RobKats Birthday Love for Gozde

"So, as discussed, I am not allowed to wish you a happy birthday, is that correct?"
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Sweet Lord, Raybans, suspenders, the beanie, the roses...have the RobKats outdone themselves again or what!

Happy B-Day Goz


The RKs.

(Dani's note: This post is all from the RobKats to Gozde they e-mailed me the Robward cutout pic to be here in time for Gozde's birthday when she wakes up. We truly have the best followers in the world and the RobKats have been together since the begining.
Thank you ladies...she is going to love it!)
And thank you to Trixie for the picture and dressing Robward up yet again.


Diane said...

Happy Birthday, Goz, and may I say this lovely presentation has given me the best unbirthday I can remember!

Divinesally said...
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Jewels64 said...

Happy Birthday Goz!

Thanks to our Fellow RobKat Trixie for taking the photo!!!

We love you BABY!!!

Anonymous said...


Suz said...

Wow.. just Wow...

Go Goz... Get yo man...

You can have him all to yourself..

(just for today!)

Please, please, please make good use of the braces.... please..!

Jewels64 said...

Thanks Dani for the note about us...we appreciate it!


Melissa said...


I am soooo happy to call myself one of the Robkats. You are an amazing person and I love the friendships I have formed with you and all the rest of the Robkats. I thank you for feeding my Robsession on a daily basis, I thank you for dedicating so much of your time and effort to this wonderful blog and I thank you for being YOU!!

You and Dani have done so much for Robsessors everywhere. This blog is a place of respect and adoration of the man himself: ROBERT PATTINSON! :P

I puffy heart you bb!!

I hope you have an awesome birthday!!


thirtysomething said...

wow... you girls have outdone yourselves! awesome!

and i hope your birthday is sweet and wonderful goz!

thank you soooo much for giving us all this place!!!

Melissa said...

OH and a HUGE thank you to Trixie for the wonderful pic of CO Rob!

And thank you Dani for posting!!



Divinesally said...

Gozde~"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday dear GOZDE happy birthday to you....and many more!!!"

Robkats~ Kudos on a job well done bbs, well done! The suspenders just give him that extra flair.

[My bad RKs, didn't read the fine print. hehe color me embarrassed.]

Rose said...

Happy Birthday, Goz!

My love for you knows 'no limits'

I can never thank you enough for starting this blog... it has saved my sanity.

Have a WONDERFUL day!
You deserve every happiness.

Olive Juice
Always and forever.


Sabrizzle said...

Happy Birthday Goz! I hope you have a fantastic day! Muahhhhhhh!

I've arranged for Domward to give you your birthday spankings (the erotic kind of course!) If he doesn't show up at your doorstep he's going to be spending some time on the whipping bench.

Rose said...

Dani~ Love you too... thanks for all the hard work.

Great Post!!!!


Moychy said...

Happy Birthday Gozde! I wish you all the best in the future!

Melissa said...

Brandy said...


Even though we've never met face to face, you're still one of my favorite people out there! Thank you for feeding my addiction on a daily basis.

Enjoy your birthday present and I hope you have a great day! I'd give you the real Rob himself if I could (I'd demand him back promptly at midnight tho!)


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Gozde!!!

And the pic by RobKat Trixie = DELIGHT!

nom nom nom!


Tess said...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YOU are surrounded by people who love and appreciate you! I hope your feeling the love baby, because we're sending it :)


moviegirl said...

Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for all the Rob joy since Night One.
love>>>>>>>>coming your way

Jewels64 said...

Hear that Goz?...

That sound is the RobKats all joining in together to send you our love....


I'm getting a bit choked up...we've had a hell of a ride! All us RobKats together!

We just love you! Plain and simple.

Friends don't come any better than you....

Olive Juice!

Emmes said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shani said...

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday you wonderful HOT BITCH... Happy Birthday to you...And many mooorrreeeee...LMAO

Anywho, I hate to be outdone and so Kittens(Those who are 18-30ish)
we need to put something together. Email me and we have a whole day tomorrow to do something bigger. And don't say we can't do it bigger...Kittens together we stand divided we fall... Now get to thinking and email me,k. Click on my name and I will be looking up shit too.

Maryann said...

Happy birthday Gozde!! Hope you are having a great day!! (well when the day comes cos I suspect you may be sleeping

Rocio said...

Feliz Cumpleanos to the BELLA of them all.... Goz!!

Hande said...

Happy birthday gozde! Wish you all the best!
I guess we all love taurus people :P + we all love you!
(doğumgunun kutlu olsun! :D)

Tenneil said...

Happy Birthday GOZ~ I hope it is filled with all the Robbie goodness you can handle!! WINK

wow and 6 days apart for ROBs big day... omen...its a omen!!!

