Rob Auction Video :)


riddleinside said...


Rob is so cooooooooooooool

Hello Gozde and thanks so much for the video

Cadiwyn said...

Aww, poor thing. It looks like he'd like to be just about anywhere but there. lol Imagine having to wait while people are bidding on you!

riddleinside said...

He's adorable and seems so shy and embarrassed. He really doesn't get how can people pay so much for him!But I do ;)

I love his reaction when she suggests the first bid. he can't stop moving around.

But why the hell kisses were only for daughters???I'm sure they would have collected more money if the kisses were for women themselves and not their daughters ;) [some people are really under misapprehension]

monika said...

so it's 20 000 euros each...nice:)

riddleinside said...

oh and I love when he's fixing his pants and touching himself, Gosh!!!!

His face is like: this is riddiculous, you people are crazy, I'm not worth it! (and that's why HE IS WORTH IT!!!)

OK I can't wait for Rob to get out of Cannes, it would save me more time to do my work cause stalking him on the internet is ruinning my plans!! He's so gracious and lovable, it's too much for my heart!

Display Name said...

I'd pay more if I had it. And I wouldn't want a peck either! hahahaha

riddleinside said...

OH and I love how Sharon Stone greeted him!! I always loved her but now I love her more. He deserves people being nice to him.
Ok I'm melting now to be honest!!!
I need to move away from this laptop.

riddleinside said...

I just didn't get what the guy wants to buy and Sharon is like: we're not there yet!and Rob is like what?

kespax said...

Aww, could he get anymore cute and adorable:)

The blushing bashful sweetie - no wonder the bigbear guard dude just wants to pick him up like a kid and carry him through those jostling paps crowds, he brings out the protective in anyone decent.

riddleinside said...


"he brings out the protective in anyone decent."

couldn't agree more.

Anna said...

If Rob doesn't get how people can pay so much for a peck on the cheek... I'd love to see his reaction when he hears how much they would pay for just a little bit more of him...:)

Now, where is the grown-ups' auction room, please?!!

Hi Gozde! Hi riddle! Morning everyone!

Meeno said...

Oh no, those mannerisms tells us he although he is playing the game, he is not at all comfortable with all the attention.
Our Robert does not know how to act suave; he is soooo sweet & innocent still.

riddleinside said...

Hi LittleBear!
This is not helping me at all. That was a very intense week, can't handle it anymore.
Have no words to describe how lovely he is when laughing at the situation. I'm just happy Sharon Stone used the right word "gracious", coming from her I think it's a very nice compliment.

cherylmmm said...

did anyone else catch the part where he said something like, "and if it goes well maybe it will turn to something more?!" OMgosh - i'd kill to be one of those little rich daddys girls!! hahahha

btw - i've just been a worthless blob of ROBkill in front of the computer the past couple of days since he's been in cannes!!! i can never get enough of him.....gahhhhhh!

Anna said...

riddle, I hear you. This has been the worst week. I've been sitting at my desk, going 'woow' and 'awww' and 'sigh...' instead of doing my work.

This can not go on! And yet I cannot stop... I blame Rob. No one should be that perfect in their imperfection.

riddleinside said...

OK now I really need to go. Don't do anything naughty when I'm away ;)

Have a lovely day/night all you robsessors

riddleinside said...


"No one should be that perfect in their imperfection."


Hannah said...

Wow. What an amazing thing to do!

He was obviously wanting the ground to open up and swallow him whole but for such a great cause Im sure he was more than willing to suffer the embarrassment.

Rob, I am continually in awe of you. You really are an astounding human being.
... but please, stop being so damn distracting!! I have work to do!!

theicequeen said...

Stay sweet, Rob! :) In all that is mindlessly corrupted of rich celebrity folks >=[

Like I had mentioned in another being broke, but then again it doesn't really help you that it took truckloads of money for Rob to kiss you. =P

anna F said...

I feel sorry for him, and at the same time good. It's some sort of recognition that he is "wanted", if only by the daughters for now... at least in the public's eyes. Sharon was very cool too.

I think it's in $, not € from what we here from the tape.

anna F said...

I'm glad to see you back Gozde, hopefully, whatever you are going through, Rob will make you feel warm and tingly inside.

Unknown said...

If his EGO doesn't go sky rocketing to the roof after this... He will be forever humble! hehe :p

Georgie said...

