Teen Choice Twitterings and Awards Won

@lilizzo rob just walked in. crowd was shrieking. sat next to catherine h.

@lilizzo Rob, taylor, kristen, nikki, kellan on the front couch now. In that order.

@RPattzWho Robsten not sitting next to each other. Britney performing now!!

@heypopsugar Robert IS sitting with Kristen and Taylor, they showed him as Brit walked out

@melindagale Britney ommg. Rob n jacob r joking around

@RPattzWho Rob clapping for britney's acceptance speech!!

@theawfultruth rob and kristen are talking to each other over taylor (who is seated in between them of course)

@melindagale Robs holding a jamaca flag banner they handed out for sean kingston

@robstenlovers rob is taking pics with fans. no, we're not allowed down there otherwise i would be

@robstenlovers twilight cast standing up. making their way to stage

@melindagale Twi cast standing up during break. Going back stage?

@robstenlovers and now theyre sitting back down! waiting for audience to be seated

@heawfultruth briefly talked to megan fox before she was rushed off. she's not doing press but i snuck in a Rob q. posting soon! she's a funny gal

@lilizzo and now....rob, kristen, taylor, nikki. in that order. yea, thats right :)

@RPattzWho Now Robsten next to each other as they get ready to take the stage!!! A lot of rearranging.

@heypopsugar Choice movie drama --- and choice movie liplock...and actor...and actress. Time for the twilight kids!!! Choice male hottie too for pattz

@heypopsugar Theyre all going up together - yay!

@ heypopsugar Robert almost dropped the board! And they're letting him talk yay, apparently he was told to stretch the show on and keep talking! So cute!

@theawfultruth Twilight just won. kristen smiling and laughing with rob onstage. gave him a little play-punch in stomach when walking offstage

@chrissylenguyen robert pattinson awkwardly (but still charmingly) tries to stretch the show saying to fans to 'enjoy the rest of the movies and stuff'

@myRobPattinsonTwilight sweeps TCA with 11 awards! Pics and vids coming later.

@RPattzWho Rob says he was asked 2 stretch show longer but he doesn't know what to say. And of course the audience screams entire time!!!

@theawfultruth rob and kristen just left together in black navigator!!

@RobPattzNews So Rob and Kristen won the kiss award but was crammed into that hurrah 4Twilight peeps acceptance speech?.. tricky TCAs.

@myRobPattinson Taylor swift just walked by rob smiling all sheepish but we know that bitch was fangirling on tha inside!!

@mileycyrus Gave hug 2 Rob Pattinson today. Ok girls I get it now. So cute. Sorry "Robby" bout all my bashing in past

Go HERE for a full list of Rob Tweets.


Choice Movie Drama
Angels & Demons
Slumdog Millionaire
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Twilight - WIN!!!!!!!!!!

Choice Movie Romance
He’s Just Not That Into You
Confessions Of A Shopaholic
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
Twilight - WIN!!!!!!!!!!

Choice Movie Actor Drama
Brad Pitt - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Channing Tatum - Fighting
Dev Patel - Slumdog Millionaire
Hugh Jackman - Australia
Robert Pattinson - Twilight — WIN!!!!!!!!!!

Choice Movie Liplock
Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson - Twilight - - WIN!!!!!!!!!!
Frida Pinto & Dev Pate l- Slumdog Millionaire
Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron - High School Musical 3: Senior Year
Miley Cyrus & Lucas Till - Hannah Montana: The Movie
Owen Wilson & Marley - Marley & Me

Choice Male Hottie
Jonas Brothers
Zac Efron
Chace Crawford
Taylor Kitsch
Robert Pattinson - WIN!!!!!!!!!!

We will update will all the surfboard wins of the evening when they come around.
Please remember this show airs tomorrow @ 8PM EST. Check your local listings for the time it airs near you, or you can go to Fox.com and look it up for channel and time.

Thanks to Spunk Ransom and RobertPattinsonLife for the Twitter Updates and info.


RPLover said...

Dani, you seriously rock tonight! thanks for all this...I just couldn't wait until tomorrow ;)

Sam said...

hot damn!!!! did we think anything less would happen - go Twilight go Rob!!!

Sam said...

hey i know this has been addressed in the past few weeks- but it never happened to me so i did not pay attention..but now i am having trouble clicking on the posted "here' links and it taking me to a page that says i need to have a pass word or something. Could someone email me and tell me what i need to do.. i keep getting a link to a livejournal something and need a password??

thanks in advance! help!


Dani said...

Hey Sam on the click HERE links they mean that it is a Live Journal page like RobertPattinsonLife. You have to sign up for Live Journal and request to be a member of their LJ. It is pretty easy and I really recommend becoming a member you can access all the Rob goodies they post and since it is such a LARGE community it is one of the first places updated with pictures/articles/news/magazine scans etc.

bbonin said...

