Robert Pattinson in Dune?

Happy Belated Mother's Day to Dani & all the moms. A very special thanks to Mama Pattinson for creating his Robness ;) Mama P. : you should stop reading here because I'm going to comment about your son's belly in a minute ;)

Yesterday Dani
posted the pictures of Rob leaving director Peter Berg's home and today speculations galore! Before I get onto the MTV's article I want to repost these 2 pictures for all their belly goodness ;) I would like to thank Rob for putting his hood up and flashing his belly :) I needed that today!


‘Twilight’ Star Robert Pattinson Sighted In The Vicinity Of Director Peter Berg
Published by Adam Rosenberg on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at 2:00 pm.

Robert PattinsonThe spice might soon be flowing, right onto Robert Pattinson’s resume. When it comes to the vampire heartthrob, absolutely nothing is yesterday’s news. That said, Perez Hilton reported that the actor was spotted leaving the Los Angeles home of director Peter Berg yesterday while on a break from the ongoing “New Moon” shoot. Berg and Pattinson may very well just be friends, but this fanboy is hoping that the two met to discuss the actor’s possible involvement in Berg’s upcoming “Dune” remake.

Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi novel “Dune” was adapted for the silver screen by director David Lynch in 1984. Although Lynch managed to hit the novel’s key points, his tendency towards the avant-garde ultimately led to the mixed bag of fan reception that followed in the wake of the adaptation’s release. Liberal changes made to the story didn’t help either, with the worst offender being a ridiculous shout-activated sonic handgun.

A far more faithful adaption, entitled “Frank Herbert’s Dune,” ran on the Sci Fi Channel in 2000 as a six-hour miniseries. Director John Harrison did a commendable job with the budget he was given, but the miniseries had neither the large-scale production nor the reach that one would expect from a full-blown blockbuster film.

Berg, who is no stranger to delivering for wide audiences, has the best shot so far at tapping into the same sort of mass appeal with “Dune” that J.J. Abrams did with this week’s “Star Trek.” Pattinson’s “Twilight” stardom and youthful good looks will certainly draw a crowd, especially if Berg is considering him for the leading role of Paul Atreides. Bear in mind, all of this is purely speculative and based on a Perez Hilton celeb sighting. So make sure to pour out a few grains of salt before getting your hopes up.


Marj said...

WELCOME BACK GOZ, i had a great moms day. ROBERT in vamp,roman ce and maybe dune yeah i could go for that.

Anonymous said...

Rob's mommy is beautiful!

kristen said...

It's so fun seeing pictures of Rob's parents - you can see where he gets his looks from!

Also, I have absolutely no idea what "Dune" is about, since I'm not a sci-fi fan at all, but imagining a movie in which Rob is toting around shout-activated sonic guns made me laugh big time. Hmmm, could be interesting :)

monika said...

Dune is like Lord of the Rings of sci-fi genre,amazing book,and if well made it'll be an amazing movie. I'd really like see him play Paul Atreides.

RPnKSaddict said...

Love the 2nd tummy shot. Just about melted. I did delete all but that picture, just coulndn't.
So glag I'm not the only one lovin the midriff shots of his "Robliness".
One of my fav interviews was Ellen partly because his fam was there.

anna F said...

Dune was a great book (maybe I should read it again, it's been a while)... That said, to adapt it well on screen is quite a challenge.

Si Fi (or even fantasy) novels look cheap most of the time anyway ;_; especially when everything was so perfect in your head when you were reading it.

Then again, I am often disapointed by movies nowadays. I guess I have become more of a TV show addict: the characters are much better developped than in movies since you have time... if the TV show is good LOL!

Martina said...

I would like to have mom Pattinson as my mother-in-law. XD

Anna said...

This sounds like a cool idea. I would love for Rob to play to play Feyd-Rautha (the bad guy, who was played by Sting in the original movie)... I think Rob did say somewhere he was in talks to play a villain, so, fingers crossed!

Emily said...

Lyla, I agree. His parents are so cute. He looks a lot like his mom. Rob's reaction to seeing his dad dance on the Ellen show was priceless.

