Little Ashes Movement - Day 37

Oh man! Real life got in the way of my Little Ashes Movement and it sucks! I'll try to update this more often from now on :)) If you have sent ANY information in the past 2 weeks please re-send them. I have 6402 emails in my inbox and I don't think I can fish the Little Ashes news out :)) THANK YOU for all the support towards Little Ashes. Thanks for all the calls and emails. Please keep them going! Fans made a HUGE difference in the distribution of this movie and we can make it happen in places that did not see the light yet! Just focus on the end game. Robvador on big screeen :)


We are on Day 37 of our Official ROBsessed Little Ashes Movement!

As of today we have Australia, Austria, Canada,Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States on our list!

You can see the theaters that are showing Little Ashes here (for Spain) and here (for US).


What is The Little Ashes Movement?

It's a fan movement. We provided a list of theaters(HERE) including the theaters that are already scheduled to play Little Ashes. If it's not playing at a theater near you you need to call and request Little Ashes from the theater listed. If we do not have a theater listed for you then leave us a comment with the name and number of the theater and we'll update the list the next day.

It's as simple as that. We made it happen at a lot of theaters in US. Theaters left us messages saying "okay don't call anymore we ARE scheduling the movie" :)

YOU can make it happen. If there is a number we've listed in your area call and ask them if they will be showing Little Ashes, if they say no then politely ask them to look into it since it's a great movie with Robert Pattinson and you and tons of other people would really love to see it.

How do I know if the theaters on your list is showing Little Ashes or if it's a request line?

Unless there is a SCORE next to the movie theater or you see your theater on the Little Ashes Schedule page the number and theater listed is not playing Little Ashes. It's a theater that we've listed so you and other fans can call and request the movie :)

Is it only for US?

No. We now have Australia, Austria, Canada,Germany, India, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States on our list!

A big thanks to cinnamon_toast_crunch from imdb for all her work on this! She is truly awesome!

Thanks to Robert Pattinson Australia, Little Ashes Promotional Blitz, RobPattzNews,RPOdotcom, Amber from Eyes of Amber for their support :)


Kate said...

Goz delete all the e-mails. If anything is important people will resend ;-)

Thinking of ya xx

Anonymous said...

Railroad Square Cinema in Waterville, ME has tentatively scheduled Little Ashes to open 6/26, though they told me to watch their website for the exact date. Their contact info is: 207-873-6526 - 17 Railroad Square, Waterville, Maine, 04901 -

Lisa from Reel Pizza Cinerama in Bar Harbor had never heard of the movie before I emailed her, but said she would look into it. Their info is: PO BOX 625, Bar Harbor ME 04609. -207-288-3828

Anonymous said...


I've been going back and forth with Neal Reed the manager of The Fine Arts Theatre in Asheville, NC about showing Little Ashes. He's focusing on the critics' reviews. He said Little Ashes only had a 28% ranking on rottentomatoes and 10% for top critics. I sent him back an email regarding the MONEY!!! Here is what I wrote to him today:
When you look at the Theater Average grosses, Little Ashes (28%) is #7 ($3.1k) (just click on the head "Theater Average" to rank them). That's higher than Rudo and Cursi (70%) is #13 ($2k) & Lemontree (92%) is #14 ($2k). Your current films brought in less money than Little Ashes --> Valentino (80%) is # 16 ($2k) & Sin Nombre (88%) is #25 ($1.3k).

Sometimes people want to see a film despite the reviews. Most of the criticism had to do with the script, but there is still interest in the subject matter as well as Robert Pattinson. I guess I and thousands of other people are going to be driving to Atlanta and Nashville to see this movie. It blows my mind that you wouldn't show it given the public interest. There are people even going to see it more than once. What do you have to lose? It's not going to kill your reputation. That's already established here.

So, folks -- Asheville is in the mountains (a cool town to visit) and it's only an hour from Knoxville and 2 1/4 hours from Charlotte. Neal Reed said in the email to which I just responded that it's "still not too likely" that they'll show Little Ashes. If you want to work on him and show your interest, here's the contact info:

Neal Reed - Manager
Fine Arts Theatre
36 Biltmore Ave.
Asheville NC 28801
fax 828-253-0214

PLEASE HELP particularly if you would be willing to come to Asheville to see "Little Ashes." Tell him where you would be coming from. THANKS!

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