Melissa Rosenberg Talks about New Moon and "Chemistry"

Twilight Saga Screen Writer Geena Davis Melissa Rosenberg talked to Entertainment Tonight Online about the "chemistry", Rachelle Lefevre and what New Moon set was like.

Here is a random photo from Twilight premiere cause I'm bored of posting the same Kristen-Melissa-Rob photo :)

Nikki: Dude, you were standing between Rob and Catherine, what happened?
Kristen: She kept trying to reach over and touch Rob. I had to move.
Rob: Catherine did you just pinch my ass?
Catherine: I did, it's WILD isn't it? :))
Melissa: Am I looking at the right camera?

And onto ET Online's interview:

ET: What can you tell us about 'New Moon' and 'Eclipse'?

Melissa Rosenberg: It becomes bigger in scope. The first film was really a small romance in a way. There was the battle with James (Cam Gigandet) at the end. That was as big as it got. With 'New Moon,' we have the werewolf clan, we have the Vulturi -- and in 'Eclipse,' there is an epic battle, so with every book, with every episode of the movie, it gets grander in scope, which is fun to write. What was great about that, too, is with the small story and the characters ... to be able to grow with it and track it through, it has really been a great pleasure.

ET: Are you writing for the chemistry between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?

Melissa Rosenberg: When I wrote 'Twilight,' I didn't know who was starring in it, so I wrote in a vacuum. There was some rewriting that had to be done when we knew who they were, because I had started with more of a comedic edge and it wasn't appropriate for those actors and the tone. I lean toward the dark comedy, witness "Dexter." So, going into 'New Moon' and 'Eclipse,' I knew who I was writing for. I knew who the characters were and what their voices were. It got even easier with 'Eclipse.' [Author] Stephenie Meyer's created the character's chemistry; and those two actors brought so much chemistry. I don't think the movies would have been so successful without those two actors and their chemistry. 'Twilight' was beautifully cast.

ET: What was the set of 'New Moon' like?

Melissa Rosenberg: 'New Moon' was one of the happiest sets I have ever been on. The guy who picked me up, said, "This is a great set. [Director] Chris Weitz is a genius. It is so wonderful." I was, "Okay, dude, you are overselling." But I got on the set and it was just delightful. You can tell when it is uncomfortable and they are not connecting. Chris Weitz is just a Zen master. I went to him and I was, "You are so cool and calm. And everyone is so cool and calm." He said, "You have no idea what it is going to cost me." My husband is a director and I know what it costs him. You have to tamp down every ounce of panic and frustration in order to project this calmness. I hope Chris got a good vacation between production and post.

ET: What do you think of the recasting of Rachelle Lefevre?

Melissa Rosenberg: I love Rachelle, but Bryce Dallas Howard? It was a shame, but I think Rachelle will go on to do brilliant things. I just love her. I am sure Bryce will be great.

ET: There is a fourth book. Will the franchise continue?

Melissa Rosenberg: I can't imagine Summit letting that go. Right now we are focused on 'Eclipse.' We are just about to start. I imagine there will be discussions.

Source: Entertainment Tonight Online


Mommamary said...

Goz, you crack me up! The captions you wrote for that picture are perfect! And I am with you on the absence of "I Love You" in Twilight. Left a big gaping hole in it for me.

rpattzgirl said...

I can't stand MR-

I am crossing fingers on NM-I think Chris kept it great...

Very concnerned over Eclipse...don't want DS to make it a horror movie & not love story..

MR better have lots of kisses & sexual tension!

Yvonne said...

hahahahaha @ the tags....perfect!!

Was that a little ??? about BDH as Victoria from Melissa Rosenberg? Did she sound unconvinced, or was I reading it wrong?

The chemistry onscreen between R and K is undeniable, which is what will make NM and the rest of the saga so amazing to watch. I can't wait. Hopefully the rest of the team does their job and doesn't screw up the stories....stick to the book people!

SeamusDuncan said...

Oh, Goz, I thought Catherine was smitten with Rob, too. A huge COUGAR, and not the least bit subtle. I wondered if she made him sleep with her to get the job. She is always talking about how he is the most beautiful man in the world. (Well, he is, but, I'm just saying...)

I also wonder if the Rachelle situation is really settled. As much as I don't like a lot of the characters I've seen her play, her interviews are wonderful and I know I would like her in person. She does nasty really well, but then seems so down to earth when not in character.

There was a lot more kissing in the Twilight book than the movie. She even noticed a pattern when he kissed her really hard, bad things were about to happen. Ditto on the "I Love You"s.

Gozde said...

I think EVERYONE loved Rachelle and they are a bit miffed at what happened. All interviews point towards: I can't talk, I'm under contract.

cutecandy said...

Hiya Gozde, your pic interpretation is on the bull gets me each time LOL!

Haystackhair said...

Goz you are a crack up. Great captions. I hope they got the message loud and clear that there needs to be more kissing and I love you's- seems they did from the small amounts we've seen. I am a bit nervous for Eclipse, but if NM is as good as I think it will be, hopefully they will stick with the formula of FOLLOW THE BOOK! still sad about Rachelle.

