? Or take a bath with?



May said...

Yeah, Rob is smoking hot, but what is the fucking point of this smelly rumour? I mean, after months of this, I still don`t get what is the point. Is it trying to show how imperfect a celebrity could be, so that mere mortals can feel good about themselves or...Not to mention how fucking immature this whole rumour thing is. *pissed&annoyed*

Opal said...

Ha ha I love social anthropology.... my take...

Rob is the perfect specimen for study because his appeal is two fold
a. He has that sweet face, gentle intellectual demeanor and attractive humour
b. at the same time clearly the bad boy vibe with primitive scent and scruff and anything is possible 'rock star' appeal
so in a conundrum we are ultimately fascinated ...he blows the senses and make women mindless with his duality all enveloped in a killer body! YAY ROB!

Suz said...

Sheesh, don't these people know anything....

Rpatz Funk is the new CK-1


; )


Samantha said...

Gotta love them Bad boy looking men. I know I sure do!

crazy said...

God, ENOUGH with the stinky talk already!!!

Just LOOK at his picture from the Sex Drive premiere!!!!!

WOW! (melts into my chair....)

Sophie said...

Ughhhh I'm so bored of this talk about him smelling bad!

Chicago girl now in LA said...

Well said OPAL!

My autograph is from the Sex Drive is one of my prized possessions! :))))

Sam said...

what's the ear wax thing with Zacquita??

Emmes said...

Way To GO ROB!!!!
Being put in the same category on ANYTHING as Johnny Depp means you´ve arrived my lovely friends! Kudos :)

Shani said...

Opal- I love your thought process...that was hot.

Suz-CK-1...funny...more like Armani Code and the funk is delicious...LOL.

Lesamara- Look at TMZ for that story. Zac had earwax in both of his ears at the London Premiere of his movie...ewww.

elainie said...

They can't find anything to pick at him about so they make shit up!
He is so fabulous!! Leave him alone!

Luv what Opal said!

kespax said...

Hmmm I can imagine his fragrance, bet it's yummy.

But it's not exactly a top priority on the list if your were ever lucky enough - to see him in the flesh!

When your eyes would just be popping out of your head, and your hands would just be itching to grab, and you would be making every effort not to jump all over him.

Anonymous said...

This is funny. I saw the TMZ photo of the nasty Zacboy ears and they were disgusting. Not some place you would ever want to stick your tongue.

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