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You can vote HERE.

The poll is missing a lot of things though. Like I am most looking forward to:

Robward with his shirt open under the clock tower.

Robward trying to convince Bella that he always loved her.

Robward, Robward, Robward! Who cares about Bella and Jake riding motorcycles? Pffft!


Unknown said...

Dude, you are SO correct, they left out SO much in the poll!!!!


Anonymous said...

Exactly! Where is the good parts??
A. Rob taking off his shirt
B. Rob taking off his shirt
C. Rob taking off his shirt
me licking the screen when Rob takes off his shirt....

Mixxy said...

Agreed!!! Everyone that selected vampire showdown in Italy was because that was the scene closest to WHEN EDWARD TAKES HIS SHIRT OFF!!!

...wowie! said...

yea...who cares about werewolves.

MARJ said...


MiCh said...

Like there is a competition.. it's all about Shirtless Robward, pffft!

That and the scene and when he tries to convince Bella that he's real and always loved her.. gah, the kiss after Volterra.. *faints*

crazy said...

Knowing what I now know about Rob's nakedness in Little Ashes, I say TAKE IT ALL OFF, BABY!

I'm sorry Rob. I'm just horny. There are lots of us out here, you know. Pay no attention to me. I'm harmless as well.

(is he buying this??)

Hi Ladies and gents!

Shani said...

Yes, take off the shirt and lets see the hard work. Oopsie, did I say hard...YUMMY. Me likey hard Rob.:P

Anonymous said...

Gozde, good evening!

He is not with his shirt open, he is SHIRTLESS!!! Totally! NO SHIRT AT ALL! SHIRT GONE!!! Who knows where? Like I care...

That is what I AM WAITING FOR!!!

Is it november already?

Good evening, everybody else.

Rominiwi said...

I'm so looking forward to ROBWARD SHIRTLESS!!!!!... though i think there's a pretty good chance i'd die on that part or in the scene where he reassures his love...anyway I won't make it!!!

Shani said...

Sophia- Good evening,

I just had a thought.I hope when they film the shirtless scene they slow it down. Then zoom in really close to his happy trail and go all the way up to his beautiful face. Then go down again and then back up. *THUD*

ivee said...

oh there are wolves in this movie?
after they tease us w/ Robward's open shirt in twilight?
about time he take it all off!;)

Anonymous said...

rob rob rob rob!!!seriously who cares about werewolves!!! rob shirtlesssss!!!ahhhhhhhhhhhh *faints*

Anonymous said...

Sophia, you are sooo funny!

"shirtless", "no shirt at all", "shirt gone"...

And you are sooo right! Can't wait for that either!

Hope they really slow it down, like Shani suggested. Up and down, repeatedly. Tough, Rob with no shirt is sooo not PG-13!!!

Chicago girl now in LA said...

Ivee~LOL about the wolves! I originally read up to the breakup and then was so distraught, I found where Bella & Alice were searching for Edward and finished the book. THEN, I went back and read the middle! Recently, I reread the book, conveniently skipping the middle completely.

The part I most look forward to is when Robward mentions marriage for the first time. That just choked me up! They had better include that in the film!!!

Not that I'm not looking forward to the belltower scene, but everyone has covered that so well!

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