Ha ha yes Cherylmmm, he did say: "and if it goes well maybe it will turn into something more"...oh swooooon to be lucky enough for that to happen to anyone!!!

Lucy said...

Awww, he melts me . . .

It's so good for his career that he's meeting all these industry peeps. I'm so happy for him. I just hope he doesn't turn into an arrogant, stylized, Hollywood shell-of-a-person "thing". It'll break my heart if he changes. Love his humility and how he doesn't realize how beautiful he is.

Please don't ever change, Rob! I love that you wear the same clothes all the time and say whatever comes into your pretty little head.

SarahBella said...

what the HEEEEELLLLLLL???!?

Oh ok! OMG! I almost had a freakin heart attack! All I heard at first was something about an auction for a kiss from Rob and I sprung off my bed and started cursing the skies for not being at damn Cannes. I would have flown my happy ass out there and started waving the litte paddle around!

*Phew* Okay. Back to the reality at hand. Poor Rob!!! He looked sooo embarassed! I'll bet you that's exactly how he looked waiting to audition for the role of Edward. You can tell he's thinking how ridiculous it is to spend that much for a kiss from him and he's assuming that everyone else is thinking the same thing...which we're clearly not. But that makes him all the more endearing :)

On a side note: Who the hell has that kind of money to throw around for a damn kiss on the cheek??! Maybe if it was for a kiss somewhere eeeeelse...or the "more" he suggested ;) but seriously, can I be YOUR friend!? it must be nice!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rob. i wish i can afford you

scarlett said...
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scarlett said...

Glad to see I'm not alone in my inability to do anything but look for Rob updates while he's been in Cannes.

Rob looks so shocked in the video at that first bid. That's definitely what makes him so endearing and adorable.

He seems so far to have maintained an innocence and humility that is truly lovely to see. I hope that aspect of him doesn't change too much in the future! It's refreshing to see someone who hasn't let the screams of fans and attention from women make him into an arrogant lothario.

And he's definitely made some great contacts at these kind of events (we'll have to lookout for Rob in a miramax film sometime soon by the sounds of it):D

Lisa said...

I love how emabrassed he is and that his suggestions is "five dollars." HA! He's so sweet and endearing.

If I was rich and in that crowd, I'd be selling my private jet to lay one on him!

tracyvanhorne said...

heehee! What a cute video. Rob is so awesome!

Anna said...

no link with the auction, but check out this interview of Matthew McNulty

Apparently Rob was so uncomfortable doing the nude scenes in LA, he was throwing up between each take... Poor honey!

(I guess the link to the thread is, "Robert is not the most self-confident, and we love him for it")

Anonymous said...

Scarlett, the Weinsteins do not own Miramax anymore, they sold it a few years ago. And they are not what they used to be 10 years ago.
But he certainly made lots of contacts in Cannes, that's what Cannes is for: work during daytime and fun in the evenings/nights, plus opportunities to mingle and meet powerful people.
It was a cute video, and he was so embarrassed.
Nice of Sharon to wish him a good luck in his career.

Ash7586 said...

Wow. I wish I was rich. He is so humble. He can't believe anybody would pay that type of money for a peck on the cheek.

I love how he said maybe it'll turn into something more. Ha

Babs said...

He's so cute when he's so embarrassed :) he kept going around in circles and moving the mike to his mouth but unable to say anything, and his face when Sharon Stone said 20k$, too funny :)
I'd have paid anything to get to kiss him!
Sharon Stone was very nice to him at the end and he was just adorable when she kissed him on the cheeks :)

...wowie! said...

Love how he's NOT "that" cocky guy.
Aww...he's so freakin' cute in this video.
Pics are great...this video tho... ::sigh:: I love this man. ;)

albaville said...

Hi, this morning i went to the international airport in my city Rome where Rob was attended around 12 from Nizza, a friend that works there confermed his presence on board but he didnt show up, he didint use the usual exit we're waiting is huge in Italy for him...WE'RE JUST 3 GIRLS VERY NICE AND QUITE BUT NOTHING TO DO...SUCCESS IS TAKING HIM AWAY FROM US MORE AND MORE EVERY DAY..

cathysue said...

bless him. it looked as if it was unbearable. and yes he is a "good sport".

Unknown said...

