New 'Remember Me' Poster

Now white.
Previously blue with a city backdrop.
And a little something is missing on the new one, Rob's name across the top.
Same info and release date as before about the movie but here it is again:

Remember Me
Release Date: February 12, 2010

Director: Allen Coulter
Cast: Robert Pattinson, Emile de Ravin, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin and Pierce Brosnan
Producer: Nick Osborne

Infused with humor and romance, "Remember Me" tells the unforgettable love story of two young people who learn how important it is to love passionately and live loudly everyday of one's life



Suz said...

I like the sparseness of the new poster.

Less is MORE.. especially with the heavy subject matter.

marya said...

where are you rob???? have u been kidnapped?? did you fall into a pit??? did the aliens take you??
im losing my mind over here!!! lol...
hope you're enjoying the papz-free time wherever you are and with whomever you are...because im not!

Kate said...

I like the new one too!
I can't wait for this movie!

Hi Dani, Suz & Marya {waves}

marya said...

hi kate, suz! (waves back)
hope you are dealing alright with the "robless"

Sidd-o said...

Kind of boring. Needs more Rob.

Suz said...

Hiya Kate.. Girls..

I am dealing with these RobLess Days with the knowledge that he is extremely busy filming and focused.

I also can re-live my summer in NYC. Such sweet memories.

I love that Rob is avoiding the Paps (an impossibility when filming on location in NYC)

Knowing soon that there will be ENDLESS promotion for New Moon and then Remember Me is keeping me blissfully... anticipating.

Anticipation... a feeling lost on kids these day....

Sidd-o said...

I don't think it's a real poster... just looked at Summit page and all the movies that are in production have white posters with different fonts. Just sayin :)

rpattz-turn-me-on said...

missing rob but glad he is getting some alone time,cant wait for this movie to come out i hope its a big hit at the box office.if this movie is a box office success it would prove rob's appeal beyond twilight,it would be good for his career.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Not likin the poster...the blue was a little nicer-

I know, it can't all be about Rob, but a photo of him, or him & Emilie would of been nice..

I miss Remember Me

I miss Robler

I miss Robward

I miss Rob!

Suz said...

RPG.. pretty sure the blue poster was FanMade.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

I think you're right Suz...on live journal they had one with both Rob & Emilie that was really nice.

RPnKSaddict said...

When do we get a trailer? Soon I hope.

Suz- I've been spending time on your site reading your Remember me filming experience. Lucky girl.

Also you getting to see Sam Bradley, way cool. 3 more days till the EP release. My DH has really gotten into his music.

WinWin said...

I can't wait for this movie!

Thought of Rob this morning while I passed Ugly Betty filming on 41st Street. America was in a hot dog costume trying to hail cab. Miss Rob in the NYC, but also glad he has been laying low getting his work done.

WinWin said...

Waves madly at Suz! Sends big hug and kiss.

Mechevpao said...

MMmmmm, doesn´t look like a real poster, more like announcement, it is kind of early for a poster; I hope Summit is smart and will attach the RM trailer to New Moon, that would give RM more publicity.

I really want to see this film, it looked great on the page and with all the actors playing in it, I trust the result of it, will be amazing.

WinWin said...

Hugs to Mechev, How are you?

I think that's a fabulous idea.

Mechevpao said...

Hey Win.. I´m on a breake at work.. can´t avoid use the computer hahaha
Hugs to you girl

Haystackhair said...

I sooooo cannot wait for this movie. The best part is Robward in Nov., Robler in Feb, and Robward again in June! EPIC win!!!!

wanabRPsmom said...


I'm jealous! passing a movie shoot every other month?...nice..
I need to move to NY or Vancouver.

Sidd-o said...

-> go in Production
It's not a poster, unless Letters to Juliet has the exact same poster with different font... :P

WinWin said...

wannab, it's funny how I've never realized how many things actually get shot in NY until Rob came to film. Vancity must be fun too. It's crawling with celebs filming.

I hope RM will have it's premiere here. They usually have them at the Ziegfield theatre which is close to my office. Feb can't come soon enough.

thirtysomething said...

i like it...understated, nice.

aahh february will be lovely next year ♥

hi win! hi kate! hi suz!


Nikola Six said...

Nah. Can't be a real poster. If you had the hottest young movie star in the world, in your movie, wouldn't you put his name on the poster? I mean, posters are advertising and the only reason they all show up in the morning is so that they can sell movie tickets. That's their jobs.

But...maybe because of the script leak, they want to 'initially' divert attention -especially to the uninformed- away from the NYC angle. This is so not a movie that they want the ending leaked. And it already has. DAMAGE CONTROL!

And I'm not sure about premiering the trailer with New Moon. Summit knows they've already 'got' that crowd. No, they need to show it with the year end 'prestigious' films. The ones the studios are gearing up for Oscar nominations. Summit wants to expand Rob's audience beyond the Twilight base.
And so does Rob.

Trust me on that one.


Nikola Six said...

