People Magazine : 100 Most Beautiful Issue

Thanks to Eyes of Amber for the scans. You can see Kristen, Taylor and Christian are also on the list at their site :)


Suz said...

Who is taking wagers for the


Tenneil said...

Suz~ Mortal beloved.....

I'm IN...*wink wink*

Morning ladies....

sparkleluvr said...

Love that pic of him too.. Sexiest Man Alive cover? Absolutely..most beautiful, humble, genuine, sexiest man to me!

Anonymous said...

He is too young to be sexiest man alive next Autumn. People prefer guys in their thirties or forties.

thirtysomething said...

my how the tides have turned in our boy's favor since originally being cast as edward... love it! hope he is laughing all the way

morning all :)

Little Momma said...

sigh.....that is all there is left to say....sigh....(heart melts away)

crazy said...

Agreed Suz~
if this man doesn't get the Sexiest Man Alive cover, than People Magazine is a farce.

TS~ it IS unbelievable that Twilighters couldn't see him as Edward, and some even called him ugly. Little girls that think The Jonas Bros are hot... :S

crazy said...

hey Lil 'Momma!!
Seeing Rob's name and the word sexiest just makes it hard for me to focus on the day. And i'll be with my mother :/ You? duh, right?

Suz said...

Chan, I beg to differ... respectfully..

Selections as follows:

1986- Mark Harmon 34
1987- Harry Hamlin 35
1988- John F. Kennedy, Jr. 27
(only non-actor and only sadly deceased)
1989- Sean Connery 59 Oldest winner
1990- Tom Cruise 28
1991- Patrick Swayze 39
1992- Nick Nolte 51
1993- Richard Gere

People took a one-year hiatus from Sexiest Man and instead awarded Sexiest Couple

1995 Brad Pitt 31 First of two awards
1996- Denzel Washington 41 First and only African American winner
1997- George Clooney 36 First of two awards
1998- Harrison Ford 56
1999- Richard Gere 50 First two-time winner
2000- Brad Pitt 36 First two-time solo winner
2001- Pierce Brosnan 48
2002- Ben Affleck 30
2003- Johnny Depp 40
2004- Jude Law 31
2005- Matthew McConaughey 36
2006- George Clooney 45 Second win
2007- Matt Damon 37
2008- Hugh Jackman 40

There are a few twenty-somethings amongst the honorees.

Sexy is sexy no matter the age.

Tru Dat!

(yes, yes.. I should be working...)

thirtysomething said...

suz <------does her homework!

niiiice :)

...wowie! said...

I just wished they could've had a new photoshoot done for this issue. I've already seen and drooled over this picture of him. ;)

...wowie! said...

Suz..."Sexy is sexy no matter the age." Damn skippy!

Shani said...

Hey Beautiful(Robert Fucking Pattinson)aka HOT BITCH etc...!!!

Goz- That banner is outrageous...He is one SEXY BEAST...Puuuuuurrrrrrrr
*licking paws and scratching RP sex hair*

elaine said...

Who said he is too young??
Sorry, but he is sexy to all ages! Suz, what can we do to get him on there? We can do this!!!

Shani said...

Suz- Yes indeed..They better put him as the Sexiest Man Alive. Hell he's the most searched,gossiped about,blogged about,photographed, stalked,fucking hot ass actor out there right now. Shit who the hell else could take his spot besides Hugh that has it now???

Divinesally said...

Hey bbs!

OH F**k I love that picture. He has the warmest most genuine smile. He could totally be Sexiest Man Alive, his deliciousness transcends time and space. Age is solely a number. And he could be the first SMA under 25.

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