Little Ashes Movement - Day 11

We are on Day 12!!!!


Anonymous said...

wow... I'm the first :)))))))))
margot here ... hello girls, I've just started the weekend (14:05 here)
and immediately I'm here
Have nice weekend with Rob/computer or RealGuys :)))
I hope Rob is going to have nice weekend (preferably not alone, wasting his devilishness/angel beauty), I'm not selfish

Suz said...

Day 11 looks Good!

Ellie said...

Good morning, girls!

Still no LA in NJ...
I'm still hoping.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone!

Suz said...

Ellie, where in Jersey?

I am campaigning for the Voorhees, NJ cinema.


P.S. Good Morning! xxx

crazy said...

hey Ellie! where in nj are you? I'm in northern.

Suz said...

that is why I just went and pre-ordered it.. that way I can watch again and again...

It comes to Philly in June, and I will see it again, then.


crazy said...

i was going to wait and get the US version, when it comes out... but i want to see it on the big screen ALOT!

Unraveled said...

Let's go CT:
Hartford/West Hartford Bow Tie Cinemas/Cinema City Brainard Rd 860-549-0030;

West Hartford Bow Tie Criterion Cinemas @Blue Back Square 860-236-4111

Go Rob!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, I have done a little homework. I got an email from Cineplex and they directed me to the distributor for Canadian showings. I checked out the website and these were on it for upcoming releases of LA. 1. Toronto May 22 (not sure what theatre) 2.Bytowne Cinema in Ottawa June 12-18 and 3. Princess Theatre in Waterloo June 26 to July 2. I have also emailed the distributor to ask about showings in Alberta. Any Albertans out there??? I am also going to hit 2 other theatres in Calgary that I found out about. I will post what I find out. *sigh* :)

TwiHartRK said...
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TwiHartRK said...

Way to go Robsessers! You are all awesome. Goz, thanks for organizing this. I'm so looking forward to seeing the film and congrats to everyone on all your efforts paying off.

Anonymous said...

Oh Goz, you have done such an amazing job with this Ashes movement. Everyone has really pulled together to support this film. Art geeks everywhere are rejoicing for a Dali film and Rob portraying Dali is an absolute bonus.



Unknown said...

there's no showing in Montana. it figures. but it sucks just the same! I wanna see it just as bad as everybody else!

Cherry said...

YAY FOR IRVINE! Now I don't have to go all out to L.A. to watch it. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get Little Ashes in Rochester NY> There is an independent theatre, the "Little Theare" in Rochester, 240 East Ave # 100,Rochester, NY 14604,(585) 258-0400. They do not advertise Little Ashes as 'coming soon', and Ive sent emails and made phone calls about it! please help!

rpattzlover. said...

there playing it in calgary now !?!
AHH thank you jesuss !!!!
im sooo happy !

Anonymous said...

@rpattzlover ..... Do you have any info to share???? I am trying to get SOMEONE to play it in Calgary, or anywhere in AB for that matter, but no one is bitting yet. For anyone in AB, there is also the Uptown (403) 265 - 0120 at 612 - 8Ave SW and Plaza theatre at 1133 Kensington road NW (403) 283 - 3636I am going to call them later. Cross fingers.

Anonymous said...

Its coming to OC!!!

Yay! Me soooo happy today!!!!

Thanks to everyone who called.

Diane said...

Just spoke with someone at CineArts in the SF Bay area. No plans to show LA, but when I explained what it was the woman answering the show said she'd like to see it!

The theater is one of many "art" venues run by Cinemark, USA Inc. You can reach them at 1-800-246-3627. Press #1 to leave a message or #0 to speak with a live person.

Their address is:
Cinemark USA, Inc.
3900 Dallas Parkway, Suite 500
Plano, TX 75093-7865

I think this may be more affective than calling the individual theaters, as decisions are made at the corporate level.

Anonymous said...

Hello, please add Wilmington NC to your list.

900 Town Center Drive
Wilmington NC 28405

Carmike Cinema 16 Wilmington
111 Cinema Drive
Wilmington, NC 28403

Lumina Theater
601 South College Road
Fisher Student Center
Wilmington, NC, 28403-5672

I'm starting to worry that I will need to drive to Virginia to see it!! Ugh, my family already thinks I have taken this ROBsession too far... but HAVE to see this movie on the "big screen". I know the ladies here at ROBsessed understand :)

Love your Blog!!

Separate Pieces said...

It's not confirmed but it's looking like Little Ashes will be showing at the Ragtag Cinema in Columbia, MO in early July. It doesn't look like he really wants to show it (boo!) but is getting a lot of interest.

amberchrista said...

yayy for kentucky!! finally!!

Cathie said...

I can't wait to see this in IL!!!!

Brennan said...

Playing in Calgary Alberta starting August 14th at the Uptown Stage and Screen. I believe they are the same theatre that had a screening of How To Be last September. Great theatre in Downtown. My favourite in the whole city.

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