Thanks for all you do!!!

Dani~ you too babe... you both work so hard for this site... kuddos

Ellie said...

Happy Birthday, Goz!
I wish you all the best today and always!

In honor of your birthday, you are slated for time in the Naughty Room ALL DAY...Rob is waiting for you with RayBans and Hot Pockets for two, and the Golden Zipper! Enjoy, bb!

I am so proud to call myself a are such an inspiration to me, with all your dedication and devotion to all things Rob. Love you! ♥♥♥

And Dani, thank you for all you do, also, sweets. November is your birthday, right?... :) MUAH!

Silmarienn said...

happy birthday gozde :)
hope you have all that you wish for more on your special day and always!

dogum gunun kutlu olsun ! :)

babbles said...
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babbles said...

Happy Birthday Goz! You are one in a million and we adore you!

Thank you Dani =)

xoxo ~Brooke

Loisada said...

Have a rockin Robkin birthday Gozde.
Here's a special smooch for the very deserving number-one worshipper of His Hotness!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gozde!! you are made of awesome! enjoy your day!


TwiHartRK said...



And all you do for our boy!!
Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.


vuyah said...

Happy Birthday Gozde! My wish to you is for our darling Rob to serenade you with a beautiful birthday song. Have a wonderful day!

DirtyD said...

Happy Birthday Goz. We, the Robkats love you and all that you do!!! Thanks for posting this Dani :) Hope you a Robtastic day!

keely said...

Happy Birthday,yasgünün kutlu olsun, Gozde! Hope you have a lovly day and wish you all the best!!! Thank you for all your work and passion that makes this blog such a wonderful place.Also a big thank you to Dani!!!! Kendine iyi bak, canim!
All my love!

Anonymous said...


Hope you a have Robilicous day...

Thanks for everything you've done for Robsessed - we're blessed to have you (and Dani too of course - you rock!)


Laura said...


I hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you for all that you do for us (and Rob)! :)

Love you bb!

And thank you for posting, Dani! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Goz!
I hope you have an amazing

Tengku Sofia said...

Happy Birthday Gozde!!!

Lynn said...

Hello, lovely Gozde!

Happy Birthday, mija! You bring the everything to this blog and deserve a whoop whoop for your birthday. Hope you celebrated in style!

Love your guts!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Goz!
All the best wishes and have nice day!

margot said...

Happy Birthday Our Robsessed Goddess !!!

{{{{ HUGS & KISSES, muuaahhh}}}

I'm going to keep within limits my Robsession today - you can have it ALL :))))))))))))

You are Goddess cuz you created such a DIVINE PLACE and you made so many women happy (definitely only one MAN in the whole Universe could do better)

Have a nice RobBirthday !

SummerGirl said...

I too wish I could ask Rob to leave a birthday message on your voicemail.

Have a Happy Birthday!


SummerGirl xxxxxxxxxxx

Georgie said...

Happy Birthday Goz, may all your dreams come true (I can only imagine what they may be...) Congratulations RobKats on a sublime compilation.

Kate said...

GOZ hope you have the best birthday EVER and get "everything" you wish for (and I mean EVERYTHING)

Trixie you're the best for doing the pics (love ya babes) and Dani thank you for putting it up (love ya too)!!
I'm honoured to call myself a Robkat and the friendship I have shared with you ladies is the best!!!!

Corinna Spencer said...

you rock

Anni said...

happy birthday goz
i wish all the best from germany
have a nice day

Martina said...

Summergirl, I wish Rob sends her an e-mail. If he can takes pictures with almost any fan girl, then he MUST wish her happy b-day!

Lisa Serrano said...

Happy Birthday Goz!

You are the best!! It was so great seeing all the RobKats wishes to you!!

Ohhh Trixie how I have missed CO Rob :)


Diver Mom said...

happy birthday! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gozde!! All the best in years to come. Stay Creative :)

Gozde said...

Thank you! :))) What a great thing to wake up to! Co Rob with his Ray-Bans and flowers, Domward's promise and the whole day in the naughty room! What more can a girl ask for? :)))

I truly love you all. Thanks to all my RobKats and everyone! I want to give each and every one of you a big hug :))

MiCh said...


Ellie said...

To Trixie~~ Once again you did a great job sith CO Rob! I'm so glad he cooperated for you...did you promise him anything, in return??

Anonymous said...

Dear Gozde,

a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! You deserve all the love we can send you for this wonderful blog you have, for feeding our ROBSESSION daily, and for just being a wonderful person.

We luv ya! :))

Best wishes to you. And well done RobKats for such a beautiful gift.

