New Moon Worldwide Release Dates

From the "Twilight New Moon" Official Movie Site

Argentina – November 19, 2009
Austria – January 8, 2010
Australia – November 19, 2009
Belgium – November 18, 2009
Bolivia – January 1, 2010
Brazil – November 20, 2009
Bulgaria – November 20, 2009
Canada – November 20, 2009
Chile – November 26, 2009
China – TBD
Colombia – January 1, 2010
CIS – December 3, 2009
Costa Rica – November 2009
Croatia – December 10, 2009
Czech Republic – November 26, 2009
Denmark – November 20, 2009
Dominican Republic – November 2009
Ecuador – January 1, 2010
Egypt – December 23, 2009
Estonia – November 27, 2009
Finland – November 20, 2009
France – November 18, 2009
Germany – January 7, 2010
Greece – January 19, 2009
Guatemala – November 2009
Honduras – November 2009
Hong Kong – December 17, 2009
Hungary – November 19, 2009
Iceland – November 20, 2009
India – TBD
Indonesia – November 21, 2009
Israel – December 10, 2009
Italy – November 20, 2009
Japan – November 28, 2009
Latvia – TBD
Lebanon – November 26, 2009
Lithuania – November 27, 2009
Malaysia – November 26, 2009
Mexico – November 20, 2009
The Netherlands – November 19, 2009
New Zealand – November 19, 2009
Norway – November 20, 2009
Pakistan – TBD
Panama – November 2009
Peru – November 26, 2009
Philippines – November 20, 2009
Poland – November 20, 2009
Portugal – November 26, 2009
Romania – November 20, 2009
Serbia – TBD
Singapore – December 3, 2009
Slovak Republic – January 14, 2009
Slovenia – TBD
South Africa – November 27, 2009
South Korea – December 3, 2009
Sweden – November 20, 2009
Switzerland, French – November 18, 2009
Switzerland, German – January 7, 2010
Switzerland, Italian – November 20, 2009
Taiwan – December 4, 2009
Thailand – November 19, 2009
Turkey – November 20, 2009
UAE – November 26, 2009
United States – November 20, 2009
Ukraine – December 3, 2009
United Kingdom – November 20, 2009
Uruguay – January 1, 2010
Venezuela – November 27, 2009
Vietnam – TBD
West Indies - TBD


rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Woo-hoo! Already have the weekend off to see several time!

Here's a yummy Rob video-yep, he's a man alright...

Bootstrap Intern said...

November 20th cannot get here quick enough.

Unknown said...

Czech Republic – November 26, 2009


Steffanie'Marie said...

OMG!! Can't wait. THE best books and will be the best films EVER made :) Can't wait to see New Moon :-)And I am proud that RPattz was born in my home country of England, and is THE hottest thing ever xx November 20th ... PLEASE hurry up xx

Steffanie'Marie said...

OMG!! Can't wait. THE best books and will be the best films EVER made :) Can't wait to see New Moon :-) xx

Anonymous said...

I'm suddenly so glad to live in this tiny country that is Belgium! November 18th!!!

Mystik Malice *Twilight Shop* said...

For once, I'm glad to be French !!!

Aneska said...

And where is Spain? Am I blind? :O

Lijzo said...

November 19th, wahey!

Crazystraw said...

fuck... Jan. 01... that's fucking long man! well it's better that the Feb. 02 of twilight....
ha! and you are wrong if the holiday is stopping me!

RPnKSaddict said...

Gah I wish the next 4 monthes would go by faster. I can't wait for New Moon.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Nov 19...just before my birthday :)

Hannah said...

Even though its not listed, I take it us Irish will get it the same days as the UK right?

Kate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kate said...

I presume so Hannah! I heard it was 20th Nov for here anyway!
They'll probably add more to the list!

Haystackhair said...

GAH! I soooo cannot wait. This movie is going to break our hearts and then fill them up again!!!

Haystackhair said...

OH, and thanks for the the link to the vid rpattzgirl!! He certainly is a man!!

Hannah said...

