Little Ashes Movement - Day 15 - New Clip

We are on Day 16!


elsa said...

Gozde, your dedication is awesome!
We thank you.

BTW, my cousin from London on vaca brought me "The Haunted Airman" DVD. I just finished watching it, and Robert performance in it was just fantastic, very very impressive. He mastered his role in every scene. Just soo impressive. I can't believe that this was only his 3rd film. He acted with Julian Sands, a film veteran, and you would think that they have the same years of acting experience because of his incredible acting talent. He was not kidding when he said he wanted to be an actor---he is an actor, and he was so brave for taking this type of role, instead of auditioning for teeny-bopper movies.

The first time I watched it, I was only looking at Robert, scrutinizing every angle of his face. And this is a bad thing. I had to detached myself so that I can enjoy his acting.

elainnie said...

Gozde, Good Morning! I live close to Nashville so this is great information! The clip is moving as well. Recently, I joined this blog to worship w/ fellow Robsessors, but last evening things got a little crazy.

Are there any particular blog etiquette that should be followed on ur site?
Kuddos to you for all the new Rob information Monday, it was truly a blessed Rob day!

Rhonda said...

Gozde--I also hear that Memphis will show the film at Ridgeway Four in late May or Early June. He did not have a specific date, but was certain it would show there. Thanks so much for your help on getting the word out there!

Angie said...

Good morning! I had a reply from Chris at the Cameo Art House in Fayetteville, NC this morning.

"Doubtful, but I'll let you know if anything changes. Very small film
with extremely limited distribution. Wish we had the audience. An art
program or school should sponsor this one. Looks very interesting and
good early reviews.
Thanks for the inquiry!

So I may have to travel if I want to see it in the theater unless there a bunch of Rob-fans around Fayetteville that I don't know about.

Hannah said...

Gozde the amount of time and effort you are putting in to this LA Movement is feckin amazing!

You really are this blog's SuperWoman! :)

crazy said...

I called my local theater manager for the umpteenth time yesterday, and he accused me of stalking him. Like i'd rent a bus and pack it with Robsessors just for him!

That said, i wonder if he is hot?

Sara said...

Gozde, I emailed the ICA in London and they said they would get back to me with news. Hoping it's the good type.

In other news, love this clip!
It's straight after they attempt to have sex and Dali freaks out and I practically gushed and turned into a puddle of goo at how loving and gentle Federico was with him afterwards.
UHH <3 I'm so in love with Javier.
You too Rob, but that's a given.

thirtysomething said...

well i have tried calling the local theaters...they are no longer even entertaining my ideas :( but i am glad some of your hard work is paying off

and i like to see this post everyday because that pic of dalirob in the black shirt with the slicked hair is effin HOT

Tess said...

I love the new LA scene. Just so much feeling..

Kristy said...

Hello, I am from Edmonton, Canada.
today I phoned up the Princess theater that is listen on your site. The answering machine for the theater was full, and it left another number to call. My friend called the other number. It was a woman that basically said the way to get the movie is not to call her, but to email: and tell them how much we would LOVE to see the movie played in Edmonton.

She said that if we get enough people to email, then we can get the movie. So people, do not disturb this woman by calling her, but please, please email instead.

Everyone in the Edmonton area, PLEASE EMAIL!

Priscilla said...

I would like to add a theater. Brownsville, Texas.

Cinemark Sunrise Mall
2370 North Expressway
In The Sunrise Mall
Brownsville, TX 78521



Corporate Office:
Cinemark USA, Inc.
3900 Dallas Parkway, Suite 500
Plano, TX 75093-7865

Telephone: 1-800-246-3627

Ps- I wasn't sure what info I was supposed to give

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