Little Ashes Movement - Day 33

We are on Day 35!!! :))


Maryann said...

WB Gozde! We missed you even though Dani did a brilliant job keeping the site updated!!

Gozde said...

Thanks Maryann,

I'm not BACK back. My brother in law is still at the hospital and will have surgery some time next week :( I am staying at the hospital with him and have no internet access.

I hope to be back soon.


Maryann said...

OK but either way nice to see you posting again :-). I hope the surgery for your brother in law will go well!

Kate said...
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Kate said...

Thinking of you Goz (missed ya lots) {{HUGS}}

I e-mailed the two listed theatres in Texas (don't know if it helped) not getting any responses from any in ireland :-(
Did ring another in Cork who had a really good synopsis here
I thought seeing as they had it on their page there was a good chance they'd be showing it but no the guy I spoke to said it wasn't on the list etc etc.
I actually think the problem is because it's an R rated movie :-/ I don't think it will be released here at all because of that!
I could be wrong!!

Nicky said...

I think that what you guys are doing, spreading the word about Little Ashes and getting it played at more and more theatre, is such a wonderful thing, and is an example of what is so great about the blog movement. This little movie couldn't have got this type of widespread exposure 15 years ago, even with the large Rob fan base. You guys are awesome - well done!!! :)

Suz said...

I have quite a few Little Ashes PostCards that a very cool and loverly theater usher let me.. (ahem) nick yesterday..

If you want one, email me your address via my profile...

First come first serve.

Suz <---- serves RobSessors!

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