After seeing this "auction" I found myself in agreement with ROBsessed bloggers earlier about overexposure may threaten his yet developing career.
This auction maybe for charity, but I don't like it. I wish they had not done that. I'm sure he did not go to Cannes to be "auctioned". He tried his best, but he still looked awkward.
He should go in hiding after this. He has 4 days in Italy, I hope he does not go out to clubs where for sure the pappz will find him.

MandyW said...

Good morning ladies.

This is why we all love him, so shy and he just doesn't understand why women are crazy about him. $5 for an opening bid,I about died.

scarlett said...

Chantalco thanks for the info... I didn't know that about miramax (no wonder he wanted Rob to star in a film for him) ;)

Cannes is certainly an interesting mix of business and pleasure.

Sharon Stone was spot on with her comments about Rob too... he really is gracious and a good sport about all the attention and exposure.

With the choices he's made with future projects I think he is trying to utilise the 'over exposure' from twilight and carve out a long-lasting career. I really hope that is what ends up happening for him because he seems like a really talented and lovely guy.

Anna said...

@ Noel

I share your concern, but I'm thinking that he's coming off looking genuinely sweet and humble, which cannot be a bad thing. In cases such as these, it's almost better to look awkward and embarrassed - at least he's not strutting his stuff like any other "heartthrob" would.

Also - his current over-exposure doesn't seem to be keeping him from getting interesting parts so far. Ultimately, his future career depends on his next couple of movies: how well they do, how good he is in it.

Rachell said...

I blushed watching this!I feel for him!

Shani said...

I saw this video last night and watched his part a few times. He got pimped out,but for a good cause. I loved how Harvey talked about his girls wanting to marry RP after seeing Twilight and how they all changed their last names. BB's step to the end of a very long line. Wait, how many lines is that now for the different things everybody want from him??? OMG!!! When Sharon started to bid at $10,000 it blew him away.That fool was trying to start his own bid at $5. LMAO He was so embarrassed in the cutest way bending over laughing and walking in circles. Oh and I do love the way he holds the microphone,the pout of his lips,the squint of his eyes and facial expression when somebody interrupted the bidding. And lets not forget when he said,"if it goes well maybe it will turn into something more".I was like "go get em tiger".LOL HELLO, if that doesn't say the boy is single and truly wants a girlfriend I don't know what does.Sharon at the end was so gracious and respectful to him wishing him luck with his future career.Because he didn't have to go up there at the last minute putting himself on the spot like that. Our boy is such a sweetheart and now has a huge amount of brownie points.


Ana73 said...

he looks so embarrassed about the whole thing but it is for a good cause. he is such a great guy and makes me love him even more.

i just loved all the pics from cannes but now i guess we wait to see what comes out of italy. i wonder who is really going to italy because nikki said that she was not going anymore.

TwiHartRK said...

Overexposure hmmmm. I wonder if Clooney thought it was selling out when he got auctioned for AMFAR?

I think it's hard for us to 'share' Rob with the world...We should get used to it cuz he's got back to back projects lined up. And he's IT right now.

Everyone wants a piece of Rob. Harvey Weinstein introduced him and said he wants him in his next movie?!!!?? That can't be a bad thing.

I think he's trying to seize the moment in a smart way. As adorkable, nervous and awkward as he is, he is also very humble, gracious, and composed. He knows he has a lot to learn and wants to make smart choices for himself. I hope it goes as he plans.

I think he did great in Cannes.

tinababy1 said...

@ Noel re: over exposure, This is Cannes. This is pap heaven. Rob kisses being auctioned to raise money for AIDS is a good thing.

He has 4 days of filming in Italy and will then be in New York, back in the security of a film set, where I truly believe he is comfortable because it lets him hide.

Even though we might get glimpses of him during the shooting of RM it will be nothing like the insanity of Cannes.

Another thing to point out, WE ARE ROBSESSED. The rest of the planet may net be. I know people who have NO IDEA who this guy is, so we might be hyper-sensitive to him becoming over exposed because WE cannot stay away from him.

Now, if I sell my house, what do you think I could get for THAT?

domisgone said...

So... I have some money locked away in a GIC... I wonder if I can cash it in early...
**taps finger on chin**
and if I find this charity event's people... I can offer a bit more money...
**scratches head**
I mean, who needs savings for a house anyways?

