Little Ashes needs your help in Texas

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Per the official Little Ashes website, the film is available for HOUSTON, Texas in JUNE but does not have a theater to show it in. Yet.So they're asking us to email and call local theaters in HOUSTON to request it be shown there.

Here's a list to get you started with the two main art house cinemas in Houston:(Emails or requests via contact form is the best method as they'rephysical proof of request that's forwarded to the film booker). Texas

1. Houston: Angelika Film Center, 510 Texas Avenue, 713 225 1470 Go to Customer Service then Click here touse their contact form in request of the movie.

2. Houston: Landmark River Oaks, 2009 West Gray, 713 528 4608Email: or call 1-888-724-6362.

Thanks to cinnamon_toast_crunch on Rob's IMDb for the information above.
Lets get rolling ladies. Anything is possible.


Yvonne said...

no worries all you Texas girls...we're on it!

Suz said...

I hear the Texas Cry....

"Oh I Think We Can Handle THAT!"

Lisa said...

Suz - HILARIOUS quote, so true. We CAN handle that! :) Emails sent! Phone calls made! Don't mess with Texas! :)

Hannah said...

Just the thought of Rob going down south makes me happy (wink wink)

Forms filled in and emails sent for you terrific Texans! ;)

Kathy#1 said...
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Anonymous said...

LOL Hannah...I have called once to both theatres, but I am calling again!
Thanx for the info.

SCARLETT said...

Thank you!! We have been trying in Austin, but it is not looking promising. Houston is close enough! Will refocus south, too, er, geographically-speaking!

Anonymous said...

What do I say when I contact them, exactly?

Suz said...

In the midnight hour
She cried more, more, more
With a rebel yell
She cried more, more, more (Little Ashes in texas!)

In the midnight hour, babe

More, more, more

With a rebel yell
More, more, more
More, more, more


Dani said...




Seriously with all the promo that his fans are giving him working their ass off for this movie its just amazing.

And you know your hard work is not going unnoticed the LA PR peeps are VERY VERY Thankful! And so are we here at Robsessed.


Ooooooooops did I say fuck up there a few times. Sheeeesh fuck...ermmm shit....ermm damn.

Lisa said...

Dani - I think we are all more than happy to help. Plus, deep down we secretly hope that Rob will be so grateful that he will arrange a little meet and greet with his Robsessors and fall madly in love with me...err, US...whatever, I can learn to share. hehe.

Wait....this fantasy isn't just me, right?!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited that LA is is theaters. Rob on the big screen! I can't wait to see it, woo!

I really hope it opens in more theaters. I am off to go fill out some forms for y'all.

Kate said...

Done! ;-)
E-mails sent!!
I hope they show it for you ;-)

tinababy1 said...

Dani - with all that you and Gozde do for us and for Rob, it's the very least we can do.

Erin said...

I called for y'all...can you help us here in NC too?? Pretty Please!! :)

Laura said...

I WANT that movie poster! That picture is HOT!!!!!!!!

Oh and I want the guy that's ON the movie poster, too. LOL

Sophia Z.86 said...


Ditto! And ditto!

Jewels64 said...

Thanks Y'all!!!

Now at least they will realize at the Angelika that I am not crazy stalker girl who calls every damn day to get this movie shown!!!


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