Godze: Love the new banner! Esp the one Rob looks pissed with that cig in his face! Ha ha!

On other note, congrats on the wins...of course! ;)

Dani said...

Alright Kiddos I am off to bed, Gozde will be on later to pick up where Kate and I have left off. Its only 10 before 7am in Istanbul so lets not expect poor Goz up any time soon.

Thanks for all the help tonight ladies and I hope you all have a fabulous evening/day depending on your location.

rpattz-turn-me-on said...

OMG iam so happy for rob and twilight

Tangerine said...

Love you all, Dani, Kate, and especially Gozde. Have been a lurker for so long but need to express my appreciation for all that you do!

RobaliciousLover said...

THANK YOU! Thank you thank you thank you!

AW said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RobaliciousLover said...

Just think how awkward Taylor must have felt with the 1st seating arrangement. I mean you have two poeple who are questionably (definately) a couple talking to each other behind you. He was sitting in between Rob & Kristen. That must have been so weird. haha! Poor Taylor. Summit should no better than try to split up Robsten.

Marna said...

Dani, I already have an LJ account, but I can't figure out how to join RobertPattinsonLife, I can't even find them. Can you give me a little more help?

Marna said...

Never mind, I finally tracked them down. They're called Pattinson Life on LJ.

rpattz-turn-me-on said...

kristen looked beautiful tonight

and she seemed happier tonigt than at comic con

i wonder why?

heather said...

I'm disappointed (for me), that they didn't have the kiss award separately. But I guess it was good for Rob and Kris having a little less stress put on them.

ROB PATTINSON for Dummies said...



Aitch said...

I'm sorry but Rob Pattinson just seems SO out of place there---at the TCA. His age for one thing. I envision him as being or more mature or sophisticated or something... I can't get into the "vote for Rob" campaigns on the web sites. I don't think he likes it even though he acts gracious on the outside.
I am not trying to offend anyone ( as Carrie Prejean would say.)

crazylife said...

Just a thought, Maybe Kristen had issues before. She is happy now she and Rob are going to Vancouver. A little more quite perhaps than LA. I know if I were Kristen I would be the happiest girl on the planet right now!!!

Treasure_7 said...

I really am happy to hear of all their successes!!

rpattz-turn-me-on said...

yes its a teenage award show but they are the people who buy the tickets

and rob is not that old what about the other celebs that are there older than him

Georgie said...

This Twilight phenomenon is not going to go away for ages yet; the 4 Twi books are still the top selling books in Australia. Summit will milk this for all it's worth. Surely they will have to cut R&K some slack soon!

Maryann said...

I have just seen the pictures, YAY for Twilight and Rob but yeah I wonder if he kinda feels abit out of place in the Teen world but hey they're good sports and takes it for fun. It is a fan's choice awards so I guess they take it as a token of appreciation of their work. Which it is.

Rob looked great but lmao he really is either short of clothes or he just likes to borrow clothes? Cos it looks like (as posted on here anyways) that he borrowed Marcu's shirt? Or was it vice versa..hmmm lmao.

Kristen looked GREAT. She sure cleans up nice. They all looked great IMO.

cutecandy said...

So I see Miley has seen the light too! Bwahahahaha she ate all her words about Rob before!

rpattz-turn-me-on said...

oh please miley was just pretending but she liked rob all along

they all want him

mostly that man eater megan fox

mya bluesky said...

here it is the full list of the winner

_ Choice Movie Action Adventure: "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."

_ Choice Movie Drama: "Twilight."

_ Choice Movie Bromantic Comedy: "Marley & Me."

_ Choice Movie Comedy: "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian."

_ Choice Movie Chick Flick: "27 Dresses."

_ Choice Movie Horror/Thriller: "Friday the 13th."

_ Choice Movie Music/Dance: "High School Musical 3: Senior Year."

_ Choice Movie Hissy Fit: Miley Cyrus, "Hannah Montana: The Movie."

_ Choice Movie Actor Drama: Robert Pattinson, "Twilight."

_ Choice Movie Actress Drama: Kristen Stewart, "Twilight."

check more at

mya bluesky said...

if im not wrong, then twilight win all of the nomination that they were nominated. it's said they won 11 of 12, but actually nikki and ashley are put in same nomination..so twilight win all of their nomination i think.

Shani said...

Loved the tweets. They were really good tonight.

Mechevpao said...

having fun reading the entire list.. they won all that were nominated for.... uff, so many teens voting (NOT) wonder how many of those votes were from people that took some years off... mmm?

Sam said...


i am a member of theirs cause i went to sign up and it said welcome back lesamara. So thats what is throwing me off?? i don't get it- so what di i do when i get sent there??

AW said...

Hope all is ok with your family, Gozde. My best.

"there is always light"

Anonymous said...

totally sweeped it!

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