I think it was absolutely lovely that Rob did this for charity. He does look like he wants to get the hell out of there, but I still think it's wonderful he put himself 'out' there for this. I wonder what his reaction was when they suggested this to him in the first place.

I'm going to go watch the video again... :P

Ana73 said...

i am guessing he probably said no at first but they probably talked him into it because it was for charity.

tinababy1 said...

I heard that HW just told him "Come here, you're doing this"

Sullyann said...

His face HIs expression He is adorable he is ashamed ohh I love it

TwiHartRK said...

Tina - I guess HW is shameless - Rob obviously isn't...

Kathy#1 said...

I LOVE him on this clip. He is so adorable and sweet. I was starting to blush feeling his cool that Weinstein wants him a movie. Wow..I hope he can keep the sweetness through his life. He is truly one of a kind...

Kathy#1 said...

adding to my previous comment...I'm positive he would not have done this if he wasn't pressured and the fact that it was an excellent him....squeal!

Mrs. Robinsane said...

Hi everyone:

I just wanted to add a few little observations re: the auction video.

I agree that RP handled this situation with his usual self-deprecating body posture and good humor, and that, if it were not for a worthy cause, he never would have submitted himself to the microscope in this way.

I suspect that he found it peculiar that the product he was "selling"—just a few moments with him, presumably, and a photo, and a chaste kiss—was something that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other, less affluent fans have obtained from him (for free!) at Twilight-related events, or after relentlessly waiting for him to exit movie sets/restaurants/clubs.

The kiss might have been the crucial missing element, in these aforementioned fan encounters (;P)—but I'm sure that RP was nonetheless puzzled by the auction attendees' willingness to pay so much money for something he had previously been willing to just give away.

But I must also say this: I don't for one minute believe that RP is completely unaware or doubtful of his own physical gifts. A man who truly dismissed his own attractiveness would never coyly interject the "if it goes well..." suggestion—and I noticed that, of all the times he tried to get a word in edgewise, this was the only complete statement (besides the $5 remark) he made sure to make.

He is TOTALLY aware (and how could he not be?) of the effect he has on women. But he may NOT fully understand WHY he produces this effect: that it is his personality and intelligence, working in tandem with his devilish good looks.

And I can see where he might doubt himself, in this regard—it is easier to question one's own soul, one's own nature, which can be judged (and misunderstood) so differently by so many people, than one's physical beauty, which is more of an objective, universal measure.

Just as RP has wondered, in an interview I read, why so many female readers are drawn to the seemingly fusty manners of Edward (in the books, not the first Twilight movie), so too do I think he is baffled by our attraction to his personality—I think he truly believes that he is just a regular guy, with nothing to particularly distinguish him from the rest.

And he IS just a regular guy. But the difference is, in comparison to all the other regular guys in the world, he is an extremely uncommon one.

*Mrs. R is onto him*

Lizalou said...


Behold that rare animal - a breathtakingly beautiful human male who has depth, humility *and* appears to think with the big head, not the small one (this last element is key).

I think this is why he's still single. Instead of sucking up all of this female attention and turning into a rutting, think-my-shit-don't-stink beast, I think the attention is a turnoff for him. And I suspect that he fears at this point that most women will want to be with him just because of who he is (including celebrity whoretrash such as Paris).
Maybe this quality will keep him grounded - that he dismisses the attention as being misguided and for the wrong reasons.

Lizalou said...

Mrs R,

Yup, I too think he's starting to realize how attractive he is. But I guess I interpreted his remark about the kiss maybe going further in a different way. I took it purely as a sarcastic quip that was intended to elicit a response and even maybe to poke fun at the ridiculousness of the situation. But I didn't see it as a reflection of how attractive he considered himself to be.

Of course, neither of us can be sure, so I guess we'll just have to work on getting the opportunity to ask him sometime ;p

I truly believe, though, that despite the fact that he has to be all too aware now of how physically beautiful he is, he's not going to use that quality to find a gf/wife. I think he's going to end up with someone who challenges him mentally and doesn't just fawn over him. Completely unlike the other hollywood types who marry arm candy.

Mrs. Robinsane said...

Hi Lizalou!

Of course, I didn't find his suggestive comment to be the least bit conceited or off-putting, and I realized that he spoke in good fun.