JandR said...

time to fess up - how many of you read New Moon in a frenzy to get through it and find Edward again at then end??? lol Team Edward all the way and Team Rob ever since. Can't wait to see NM but I think Eclipse will be my favourite. I did especially love reading Midnight Sun though... so sad it didn't get finished :-(

mya bluesky said...

Goz it's so hilarious...
btw im a little bit worry about Breaking Dawn...will they ever make it into a movie??? i think summit has to find another big movie company to work with them in BD.

rpattzgirl said...


I skipped to the end of NM because I was so distraught-then had to go back and read all the Jacob stuff..almost didn't finish the book because I was so heartbroken..

They will totally make Breaking doubt about it...just how many parts will there be?

RPaddict said...

Picture captions were halarious.

JandR-Forget the frenzy I went straight to the last part of the book to make sure Edward was there...that was after I picked the book back up from pitching it across the Then I read the whole thing.

I'm still fumming at the lack of "I love you's" in Twilight.
CH half assed excuse of "Edward showed her in a lot of different ways that it didn't need to be said," was crap.

rpatzgirl-I'm scard for Eclipse to. Yes there is a big battle scene but this book has so much emtion for, Edward, Bella, and Jacob. Their relationships are defined and I just want that to be conveyed. I don't want it to just be about the "vampire army and warewolf fight.It's my favorite book in the series.

Anonymous said...

I think most of us couldn't wait till Edward returned in NM. NM is my least favorite book of the saga. I kept flipping forward to see when he was going to return. The 2nd time reading it went faster since I knew when Edward was returning.

Eclipse is my favorite one too, I hope that DS does it justice.

Hey if Chris W did such a good job of directing NM as they say he did then maybe they'll bring him back for BD?

Mommamary said...

I agree, Eclipse was my favorite too. There is so much to portray, the struggle between Edward and Bella to find compromises, the security they each have in their love for each other, no more doubts until she is torn over letting Jacob down, the dialogue b/t Edward and Jacob about Bella, and THE PROPOSAL! That is the most romantic of the books, I think, and I hope it is done well. I am not feeling very secure of this new director so far. Time will tell.

Ana73 said...

goz - loved your captions for the picture, priceless :)

i also feel they loved each other so much more in the book of twilight then what was shown in the movie :(

i skipped to the end of new moon to make sure edward did come back and then i back tracked.

eclipse if my favorite too - SM i feel wrote this one the best with all the back stories.

i think breaking dawn will be one movie, i am sure they all want to be done with twilight series, the sooner the better to move on with their careers. when you really think about it, it can be done in one movie.

A said...

@Yvonne: I think she is convinced. The issue of casting actors other than leads can be different from the writer's perspective, even if they respect and like the actor.

showme said...

LOL on the tags, esp the CH one

Niharika said...

JandR-after I read where Edward left In new Moon, I skipped to the back and read there to make sure he does come back, then i went back and read the full thing :P.

Loved your tags and the thing with the picture although i think rob would say arse not ass, i can't hear him saying ass

Haystackhair said...

Niharika, go to that interview where he says "kiss my ass" LOL. Sounds lovely in his accent.

Haystackhair said...

And I actually liked NM (I never doubted Edward would be back). I actually half thought the voice was him somehow secretly there for a while when reading it. it was so intense, and showed how intensely they loved each other. I loved the parts when Bella would try not to think about Edward. I actually liked Jake in this book, because I knew he didn't stand a chance, but he was so nice to her. He annoyed the heck out of me in Eclipse, although that is my favorite next to twilight. I thought he was a selfish jerk in Eclipse. Bella never led him on IMO, he just kept pushing to make her feel guilty. OK, deep breaths, it's just a book, it's just a book. LOL.

loviskruse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Haystackhair I totally agree with you about New Moon, and I thought Edward was there too, it took me awhile to understand that it really just was her brain.

ghostgirl said...

gozde u rock..u'r so funny really thank god for ur tags and that talking photo...i was really having a terible day!!thanks
like u said CH is cooku!!but who can blame her if rob is around

RPlover said...

I've now read NM three times and the third time I could FINALLY slow down through the middle-the second time I was speed reading just as frantically as the first time! haha

After all the comic-con stuff I am totally crushing on Chris Weitz! I really hope they have him back for Breaking Dawn, and in his interviews he sounded interested...

We'll have to see about the Eclipse director, he better not screw it up!! the Robkats will get him! lol

Leann said...

Haystack and Lovis---I did the same thing reading NM! I really thought Edward was secretly there, checking up on Bella. I wasn't sure he was all in her head until the end.

I knew Edward would be back, so I was able to get through the book okay. I did like Jake a lot in NM as well. And I felt like Edward and Bella NEEDED that test of their love. There had to be conflict and loss in order for their love to grow and strengthen. How can you have a heart-breaking reunion without a devastating break-up first? That scene in the Montepulciano square is going to be so epic, so over-the-top...I cannot wait to see it!

Athena said...

Gozde! I looooooooooove your captions!!!! :D

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