Robert Pattinson at Metropole Vancouver 4/18/09

From Jen at
Robert Pattinson in the flesh at Metropole Vancouver 4/19/09 at approx. 11pm PST.
nicest.celeb.ever. Give this man credit! His first day off in God knows how long and here he is being gracious to his fans at The Dills lil bitty concert at Metropole in Vancouver! Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart were also there, just a little better disguised. Rob was very kind to me when I met him and we spoke for a couple of minutes about music. I wish I would have had more time to explain how much I have enjoyed his songs, and encourage him to MAKE MORE MUSIC. Rob really has a gift with his music that should be shared and he should not worry about coming off as a phony just because he has multiple talents. I wish I had 1/100th of the talent, grace and humbleness that this man is so blessed to have. Thank you, Rob, for a truly wonderful once in a lifetime experience! It was an honor and pleasure to meet you, and extremely exciting to capture just the tiniest smidge of the movie making process during filming of New Moon at the Cullen house set. I am so appreciative. All the best to you. Please continue with your music. Keep on and be well!

Thanks to RobPattzNews :)

Malicious Mandy also has a report with a creepy ending where a fan grabbed Kristen's cigarette as a souvenir. She praises Nikki and to be honest EVERYONE that met her say the same thing, that she is a total sweetheart. You can read the whole story here.

Rob came by where we were and girls had started to group... when I asked him for a photo he surprisingly said sure.

My battery was in wrong *of COURSE!!!* so my cam wouldn't turn on, MeMy was about to take a pic so I joined and the three of us smiled, her on one side with her arm around him and me on the other side.

I say to him "I am shaking" he says "why?" with a smile... I tell him he makes me nervous!!!! he tells me he gets nervous too - or don't be nervous or something along those lines - with a smile.... *melts*

There is actually a youtube video of someone else's who captures this interaction - - - ahhhh! VIDEO PROOF of my time with RPattz

You can see MeMy and I with RPattz and the flash of the cam... then you can hear me saying he makes me nervous as the red light and no flash brightens our faces and at the end of her video you can hear me tell him it's fixed - - like the dork I am

I did not think I'd be so shooken up - i was literally shaking and grinning and just - - a total mess ha ha ha Rob was so sweet, he smiled and laughed and although soft spoken was responsive to conversation.... :)


Anonymous said...

How sad that he can't just listen to the band like everyone else...but, I gotta say, the singer sounded pretty bad.

crazy said...

oh i just love these stories!

What celeb would ask why a fan is nervous? He is truly humble and just too adorable!!!!

crazy said...

ya know (I'm still on this)...
I think he really enjoys talking to fans. Maybe to him it's like he's just meeting some nice people while hanging in a club...

This he can handle. The whole paparazzi and crowd control crap is like he has said, "not real". Ok. I love him even more now, if that was even possible. THUD.

Unknown said...

I guess this encounter will end up the "Rob banging Nikki and Kristen gossip"!!!!

Diane said...

Dear God,
Please keep him just like he is. He's perfect.

Chicago girl now in LA said...

Lovin' the beanie!

I much prefer these real stories to the reproduced gossip rags because they are accurate!

Melissa said...

WHY can't this shiz happen to me???WHY!!! LOL

Sam said...

that is so awesome! i am happy for her- i love to hear of people and their experiences with meeting the famous people that they adore! Go girl!

Sam said...

Danni- you mean rob banging Kristen, Nikki AND Sage.. since the three girls left with Rob.... hhahah

Unknown said...

I guess not, aparentelly baby Taylor is banging Sage!!
Sage took advantage of Taylor body at the 100 monkeys concert!!!
(girl kissing Taylor's neck)
I mean if the catfight gossip was, they wound'nt hang out all together like that!!!

RPnKSaddict said...

No guys it's a foursome!! LOL. They smoke and they have sorted sexcapades together. (Rolls eyes).

I wish they were just able to hang out together with out all the gossip and speculation.
I go with the fan reports where they say that all of the cast are really gracious and nice people.

Phooey on the crap mags and paps.

Diane said...

The last thing you want is to spend your day getting attacked by vampires at your own birthday party, only to go out to unwind and get attacked by stalker-fans and paps. Last night sounds like they got some sanity, so everybody concerned had fun - unharassed cast members and unpushy fans alike.

Maryann said...

This fan encounter was fun to read, and I too think Rob do not mind, nor does the rest of the cast, to meet the fans, as long as things are CALM. It's the madness called paparazzi and the overzealous crazed screaming fans they can't handle and I do not blame them. I think they can tell if a fan is nervous and well this fan still managed to stay cool enough. Sweet of Rob to ask why she was nervous though, awee.

And I do not get why some ppl hate Nikki, the interviews I have seen with her she seems genuinely nice and she seems like a laugh. I'd love to meet her. I just think she seems cool. I also think Kristin looked great in those glasses lol.

As for the "fan" grabbing Kristin's cigarette stub, I suspect this "fan" will put it up on Ebay very shortly. Yep that is what I am suspecting, I don't think that was a real fan, either way it is creepy.

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