Quite the contrary: I absolutely love a shameless, confident (and yet, willing to follow through?) flirt!

*takes one to know one*

grerp said...

Lizalou - I took it that way - as sarcasm. Anything to deflect the excruciating "Look at this Love God, how much would you pay for him?" spotlight of that moment. It fell sort of flat, but he had to make the attempt. He HAD to.

I have no idea if he's been sleeping his way through Vancouver, Portland, and LA or not, but if he hasn't, I think a real element of his restraint is two fold: 1) he probably doesn't want or need a permanent connection to just any girl and is perhaps too kind coldly use one and then shuck her off (total speculation, many "nice guys" seem to have no problem doing this ). And/or 2) he would probably be completely mortified to read about "My Sexperience with Robert Pattinson" in the tabloids. Not so much if it wasn't true, but if it were, well, I don't think he wants his prowess dissected for the billions.

riddleinside said...

Hi ladies!!
@Mrs Robinsane

I agree with you,about being somehow aware of his effect on women. I just want to express my thought that is drawn from everyday life and may or may not apply to Rob.
Some people even when they know they have something (better call it this way rather then being beautiful or whatever) and that others could be attracted to them, it is still possible that this same people lose their self confidence because of what happened during their life, and I mean here: the relationships they had in the past. I can understand that Rob needs time to be really convinced that women are attracted to him because of HIM. From what I learned in his interviews, he's not a guy who had that much success with women in the past, and he seems to have always been interested in the girl he couldn't get. I do believe him when he says I need love. My theory is that when you are loved by many people but not the person You love, It's difficult to have confidence in yourself, eventhough many others say you're worth it. I think Rob is a really sensitive man and that's where all the insecurity comes from.
I have an exemple that illustrates a part of the way he feels about things and how he deals with them: see he said during Cannes festival he didn't work on another movie last year, cause there wasn't a good script: If he's so demanding with work, I mean "work" that brings money!!, no wonder he remains single till he finds the good person. I can imagine Rob thinking that all this situation is IRONIC, when he can apparently get many women, he obviousely wants only one, but wants her to be the good one.
Just a clarification: when I say the good one, I'm not thinking about the perfect person, the soul mate or stuff like that: I'm just talking about the person you become crazy about and just don't understand why, the person you would only choose among millions and the only one you want her/him to think you're attractive.
I think feelings play a great part in Rob's behaviour, choices and actions. So I believe him when he says he thinks he's not worth it, cause I can't help myself perceiving melancholy in him when he says it.
(and I may be wrong, but that's how I feel after having "studied" all his interviews)

Sandra said...

Hi ladies...just a reminder to get your votes in for ROB at the MTV Awards

He's so adorable in this video i just want to cuddle him

TwiHartRK said...

Mrs. R -
I think you are onto something.
Based on some of his interests in books and scripts, Rob seems to be interested in the soul and character of a person. No doubt contemplating his own.

I agree he knows what he does to us. Whether or not he 'deserves' the adoration must be a struggle. Who am I to say?

I appreciate his beauty, his charm, his talent, and his outward humility and gratitude. I know nothing of his character beyond that. But what we see of him speaks volumes.

Mrs. Robinsane said...

Hi riddle!

Very nicely said!

I agree that RP now faces quite a conundrum: success and attention beyond what he probably ever envisioned, combined with an inordinate focus on both his physical attractiveness and his career choices...versus his very "human" desires to have a somewhat normal existence—which, of course, includes the companionship of someone special, someone who is capable of recognizing and nourishing his unique and quirky soul.

But how will he go about finding this special companion, when his life is under so much scrutiny, and when the motives of everyone who approaches him are so uncertain?

Add to this difficulty his evidently sensitive nature and, as you mentioned, his self-doubt-inducing hit-or-miss dating history (although, don't we all suffer from that? ;P), and I can see why he might be daunted by the prospect of finding his proper match.

But this is the challenge we ALL face in life—his experience is merely heightened, by his own accomplishments and gifts, and more public.

TwiHartRK said...

And the way he hitches his pants up over his narrow hips drives me MAD...

THIRTYGIRL2009 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lizalou said...

