How To Be Love

Now you can have a piece of RobArt! You can have him in your bed (pillow), on your body (clothing), on your wall (clock), in your mouth (coffee mug) or in your car (bumper sticker)...The possibilities are limitless, go nuts!

How To Be Merchandise is available through Cafe Press and Spreadshirt & they ship worldwide! (Gozde: Free promotion with love from ROBsessed :))

There is a little preview of what you can hear on the HTB soundtrack HERE. RobArt is adorable...

From the HTB Newsletter:

Don't miss your chance to see How To Be on the big screen in the U.S., meet Oliver, Joe, Mike and Johnny in person, and get your official merchandise autographed! — buy your tickets now!

The Livermore screening has completely sold out and two extra screenings have been added in Las Vegas. The screening in Nashville has sold out, but another screening may be added to their lineup, so keep an eye on the news section of our website . The next screening with tickets remaining is in Los Angeles on April 14. For all remaining cities, dates and ticket information check out the “see the film” page on our website.

And don’t forget to pre-order the How To Be soundtrack for your chance to receive a copy including a poster signed by Rob Pattinson.

P.S.: Thanks to everyone that sent me the newsletter, I recieve it as well :) My inbox has 1200 unread emails as of now. Days are 24hrs and I am human :) So if you aren't credited for something you sent me it's because 1.I didn't see your email 2.I already knew about it but was waiting to post it :)


crazy said...

Goz~ hilarious~ "in my mouth" LOL!

lovindashow said...

I'm tempted to buy something, because I know that merch is all about promotion...but it's all so horrifically ugly!! LOL. I mean, really? Is that graphic the best they could do?

sigh. But RobArt in my mouth....hmmmmm

Thanks for posting, Goz!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you guys here I got my tix to the Livermore screening on Monday.

Gozde said...

Wohoo anon! I am jealous but happy for you :P

Suz said...

I'd pay a kings ransom for his harmonica!

It's kinda my thing..!

Ms. Bonderson said...

I'm so excited...I'm seeing the film tomorrow night! The countdown is on... :)

Suz said...

I have to agree with Lovin.. this is some shiteous stuff..

I'd only wear that t-shirt with the ROBPANTS.

How about a nice black t-shirt with just How to Be on it?

That is something I'd so smoke in!

; )

I too, am all about Art in my Gob!


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