Oh Sam! Don't Tease Us :)

The Twilight Examiner (Amanda Bell) has a new interview with Sam Bradley and the parts with Rob are here:

Sam Bradley, co-author of the Twilight album's "Never Think (Too Far Gone)" and absolute credit to this generation of music (as are his long-time friends Marcus Foster and Bobby Long), is still in "the mixing process" of creating his first album.


As for the rest of us? Well, I asked Sam if he and Robert Pattinson were up to anything together in Vancouver (while Rob films The Twilight Saga: New Moon with co-stars Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, and the rest of the cast), and he said that "yeah, we've written a really good song.”

I asked him whether he might be submitting his work for the The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack, and Sam says that while he “could” submit something for consideration, but that he doesn’t “have anything to submit just yet because if [he] was to submit anything it would need to be at a further level than where it’s at right now.” Only time will tell, Twilight fans.

I also asked Sam if Rob, Marcus Foster, or Bobby Long ever made it up to Paris, France with him to sing back-up for him, and he said (jokingly, of course), that “they were supposed to, and they’re all far too unorganized, and it didn’t happen.” Says Sam, “I’m very disappointed with them all, but it’s okay because it’s not going to stop here. There will be plenty of opportunities down the road.” As Sam Bradley’s number continues to rise, and he embarks upon his stellar journey as an international touring singer/song-writer, that is surely to be true.

About his up-coming album, there is no official release date, but what we can know, says Sam, “well, there are some songs that I have redone, like ‘Too Far Gone.’” Also, the album will feature guest writers such as Robert Pattinson (for his co-authorship of ‘Too Far Gone’) and Sam’s mother, whose song, Sam says, “she wrote with a few other people in England.”

Read on at the source and if you still haven't checked out Sam's music you should! He is really good :) He will be performing at venues around US check them all out HERE.


SummerGirl said...


9am here in uk :)

Sometimes I think "Good for you, Sam" and sometimes I want to direct him to that Letter to Rob that is actually to him.


Anyhoo, we're on a 4 day holiday here, I am in a good mood....so "Good for you, Sam"


lovindashow said...

Marcus' music is my favorite out of Rob's pals (huge crush developing there), but I love Sam's, as well! I've listened to his stuff on myspace a lot, and he seems like the most congenial, kinda sheepishly outgoing guy. It's frickin' adorable. And the baby face and curls!

Rob does keep good company. I'd bet they're all excellent wingmen when they hit the town together, lol.

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