Oh dear, another one has caught the Rob bug.
I'm laughing so hard right now. My mom just called - she's in her 50s. And what comes out of her mouth as she starts to literally gush?
Mom: "That guy... he's in Cannes... the one from the movie you made me watch... oh my *she giggles*... he's so good looking... *she giggles again*... so so handsome...such a defined jawline he has...he's so much better looking in person than in that movie (she's referring to Twilight, of course)... but, oh, he was handsome there, too!"

This gushing continued for a good five minutes. My mother has no idea the extent of my obsession because she lives across the country and I only see her a few times a year. So this was completely out of the blue.

Wow. Hahaha my mom is gaga over Robbie!

tinababy1 said...

LOL @ TwiHeart and Happy Belated Birthday, my FB was not up to snuff yesterday :)

I think that Spread Eagle Pose was just for you.

THIRTYGIRL2009 said...

I can't say for sure that he doesn't sleep around, or that he doesn't want hook up with celebrity sluts just because, or that he doesn't want girls he's involved with talk about his sexcapades, or that he's looking for the "one". One thing I'm sure of is that unlike the majority of men, Rob is willing to delay self-gratification for whatever other plans he might have. Restraint like this shows he can think with his"Big head" and THATmakes him even more Irresistible. ROB YOU DRIVE ME INSANE!!!!!

TwiHartRK said...

Lizalou - that's a great story! Glad your mom has been infected with the Rob mojo!! Who can help it?

TwiHartRK said...

Thanks Tina!!! It was a great day -
I drank two Lavendar Cosmos
ate too much cake
and had lots of inappropriate thoughts (mostly about Rob)! Not too much different than most days in that regard.

tinababy1 said...

T - Yup , same ol' same ol'

riddleinside said...

Mrs Robinsane I hear you!

"(although, don't we all suffer from that? ;P),"
oh yeah we do!!! and may be -even if his a man, this is the reason why we kinda "relate" to him, somehow, or like him more: cause when we see him as being so exceptional, in the same time we feel he's really approachable.

Mrs Ronbinsane said "But how will he go about finding this special companion, when his life is under so much scrutiny, and when the motives of everyone who approaches him are so uncertain?"
so true!!! I'm sure he must be thinking about it as well. I think this situation is not helping him on that topic, I remember in one interview he said: [oh at least if only I could find "a date", just a date for a start] talking about how the situation was before the Twilight phenomenon. I think all this interest is having the opposite effect, instead of helping him with women, it's more isolating him in a bubble. But I think that it's just a matter of time, he starts getting over things, and the good part of all this, is that you never know what the future holds :)

tinababy1 said...

riddle - He is not the first single celebrity. When the time is right he will meet someone. Johnny Depp did, Brad did, Leo (sort of), etc.

He is being smart and focusing on his career right now and the rest will come.

He probably relizes what kind of media frenzy would occur if he started seeing someone.

Whether it is his own doing or if he is getting advice, it looks like he is on the right path. he has said he doesn't want to become that "joke actor"

Mrs. Robinsane said...


Agreed! :)

riddleinside said...

Oh Lizalou I love your story :)))

Actually, my sister who's far from me at the moment, stubbornly refused to watch Twilight. I think she was just irritated that the main audience were teenagers. But my brother who is only 18 agreed to watch it, and eventhough he criticised the poor special effects and the "sparkling" stuff, he admited that there was some material there because of the Cullens, but also the love story. Few months after, he started going out with a girl who loves the books, and my brother was happy that he already knew about them when he met her ;)
She made him read the books and we started sharing our impressions and thoughts about the books on facebook and stuff. My sister felt completely out and after having agreed to vote for Rob and Kristen in the MTV movie awards recently (I jeopardise her, and she did it only for me) she just told me today that she finally watched the movie and that she liked it. (VICTORY!!!)
She did no comments on Rob yet, but I feel it's comming ;) it took me time to admit it as well.

Anonymous said...

OK, so I KNOW this is a gossip mag. BUT Here it is....complete with pic.

Anonymous said...

That's very sweet of him to do something like that for charity. Amazingly sweet.

LOL when he said "five dollars". As funny as that is, its so sad to see him think so little of himself. Still, it shows how humble and down-to-earth he is, and it's one of the reasons why I love him so damn much.

riddleinside said...

OH NO jgrobansmorena7 PLEAAAASE!!! -___-

I'm off!

It was nice talking to you Mrs. Robinsane :)

Talk to you soon robsessors :)

bisou bisou

Gemgirl65 said...

