Robert Pattinson Day in York

I posted about this 2 days ago but now we have the confirmation, the times and prices. 3 Rob movies in one day may 'cause Simultaneous Combustion :)

City Screen in York features a trio of films starring Robert Pattinson on Saturday 20 June :

TWILIGHT (12A) starting 11.30am.

HOW TO BE (15) starting 2.10pm.

LITTLE ASHES (15) starting 4.15pm.

Booking now on 0871 704 2054

Tickets can be bought for each film individually or in combination:-

One film: Full price: £7.20, Members: £5.20.

Two films: Save £2 on above prices.

Two films: Save £4 on above prices.

Become a Member:

Thanks to picturehouses for sending us the information :)


Anonymous said...

Why does this happen after I move out of York (seriously, I'm moving tomorrow)? I'm just glad I'm not going far and my new housemate is as obsessed with Rob as I am, tickets are booked and now I just have to wait until June the 20th!
p.s. I've lurked this a while but this is the first time I've commented. Hi everyone!

Daneh said...

very tempted to go all the way to York to see these movies! will talk it over with friends if they fancy a road trip ;)

xxx said...
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Anonymous said...

If only this example could be followed by other cinemas in the UK! I am proud that it is a Yorkshire cinema that has led the way as I am from that county originally. Unfortunately I cannot justify travelling all the way up there from London for this fantastic Rob triple bill, no matter how tempting that may be!!!

katykeene said...

From London to York is like a four hour drive isn't it. I have done it a couple of times when I have been in England but was touring around so I can't remember how long it actually took me to get there. I know distance wise from London it is less than 300 kms. It is such an interesting place, York, and well worth a visit. Great time of year also. I wish I could get there myself. It makes me nostalgic thinking about it.

kespax said...

You lucky bastards.

Surely everyone should have access to a Rob day, I'm getting so frustrated here in Australia, no news about any release or screening of anything, can't even find that old nordic thing. I might have to nick my nephew's Goblet of Fire for a while.

Cori said...

wow how cool is this?
I would love to have such an "triple"night here in germany...

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