And thank you Goz for another dose of belly pictures. The happy trail, the underpants waistband, the low slung pants...too much! Someone should not be that sexy by simply walking and putting on a hoodie. Seriously.

Suz said...

Rob + Dune = EPIC

anna F said...

Goz, there was another great shot with belly too:

I keep on staring at that one...

Mechevpao said...

Great Belly pics!!
About the topic… First I thought Rob could had been there, because of the soundtrack he said he is going to compose, and I had no idea what project Peter Berg was up to, I didn´t know he is going to make another adaptation of Dune, he did a good job in hancock, I liked that film it was a very original story line to all of the kind of heroes form comic stories.
I´m not sure about Dune, though, it is a good Sci Fi book, but the two time it was adapted to movie or tv, it was terrible.
Now let me think, Rob playing a role in it?? Even though we are not sure he was reuniting with Peter because of the movie, but I don´t imagine Rob in Dune, I can´t.. some how I imagine he would want to departure from scifi or fantasy movie style for a while after Twilight Saga, but who knows.

kespax said...

Mum looks a bit like Vanessa Redgrave.
They were so cute on Ellen.
Must be so strange seeing the world swept up in rob fever.

It cracks me up everytime he talks about being kind of a paranoid person, and feeling that people were staring at him all of his life - because they were you sweet silly bugger, you have allways been exquisite, if you saw that beautiful child/exotic teen/stunning elegant young man anyone with eyes would stare.

DD said...

I would love to see Rob in Dune. Oh, hell, I would like to see Rob in anything. It would be fun to see him play the evil Feyd, but Paul would be good for 2 movies.

Unknown said...

Robert is looking for good new film -- that is obvious.
His agent probably send him a few scripts to consider and obviously, directors are willing to see him.

I will be forever thankful to Twilight for bringing Robert Pattinson to limelight, because like the bloggers here, he is so gorgeous and somewhat unique. But in reality, Twilight is a teen movie, with tongue-in-cheek dialogues. And Robert became a "screaming girls idol. It is undeniable that Twilight introduced him to the world, but my personal opinion, he has to dig himself out of the image curved by Twilight. Hopefully, Chris Weitz put Robert in a higher level as an actor, than in Twilight. He deserves that.

I just watched Star Trek with my husband, and I was thinking the difference in the path in which Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Robert Pattinson trek on their way to success. I am a fan of Star Trek, although, I bribed my husband into agreeing to see New Moon when it comes out, and also Little Ashes this week-end. Quid pro Quo, so to speak.

It occurred to me that Robert may have a legion of female fans (most of them young and screaming), but I don't think he carry male fans at all. Point in case, I have to BRIBE my husband to see New Moon; and mumbled when I bought the Twilight DVD and was forced to sit and see it. Although, he said, it's OK. He nonetheless was not as excited as when he got out after the Star Trek movie.

What I am saying here is that Robert needs a movie that will give him wider audience than screaming girls; and one that will redefine him if he is to survive the Twilight Saga. I have seen a lot of actors got caught in that web and never got out. That would be very sad for Robert.

LaurenSue said...

His parents are so cute!

Whenever I hear anything about the movie Dune I think of Dane Cook's bit about Nesquick..."The movie Dune is in my chocolatey drink!" haha

Other than that I know nothing about Dune, but Rob in any role is good. The more Rob the better!

Anonymous said...

Dune is a great sci-fi book (but not any of the others that follow) and it was a real shame that the David Lynch movie was so terrible and missed the mark (with some laughable special effects in key scenes, but generally the cast was pretty good). Interesting coincidence- Alicia Witt, who was in Ring of the Nieblungs with Rob, had her first job as Alia in the Lynch version of Dune.The sci-fi channel miniseries was a yawn.

The part of Paul Atreides is an interesting one, but it will be a challenge for the film makers to get across all the internal monologues and things that happen 'in his mind' (in other's minds), so to speak.

But, of course, I'd go to see Rob in just about anything!

(Remeber Sting as Feyd Rautha coming out of the sauna? hmmm-).

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