Magazine Scans About Little Ashes

First scan is from The New Yorker, thanks to Diane :))

These are from New Magazine, thanks to Gabriella :)


dechick2009 said...

wow is all i can say

annycullen said...


MandyW said...

These are cool

WinWin said...

So are these considered good reviews? 3 stars, Wolverine got 3 stars too.

I thought I just saw a Brooke Shield video and then it disappeared?

anna F said...

I believe that 3 stars isn't too bad.

Considering the type of movie, the budget, that it is considered as good as such a highly anticipated movie as wolverine is good news I guess... As long as Wolverine generally got good reviews LOL

I am looking forward to more reviews to see the general opinion of professionals.
It's hard to juge with fan's reviews. I also read that one person hated it on imdb, but since it's deffinitly not mainstream, I'm not that surprised.

Then again what counts the most is if you like it when you see it!

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