Little Ashes Movement - Day 12

We are on Day 13


anna F said...

I read somewhere on imdb that EW did a bad review for little ashes, do you know if this is accurate?

I am not american, so I don't know the target for this type of magazine. The small budget thing plus the theme will certainly not be to some people/critic's taste anyway.

The movie was certainly not targetted to a wide audience, I'm pretty sure that part of the Twilight fans will not like this movie too much... especially the Kids and teens.

Mary said...

Hey, you might want to change what you have for the #7 listing in Canada to say that is it Halifax, Nova Scotia. While anyone from here would know the Oxford theatre and how right up their alley Little Ashes , You should have the city along with the province there.

Anonymous said...

Please try to add it in San Jose, California!!
Here is the movie theater info:

CinéArts @ Santana Row

3088 Olsen Drive
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 554-7010

Anonymous said...

Little Ashes is, so far, not coming to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Please help by calling - our Princess Theatre is:

Magic Lantern/Princess Theatres
10337 82 Ave (Whyte Ave)
Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z9
24h Movie Info: (780) 433-0728
Office: (780) 439-9100
Fax: (780) 439-8936

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