Great comments as always...I love this place! A few of us were just talking about Rob's insecurities re: dating on another thread last night.

As for Life & Style, they do nothing but make up "hook-up" stories for everyone Rob even looks at, but I gotta say, the photo isn't lying too much! hmmm.....

LovetheLips said...

Hey Leann!

Had to check out the life & style link....Rob looks mighty fine in that pic. If it's true - good for him, if it's not - too bad for her...

Anna said...

Yeah right, because Rob would be posing for pictures with his 'hook-up'!
She looks kind of cute though... I'm almost hoping it's true! Rob deserves a bit of TLC, he's been such a good boy in Cannes :))

Anna said...

very true Lovethelips, I don't know how I forgot to point it out - Rob looks SMOKING HOT in this picture!

LovetheLips said...

Definitely LittleBear...wouldn't you love to see that comin' at ya!! HAWT!

TwiHartRK said...

jgrobansmorena7 - OMG. Lucky girl he has his arm around her shoulder!!

Well, if Rob got some action in Cannes good for him. Speaking of mojo... he deserves a little fun! If it's true I hope she showed him a really good time. What I wouldn't give?!?!?

Lizalou said...

The gossip rag might be onto something for a change! He has his arm around her, not vice versa. Interesting... if it's true, lucky lucky gurrrrrrrrl dayem!

Martina said...

and sharon stone kissed him for free! XD
well, she deserves it for organizing this event! :)

Lizalou said...

And he's absolutely wasted in this pic. Love it!

Gemgirl65 said...

If I were that girl and Rob were wearing that Sex Face next to me, he would soooo not be safe.

Or yeah...maybe he's just drunk. LOL!

Damn, gotta get back to work. later, ladies!

TwiHartRK said...

She seems to be enjoying his undivided attention. Lucky girl. Wonder is she knew the kind of attention SHE would get talking to him.

MandyW said...

Hi ladies,

As I was reading your comments I found myself agreeing with you all, I think Rob does know that women are attracted to him (he's a smart man) but I feel that he doesn't quite understand it. He is only human after all, and everyone has their own insecutities to deal with.

Have to go, only popped on to get a Rob fix before heading off camping for three days. What am I going to do without logging on to this blog? Hope you all have a great holiday weekend.

Emily said...

This video is classic Rob. You can almost feel how uncomfortable he is. He's not even facing forward until he's left alone up there. He looks like he wants a big hole to open up in the stage and swallow him up. What a good sport. He's always charming and sexy, even when he's horribly embarassed.

I do agree with everyone that he has to know he's attractive. I mean, he's not blind. But, in my opinion, he thinks people are so infatuated with him because of Edward. He's said in lots of interviews that it's the character everyone is in love with, not him. Well, that may be true for some people but not for me and I'm sure not for most of us on here. The role of Edward may have introduced us to Rob but it's not Edward I'm fascinated with.

Oh, and I totally agree with you Alie about the way he hitches up his pants. Adjusting clothing should not be that sexy.

monika said...

Life&Style in making stuff up shocker hahaha he left that party early to catch a flight to Italy,and apparently this woman is married but of course people are quick to believe what they want to believe,in this case some rag that has been proven it has been printing bullshit on many ocassions. 'kay
why is it that when people talked about Robsten kiss everyone was like'pics or it didn't happen' but not now with this random gal eh? hypocrisy much? kissing and canoodling in public? and here I was thinking people were saying he's a very private guy hmm

riddleinside said...

Thanks monika and LittleBear :)

Shani said...

Mrs. R and Riddle- Both brilliant breakdowns of RP.

Twi- Tell your mom to look at the anFar video. She will fall even harder for our man.LOL

Tina- So true, but everybody keeps forgetting that he had a two or three year relationship with his ex, Nina. So he is very capable of finding that speacial someone.Of course, right now it's hard for him when you have all these girls that are coming at you based on your fame. Really, until he gets a chance to talk to someone more than for 5 seconds and get out of the Twilight bubble he will have an easier chance to find someone. That's what I was trying to say before about wanting him to move on. He'll be able to branch out and that's when someone will cross his path worth his time.

showme said...

This man is the most adorable thing in the world....just thinking about the hell he went thru to do know he was DYING...