Also...this Rob 'valley' we find ourselves in? Personally -although I miss seeing current shots of him too- I'm relieved (it's such a conflict...his privacy versus my desire to 'peek' in at his life). After the insanity of NY this past summer, he needs a break from it. We don't want him to lose his little marbles and beat the shit out of a papp do we? And...

With R&K getting papped all over LA (and I'm guessing that was them giving Summit the finger in their oh so rebellious way) and then getting caught the moment they hit Vancouver (at the concert), I don't know...

I'm just wondering if Summit has come down on them like 'white on rice.' Could be one of the reasons they're 'laying low' at the moment.
I know that some disagree about Summits involvement in their personal lives, but just keep something in mind...

Summit is a master at marketing and they're trying to sell a 'chaste' love story to a rabid fan base of whom some have so blurred the lines between fantasy and reality that they hardly exist anymore. They don't want ANYTHING messing with their franchise. Especially a real life romance between their stars that could blow to smithereens BEFORE they can get to Breaking Dawn; the most romantic part of the story. If R&k are together and then not by the time they film that one and then have to go out and 'sell' it, they could run into a brick wall. It is ALL the celebrity press would focus on and Summit doesn't want to lose even ONE ticket sale. If R&K are a bust by then, would some in this "psychotic" fan base turn away from Edward and Bella? Summit does not want to find out.

Just a theory. Could be wrong. Who knows?


Mechevpao said...

Hey Nikola, you have point there, about Summit attaching RM trailer to other kind of movies to make the audience wider, I have no idea which other projects they have that could help in that matter.

About the R&K stuff, I will just say that at KOL concert were the producers of NM with the cast and they didn´t mind them sitting together in a place paps would be. I don´t believe any of the "conspiracy" stuff fans believe. What ever R and K are, it is their private matter and if they are not clearing rumors in either way, I think we can debunk Summit has anything to do with it.

And this (robsten) has nothing to do with Remember Me... Rob´s private life should not affect his projects specially those out of the franchise, which I think are more interesting in the level of acting range he will have to show.

Shani said...

This movie is going to be really good. Can't wait to see it. I loved the old script.

Nikola Six said...

You're right Mechevpao...his private life shouldn't have anything to do with the promotion of Twilight or his other projects, but it does and it's going to continue to.

This is what the celebrity press is selling us now...not their movies, but their private lives. Their sex lives. THAT is what sells magazines and generates 'interest' in a celebrity nowadays. The more exciting they perceive the private life to be, the more they can sell it to us.

And if the fans and the press are still speculating about Rob and Kristen's relationship come November (and especially if they've yet to confirm or deny) when it's time to promote NM, THAT is what the press is going to focus on. THAT is what will generate hits, ratings and magazine/tabloid sales.

Hell, all they've got to say about NM is...'it's opening this Friday.' That's all.

Summit doesn't give a damn about who Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart are sleeping with. They give a damn about this franchise and if they think that a 'public' relationship between these two can hurt that franchise in anyway, they cannot control Rob and Kris, but they can certainly try.

Are they? Don't know. It's just a theory.


Mechevpao said...

Hey Nikola, you are right about the buss for the movies and what the press is interested to print or show; but I see there are two kind of buss, for "blockbusters" the buss is in the "cast drama", like how they are to each other, if there is any romance if there is any fight, etc etc.. The Twilight franchise fits into that.

But there is also the other kind of buss, the kind of buss that for example Ana Kedrik is having in her movie with George Clooney, were people are saying the movie is very good, that Clooney gives an award winning performance and that Kedrik is up to his level...

Well, I wish that would be the kind of "buss" attached to Rob and his movies (which he got a little of that in the independent circuit with How to Be); but I wish he would get this buss about his work for RM, because in this movie he will have to show he has talents (beyond Edward Cullen) and he can be a leading man at the movies and the box office, to stand for his own in the busyness and not because of the franchise. For now the gossip stuff is not killing him, but to stay working where he is now acceding the level of productions he is, the gossip (which will always be around him in certain point) has mainly to transform into talent recognizable talent and certain strength by solely his name at the box office.

Unknown said...

why did they change the first one?? it was so much better!

Steph is Legit said...

i havnt read the other comments, but really wish they would chnage the opening date.. has anyone see the cast list for valentine's day its a 20+ star cast. its gonna blow this movie away .. of course will be seeing rem me first, but for the box office i have no idea if it will have as much weight as Vday

Angela said...

I don't think it's a conspiracy on Summits part, but I do think the producers are doing what they can to give Rob a break from the paps, thank goodness.

I do think Rob has Summit scratching thier heads a bit. Imagine, you have just signed Rob to a 4 movie multi-million dollar 3 year contract, and he goes to CC and says "I'm a pussy" while eye fucking his strung out co-star. It's just so funny.

They may be trying to think of some way to control it, but they really can't.

I agree with the anticipation comment and the busy working comment. Rob is in most of the Eclipse scenes, so he'll be working hard on his lines and scary faces and such.

Iwe just have to wait until they unleash him to the press again and hope he's still the same ol Rob.

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