Robert Pattinson in i-D Magazine

Thanks to Sara for the scan :)


elainnie said...

Crazy~Goz is trying to kill us!
Have fun w/ finger porn? I'm gone this time!

Bye all!
If I can stay away~ "I don't know if I can control myself" (sad, but true!)

Babs said...

These are among my fave pics of Rob (gq still on the top of my list). He looks so good in b/w pics, they're like timeless and more classy, I dunno :)

Anonymous said...

i thought his favorite tv show is 'the office'(uk)...
but well, i don't care. i'll never get the chance to see it with him, right? lol

SummerGirl said...

Thanks for posting.

I have so much to catch up on (my laptop broke) -- where do I start?


thirtysomething said...

geez...proof read people! pattison...really?! the headline is spelled correctly, why not the text? and he's not 23 yet.

i'll take the pics anyday though :)

margot said...

have no idea what the "PHWOAR" on the left photo mean :((( help anybody plzz ?

Shani said...

Margot- I just googled PHWOAR.
It means acknowledgment that a person is fit,sexy,hot.

They need to go ahead and rename that as RP...*swoon*

margot said...

thx Shani, darling :))))
my intelligence (as to "google") must have left me with my computer which is being repaired - I'm using my DH's laptop at the moment ... feeling like an orphan without my RP stuff and music collection, not mentioning all the stuff I need for work :(((
the best part, however, is that I can still be here and read FF :)))

any new bestFFsellers girls ??

margot said...


Noun: Attractive single female poker player.

Origin: Abbreviation of Poker Honey WithOut A Ring

oh, shit, roftl ... cracked up

Sara said...

Haha, I love how everyone is wondering what Phwoar means on here!
In the UK it's basically a reaction to someone attractive. Abit like UNF, 'cept it's not a sound. Hahaa.
But nonetheless, I'd definitely consider Rob phwoar-worthy.

@30something, yeh I noticed the typos too, but the pictures were too gorgeous for me not to share. I'm shameless ;p

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