He is absolutely irrestible. If I'd been there, I would have been hard pressed not to cash in what's left of my mutaul funds for that chance LOL!

Shani said...

I just saw the L&S photo. I wonder if that was the same girl who was with Emile and his girlfriend. Anywho, she is a cute girl. Happy for him if something comes out it.

monika said...

besides lainey and her friend laura was sitting at the table near his one at that party,she'd have wasted no time in reporting it if there was any truth to the story.

Shani said...

Yeah he does look a little tipsy in the L&S photo. And he did have his arm around her. Nothing may not have occured that night. But that's what phone calls,emails,
texts are all about. I'm sure he will stay in touch and they will have a proper date some other time.

Mochachino said...

So many great comments this week but I have no time to read them all!

I would only see Rob doing something like this for a good cause, and think it was amazing. It takes guts to do that in the setting he was in.
I was impressed with the professionalism and sensitivity of both Sharon and Harvey too

Emily ~ yes classic Rob here.
Very strong shy/embarassed behaviour,
(adorable, I mean how else could you act when selling a kiss on the cheek for tens of thousands of dollars in the middle of a recession?)
while slipping in the flirtaceous joke despite the underlying body language?! There is ALWAYS more to him than first meets the eye

Shani said...

Monika- Remember that Laura said they left befor RP and Emile were through talking. So it could have happened. You saw the pic and how comfortable he was looking.He might not had gotten with her that night, but that doesn't mean he want stay in touch.

Anonymous said...

Speculaton, speculation, speculation. Are we really giving credence to Life&Style now? And why the speculation? I thought this site was a place that remained neutral, since there are plenty of blogs where your imaginations can run rampant.

monika said...

just a few days ago L&S were all about Robsten and now they changed their tune,if it's not proof that they have no clue about what's going on and just trying to stir shit up then I don't know what is.

another rag,another story. what to believe...

monika said...

he looked uncomfortable to me actually

Anonymous said...

monika- how about not posting links to any speculative bullshit, regardless of whether it's "Robsten" or Rob being a 'man about town'? How about it's none of our business, how about dropping it, or how about you going to some other gossipy site to post those links? There's tons out there, I know you know where they are.

monika said...

I wouldn't post anything or even said a word about it if it wasn't for people being hypocritical about this stuff. people being so eager to call bullshit on R/K,but not this. even though it comes from a rag that was also reporting about Robsten the other day.

Shani said...

Monika- Yep, A/LA is right we do try to stay gossip free here. But damnit, I got say this that it shows the boy is single and is not with Kristen. She has already said she is with MA and we have seen the pics to prove it. Rob said it was ridiculous and how could people think they were together. Now we see him in a pic with his arm around this girl enjoying her company. I just saw the above photos and both seemed interested in each other. There is no Robsten and never have been.

farasha said...

20.000 dollars??? I don't mind, I'll sell my house, my car everthing I have for a RObert Pattinson kiss!!!

Jen said...

Has anyone seen the yahoo omg poll about how much you would pay to kiss Rob? So far the vote is not going well for him! Go vote!

Unknown said...

Ok this is getting out of hand. They're just using him, making money off of him and he lets this happen? He's too shy, he needs to learn how to say no once in a while.
This obsession over Rob I get it but they're taking it too far.
Every one gets over their obsession some day and eventually start to forget. Yes, this happens dont deny it. This is why I like him alot but not ''obsessed loving'' because I know I'll grow out of it lasts forever, obsession does not.

Mo said...

Sometimes I walk alone at night
When everybody else is sleeping
I think of him and then I'm happy
With the company I'm keeping
The city goes to bed
And I can live inside my head

On my own
Pretending he's beside me
All alone
I walk with him 'til morning
Without him, I feel his arms around me
And when I lose my way, I close my eyes and he has found me

In the rain
The pavement shines like silver
All the lights are misty in the river
In the darkness, the trees are full of starlight
And all I see is him and me forever and forever

And I know it's only in my mind
That I'm talking to myself and not to him
And although I know that he is blind
Still I say there's a way for us

I love him
But when the night is over
He is gone
The river's just a river
Without him, the world around me changes
The trees are bare and everywhere the streets are full of strangers

I love him
But every day I'm lonely
All my life I've only been pretending
Without me, his world will go on turning
The world is full of happiness that I have never known

I love him
I love him
I love him...
But only on my own...

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