Kate, Im working at The New Moon Release Party over here and its set for Nov 21st because they said the movie is due to be released here and the UK Nov 27th..
I assume they'll have to change the date of the party so! :/

Suz said...

Only 78 days!!!!!

Sara Tavares said...

Thank God it´s November 20 here in Brazil.

Kate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
enjoykim said...

UK-I´m coming ;-)
Can´t wait till January(Germany)!!Hm,same release date in USA and UK,so he won´t be at red carpet in UK,right?!

Kate said...

Gosh I don't know Hannah! I do remember hearing 27th Nov earlier in the year for the UK but I would say the 20th is the date for the UK now seeing as it's on the official site, unless it's 27th for us but I realy dunno :-/ Sorry! :-(
It's cool that you're getting to work at the party! I was gonna apply but it wasn't really worth my while travelling from here, you know?

Hannah said...

Yeah Kate I know what you mean. Pity though, it would have been fun :)
Anyway pinkies crossed for the 20th for us! That whole week makes a big difference!!

Priscila Angélica dos Santos Soares said...

Good thing here in Brazil will be on November 20. Although it will seem an eternity until that day comes. Can not wait to watch!

marya said...

where the hell is spain??????
hyperventilating here...are we not part of the list? whats going on?

Lisey_Marie said...

Does anyone know if movies playing in France are in French or are they in English with French subtitles?

enjoykim said...

I´m pretty sure it´s in French.Twilight was also shown in French,right?Just watched the French trailer...Rob´s voice sounds weird...;-)

LA MAHA said...

OMG I can't believe the west indies release date isn't known yet. This worries me!

Yvonne said...

I absolutely love that this is world-wide and we are from all over the globe....and equally excited!

But...where is Ireland? Kate, Hannah?!!! Yikes!
And France!!! How did you guys manage to get it 2 days earlier?! Such lucky girls!!

Let the countdown begin.......

Zaneta said...

I cant wait!!!!

Aneska said...

Marya, it looks like we are not part of this planet, maybe we are aliens :P
In this planet called Spain I think it's December 4th, but I'm not sure.

albaville said...


Babs said...

counting down the days to Nov 20th!!

marya said...

aneska77- yeah thats what i thought too...
december 4th! wtf? thats so far away...lucky french people...:(
what the hell i might just take a bus and cross the border and see it november 18 lol! although the language thing might be a problem...hmmm

Aneska said...

Marya, if you cross the border I'll go with you!!! But there's a little problem...I can't imagine Edward speaking French :|
Mmm...we should go to London :) To the Première :D

enjoykim said...

aneska77+ marya:
Here´s a little bit FrenchRobward...Twilight trailer...sounds weird...I think London would be the better choice...I´ll also cross the border...;-)

Aneska said...

Yes, it's weird. To me it sounds weird even in Spanish!! I only want to hear Rob's wonderful voice :) That's another reason to go to London ;)
So... three Robsessed girls crossing the border! That's dangerous ;P

Gloria said...

What does it mean TBD???

Mushggle said...

We are the 1st !!! Yeah !! France ^^

Pet73 said...

Seems like I will be almost the last one to see it :(.

Anonymous said...

Well at least Greece is going to see it later than us here in Germany...I really should book a flight to London or Paris..I don't wanna wait longer than November :o(

enjoykim said...

@ TrueLuzifer

Yeah,book a flight,London is worth it... German girls are invading the cinemas there...;-)

Aneska said...

beeing_wild, TDB could mean "To Be Determined", but it's just an idea.

Unknown said...

damn! you guys are lucky, december 17th for me :(. soooo long

marya said...

aneska 77- it seems we are getting it nov 18th too!!!!! thats what all the spanish news sites say...they say summit decided it because of all the dedication of the spanish fans!
ha! they got that right! lol!

Aneska said...

"¡Bravo!" Ohhh yeaaah, we deserve it!!!! :D Suddenly I can't wait 'til Nov. 18th! Tic tac tic tac...
PS: Does it mean that we're not going to London, to hear his real and wonderful voice? :'(

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