Little Ashes Movement Day 25 :)

Here is our song of the day from the Little Ashes soundtrack:) It's called "Viva La Revolucion"

We are on Day 25 of our Official ROBsessed Little Ashes Movement! And as we reported yesterday Nashville is confirmed :)) Your calls made this happen!

Little Ashes will be playing in Belcourt Theatre, 2102 Belcourt Ave, Nashville, TN 37212 starting on July 3rd! SCORE!!!


There seems to be a confusion with our list. Unless there is a SCORE next to the movie theater or you see your theater on the Little Ashes Schedule page the number and theater listed is not showing Little Ashes and you should call and request.

Yesterday we asked for you to send us some theater names in UK and you did :)) We now have 20 theaters to call and request in the UK! We are adding new theaters to the list everyday but WE NEED YOUR HELP. This movement only works if YOU call and request the movie from your local theaters. Bring Robvador to a theater near you ;)

We now have Australia, Austria, Canada,Germany, India, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States on our list!

If this is your first time seeing this movement please read "Here is how it works" below. It is basically a list for fans to call theaters and request the movie to play in their local theaters. We got GREAT results until now.

We have the numbers for almost all of the states in the US and we now have Australia, Austria, Canada,Germany, India, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden and United Kingdom on our list! Our lovely Kate got a reply from Light House cinema in Dublin telling her others were interested and asked her why the sudden interest was :) If you get this question, tell them the truth. You are a Robert Pattinson fan, it's a great movie and you'd like to see it :)

We are working with our affiliate Robert Pattinson Australia to get the movie there. If you'd like to work with us on this movement let us know. It is very important to have a single movement since we don't want scattered calls. We need focused, concentrated calls on theaters.

Here is how it works

If you want Little Ashes in your country first check our list to see if we've already listed some theaters in your area. If not leave us a comment and include the name and number of your local art theater/distributer. We'll update the list everyday so fans can have a focused assault on their phone lines to request Little Ashes :)

If there is a number we've listed in your area call and ask them if they will be showing Little Ashes, if they say no then politely ask them to look into it since it's a great movie with Robert Pattinson and you and tons of other people would really love to see it.

This movement WORKED in the US and it can work all over the world!

(*fist in the air!*)


Since we are going global and the list is getting longer and longer I will post the theater names and numbers on a spearate page. CLICK HERE FOR OUR LIST.

I would like to thank cinnamon_toast_crunch from imdb for all her work on this! She is truly awesome!

Thanks to Robert Pattinson Australia, Little Ashes Promotional Blitz, RobPattzNews,RPOdotcom for their support :)


Laura said...

I am so excited to see this! This trailer was amazing!

LorcaSong said...

Thank you for the music, Gozde. Beautiful!

Sophia Z.86 said...

Spanish music is unique. That soundtrack looks breathtaking.

Have a wonderful day, Lorca's girl! It is Labor Day here today! I love holidays on fridays...

already in hell said...

Sure it is beautiful. Proud of being a spaniard...

Sara said...

It's actually unbelievable how excited I am for the soundtrack; the music is beyond perfection.
Have my dvd ready and preordered just have to wait out for this.

LorcaSong said...



already in hell said...

How are you?

LorcaSong said...


Please email me ...

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