Okay first a reminder to vote for Rob on MTV movie awards. I'll die dead if he loses any of those categories :) Clean your cache, then go and vote for him HERE.

The second vote is more tricky. I know it's a tough choice. I do love me some Johnny but it's Rob all the way baby! I believe Rob will be the next Johnny Depp so it's an easy vote really. Am I contradicting myself and talking crazy? Probably :) Go and VOTE, VOTO, VOTEZ, STIMME, OY VERIN for Rob HERE :)) And apparently you need to be registered for your vote to count. (Thanks to HI in the chatbox:PP)


Anonymous said...

Can I vote more than once??
because i already voted, but if i want to vote again, it appears like already selected... idk!!

lol help =(

Cindeeloo said...

H E L P !!!!!!!

I am so frustrated, I've been trying to vote for 2 weeks. I've deleted cookies, refreshed, signed in and out and still cant sign up to vote. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I REFUSE TO LET ROB LOOSE TO TAYLOR (although i do love Taylor )

The Electronically Challenged

Diane said...

Cindee- you might try using Google's new Chrome browser. It has an "incognito" tab that leaves no trail of your identity. You still have to sign on on the MTV site, but it made the difference for me when I was having the same kind of issues.

Diane said...

Goz - I identify completely with your feelings about having to choose between Rob and Johnny. I've been a Depp supporter since he started and had the pleasure of seeing him surpass all expectations. He survived his teen idol beginings, and now we have to help Rob do the same.

I truly believe that he brings such a unique, exciting combination of qualities to the world, that it would be a crime if he never got the chance to develop them. So at this stage, it's Rob all the way.

Cindeeloo said...

Thanks Diane

I'll try Again!!!

Anonymous said...

Few days before I saw Edward scisssorhands with Johnny Depp, 1990 movie, I have seen it before, it was so cool! Depp was so good in it. Well, Johnny is a very good actor, but I vote for Rob (sure!!).

riddleinside said...

oh Gozde!! this is so cute to write "vote" in diffrent languages: I really appreciate it, thank you :)

I always feel better once I accomplished my Rob-civic duty :p!!

riddleinside said...

@ Diane
Very nicely said :)

kespax said...

Have been voting like crazy every round of this thing.

And the bastards have done such a dirty trick for the last round, gorgeous Depp against divine Rob - and these 2 are the only guy v guy in the final round.
A lot of the other contenders have a rather lame opponent, and allof the others it's a female v a male - and we girls tend to be the main voters, pigs.

ceci said...

I voted once for the MTV awards, and now I don't have access..........very frustrating.
I read on another Rob fan site, that Rob is losing to Taylor, 38% to 36%. This cannot be true, I wouldn't even consider Taylor as a supporting actor in this movie, since he only had like three scenes. PLEASE, WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN......ROB NEEDS TO WIN!!!!!

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