Mariya said...

Happy Birthday Goz!You're the BEST!!!

HC said...

Happy birthday Goz :) Hope you have a fab b-day! <3

HC said...

Happy B-day Goz! <3

elaine said...

Happy Birthday Dear Gozde! Hope you have a wonderful day! You certainly deserve it! {hugs}

Unknown said...

Happy B-day Goz!

kespax said...

Happy Birthday Goz, you fabulous, fun, fantastic creative creature.

It's amazing what you have achieved here, the united nations of rob, this blog is so fine.

Thanks Robcats for expressing everyone's love so beutifully.

Trust Goz to be born only days from Rob's birthday, your almost twins!
Dani those pics are divine!

NC said...

Happy Birthday Gozde!

You are just awesome!

kchambers77 said...

happy birthday!

C.a.C said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! :}

dechick2009 said...

happy birthday

tracyvanhorne said...


Kimberlesk said...


I'm sending Priestward your way today to give you a "special" blessing.

Again, I concur with all my fellow Robkats in my appreciation for all you do!! And special thanks to the nutjobs who ranted on that infamous KOL thread on the other blog that inspired you to start Robsessed!

MUAAH to Trixie for the pic and Dani for posting!!

Looks Through You said...

Happy Birthday, Goz!!

Here's an Irish blessing for your birthday;
Wishing you a rainbow
For sunlight after showers—
Miles and miles of Irish smiles
For golden happy hours—
Shamrocks at your doorway
For luck and laughter too,
And a host of friends that never ends
Each day your whole life through!


...wowie! said...


izzy said...

Happy Birthday Gozde! May you keep shinning in our lives. We appreciate everything you do. Thank you and God Bless!

i am awesome-o said...

A big happy birthday and a thank u again goz!!

You're the only person that can make my day =)

WinWin said...

Happy Birthday, Gozde!!!
Big Rob Hugs and Kisses to you.
We love all you and Dani for feeding us our daily Rob dose. Hope you have a great day!!!

Krupa T said...


I just wanna take this opportunity to tell u tht my
Life would literally suck without you and this blog!!

You make my day everyday!

Love ya, babe!!

Gozde said...

Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU :)))

~MindyMc said...

Gozde!! Happy Birthday Love!!! i'm late to the party but the birthday wishes are for the very best for you & gratitude for all the love, time & effort you pour into ROBsessed. Your wonderful witty personality & love of all things Robert Fucking Pattinson are reflected on every page of this terrific blog & it's one of the reasons why so many lovely people have made this their "home"! Opening this page every day is like opening a Robgift from you. The RobKats Heart You Very, Very Much!

(Dani, & all you beautiful, brilliant, snarky RobKats, Smooches to you all too! ROBsessed wouldn't be what it is without you all either!) And Thank You Rob for... well.... YOU! I'm in just a fucking grateful mood today. Muuaahhhhh!!

Ana73 said...

Happy Birthday Goz.

You do such wonderful work her on this website. My birthday wish to you is that one day you meet our beautiful Rob. That is my wish for myself too but i will share it with you :)

Have a GREAT day!!!

vertigo said...

Many Happy returns!


Sexy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Goz!!! Best Wishes to you and hope your day is Robtastic and is filled with all things Rob, you deserve them!!! Enjoy your day, Hugs and kisses :)

WildCat said...

Happy Birthday, Goz!!!

Pasteleria Mu said...

Happy Birthday Gozde! You and Dani do so much nice things for people and it (as always) comes back to you in this lovely gestures.
Lots of hugs and love,keep that unbelieaveable humor and coolness.


Marj said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gozde ... you're a robsessed enabling goddess and I'm happy you're one more year here!!

DreamChaser said...

Happy Birthday, Goz!!!

rpattzdude said...

happy birthday happy birthday

lostinphilly said...

Dear Goz: Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday from another RobKat...
Happy birthday to you!!
(and many more...eeee...eeee)!
Thanks so much for bringing us the Roblove every day! Enjoy your day!

Gemgirl65 said...

OK, still fairly new around here comes the stupid question...what/who exactly are the RobKats? *hangs head sheepishly*

I was gonna ask Jewels last night but my internet disappeared for some effing reason and I didn't even get to say goodnight to everyone.

Anyway, it's all about GOZDE today, so happy b-day chica, and don't do anything (with Rob) that I wouldn't do! (That pretty much leaves it wide open.)

Hansom Ransom said...

Happy happy happy birthday!!!! The picture montage and the lovely cardboard cutout picture are exquisite

Merit said...

happy b-day Gozde you rock!!!

this site it's my obsession

i love beeing here

kissses 4 u

i hope rob send u a msg you deserve it!!


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