Little Ashes Movement Goes Global - Day 18

We are on Day 20 :)


Hannah said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Gozde you truly rock. We bow down to your greatness.

Thanks for adding Ireland to the list. Still no response to the e-mails I've sent to the lighthouse cinema but you'll be the first to know if/when it happens!

Kate said...

Another thanks for adding Ireland I didn't get any response from them either Hannah :-/
Even though they're not local to me I said what the heck and contacted them anyway ;-)
Goz will look up local details for mine ones and e-mail them to you!!

Tess said...

YOU are a Pocket Rocket my dear and I squeee you..

I hope you slay them today:) I'm sending positive vibes your way.


crazy said...

Goz~ this is so exciting! It's awesome the impact your movement is making. Great work everybody........yippee!

I sure hope Rob knows about this. I bet he does. :)

Melissa said...

I'm so happy you guys are doing this! Thank you!!

I can't wait to see this movie! :-)

Kate said...

Hannah I rang the lighthouse cinema (no patience waiting for them to reply to my e-mail) and they said they're NOT showing it, girl wasn't very helpful might try ringing back again when there's someone else on ;-)
On an upside the Kino Cinema in washington st, cork might be showing it, they were VERY helpful ;-)

crazy said...


Isn't it fantastic what Gozde is doing here for you, the film, and for all of us? We Robsessors would love it if you would be able to send our founder Gozde a note.(not her idea)
Pretty please? The email address is below.
Thanks Rob!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Ladies,
I know it's small but I'm trying to get my local Independent Cinema in Springfield, MO to show Little Ashes.

I've been suggesting it over and over on their website and calling them, but any help I could get would be fantastic!! :0) I’m a huge Rob fan and I want to support any project he’s involved in.

The Moxie Cinema
431 S. Jefferson
Springfield, MO 65806

Holli W.

Gozde said...

Awww, crazy you are so sweeet :)) I am %99.99 sure he never even heard of this blog :))

Gozde said...

But I love you for writing that :))

Erika Glagowski said...

I was wondering if you can add the Bowtie cinema in Trumbull Connecticut( to the list of theaters to get Little Ashes to come there, I'm a college Art Major and this is the only theater that is close to my house. Is this a list of theaters that are getting little ashes or a list of theaters that people recommend should have Little Ashes?

crazy said...

Gozde, how can he be so oblivious? He's got to know. If he doesn't know now, he soon will. ;)


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