The Summer House @ Cannes Film Fest

One of our fabulous followers e-mailed the writer of Rob's short film "The Summer House" Ian Beck and here is what he sent her back, with information about a DVD/Book Set as well as great news the film will be featured at Cannes Film Festival!
Please see his response below.
Dear Brittany

Thank you for your kind message and for all of your interest in my story The Summer House. The book is published by
Dennis Hall
Previous Parrot Press

You might get details from
His address details are below:

Dennis Hall
Parrot Press
The Foundry
Church Hall
OX29 8AB
Tel: 01993 881260.
Fax: 01993 883080.

The Summer House was printed as a very limited edition, and was written and illustrated by me and in some special numbered cases the illustrations were hand coloured, and these books were very expensive to buy, £128 when first issued. It is quite likely that there are now none left to buy at all, except in the second hand book trade ( see Abebooks etc) however plans are in place to issue the film and hopefully a simpler version of the book together in a DVD package.
This would not be until well after the film has been shown on thefilm festival circuit. It will be shown in Cannes next week, on the 14th May, in the Short Film Corner section I believe. So the DVD package, all being well is likely to be issued some time next year. I will keep you informed if I get a final date. In the meantime my new novel, Pastworld, will be published by Bloomsbury in the states in late October which might be worth your while.

All Best Wishes

Ian Beck
Big hugs and thanks to Brittany for e-mailing me Ian's response and info.


Silmarienn said...

danni !

Anonymous said...

No problem guys glad I could help! Your all so sweet too your blog is AMAZING! I'm just SO glad we finally know SOME INFO about this book & short film its so rare and the suspense for the movie release was KILLING me LOL:) At least we know for sure now that we'll be able to buy it on DVD-I could not be MORE EXCITED!

Anna said...

oooh how exciting! I loved the Summer House clip you guys posted a while ago... Rob looked kinda creepy in it, in a very hot way.

margot said...

@ Eliz .... WOW !

check this out girls, check THIS out

Anna said...

oh hot damn! thanks Eliz!!

Is is just me or does he grow more beautiful every day?!!

monika said...

umm who's that with him? he looks great

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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margot said...

nice that he's relaxed enough (finally) to be seen witha girl
Go, Patty, go !

Maryann said...

Thanks for sharing this Dani and thanks to BrittanyMorgan for allowing this blog to share this info! Great stuff!

sally said...

Emmy Rossum is so lucky for playing with these British hotties first gerard butler in the phantom of the opera and now with the most gorgeous man in the planet Rpattz..She is a young fresh brunette with beautiful face and smile...She sings opera divinely...she could easily have chemistry with robert...This is my opinion.. Sorry my english sucks so if you see mistakes please don't mind

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

YAY i'm so glad this blog posted my email-I'm glad I can share the excitement Ian the author put into my life-this film looks breathtaking! I'm a film fanatic-when I love a film I NEED the details so its a great feeling to know that we will get to see this film for sure:) I had also emailed the films director and other ppl in charge but they never got back to me- thank goodness for us Ian was kind enough to take the time out to respond to me-LETS HEAR IT FOR IAN EVERYONE for giving us this AMAZING info and this INCREDIBLY PASSIONATE & INNOCENTLY HEART FELT SHORT STORY:)
He is a TRUE inspiration to me I ADORE his work.

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