Little Ashes Movement - Day 5


Megan said...

DAMN! That one kicks all those other ones straight out of the water.

Did I mention how much I love Oregon for having a showing?

kespax said...

My friends & I & other rob clan fans want to join in and see this movie screen in Melbourne Australia, the arts capital of oz, if sinagapore can get ashes hell we should get it, we are ringing the following cinemas, join in, & the rest of oz google your artsy cinemas

We have already rung our film festivals with no luck. We are going to target the most responsive theatres requesting a Rob festival – How to Be, Little Ashes, Haunted Airman, etc & telling them they have an audience they can contact on the web.
The Astor Theatre
1 Chapel Street (corner Chapel and Dandenong roads), St Kilda
Ph 03 9510 1414
Kino Dendy Cinemas
Melbourne's home of quality independent and world cinema offers an exciting and eclectic selection of quality international and local films.
45 Collins Street, Melbourne
Ph 03 9650 2100
The George Cinemas
Contemporary cinema with an innovative programming policy and an alternative edge. Home to the St Kilda Film Festival.
135 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda
Ph 03 9534 6922
Cinema Como
One of Australia's premier venues for quality international, arthouse, foreign language and cutting-edge cinema. Cinemas are fully Licensed.
Corner Toorak Road and Chapel Street, South Yarra
Ph 03 9827 7533
Cinema Europa, Village Cinemas
Films include arthouse, foreign language and Australian titles that will appeal to the true movie connoisseur.
Cinema Europa Jam Factory
1st Floor, 500 Chapel St, South Yarra
Ph 1300 555 400

These ones not so much as they are further from our neighbourhood
Rivoli Cinemas
200 Camberwell Road, East Hawthorn
Ph 03 9882 1221
Cinema Nova
Offering a wonderful assortment of art house films from all over the world in a stylish and comfortable setting.
380 Lygon Street, Carlton
Ph 03 9347 5331

elaine said...

This is awesome! I can't believe LA is showing in Knoxville, less than an hour from me! The power of the Rob fans! Thanks.

peeling a fig said...

Can someone make a screencap when Salvarob is rowing? The smile, the glowing white clothes, the moonlight -- lovely. I'd do it myself if I knew how.

Anonymous said...

This is the web page for Kimball's in Colorado Springs. You can request the movie here, too.

Anonymous said...

Fine Arts Theatre
(shows indie films)
36 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 232-1536


lovindashow said...

I'm a broken record, but if I don't get enough notice that tickets for LA are going on sale in DC, I might have to kill someone.

Lovely, and amazing trailer. Thanks!

Jewels64 said...

WOW! Thanks for this one Goz!!!

I'm speechless....but still manage to comment....

Anonymous said...

Anyone else live in Maryland? We need to get this movie here but im super shy and hate talking on the phone. Someone want to call and get it here since im such a baby. lol.

TwiHartRK said...

Goz - you are so awesome to do this!! Way to go peeps. Yes we can!

Every time I see DaliRob I am so struck by how much he looks like Dali - Rob's head is so square with a pronounced jaw compared to Dali's but the way he carries himself and the camera maybe. I dunno it's just brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Here are a list of the landmark Theatres in Denver:

Landmark Theatres:
Mayan Theatre- 110 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203 (303) 744-6799
Esquire Theatre- 590 Downing Street, Denver, CO 80128 (303) 733-5757
Chez Artiste- 800 South Colorado Boulevard at Amherst, Denver, CO (303) 757-7164

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