Rob Pattinson on Cover of OK Philippines

Ok so for once I agree with something on the cover of Ok magazine. Yes you hear me right. The September issue of Ok Philippines has ""Robert Pattinson- Most Beautiful Star" and it's SO right!!

Kate: It's not a new interview and is more a mish mash of old interviews but parts of it are cute so here you go!

Robert Pattinson and his friends were trying to have a quiet lunch, in a restaurant they chose because no one else was dining there at the time. But fans and paparazzi quickly came in hordes and all of a sudden, Rob’s quiet lunch turned into a huge media event!“We were in this place for a couple of hours and suddenly there were like three or four hundred people outside on the street,” Rob tells OK!.. “It was just so nuts and it’s like that all the time now. There was no one else in the restaurant at the time and I remember looking outside and thinking, ‘What are you doing?’’’It’s been a year since Rob was first thrust into the Twilight spotlight as the eternally young 108-year-old vampire Edward Cullen but he still has to get used to all the intense- and at time crazy- attention towards him. “It’s still so sort of new,” he confesses. “But I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can.”

In this exclusive interview, Rob shares with OK! his thoughts about his quick rise to fame, being beaten –in karaoke!- by fellow sexy actor Hugh Jackman, and why he doesn’t want his own creations to be included in future Twilight soundtracks.

Do you feel like you’re living in a parallel universe sometimes, what with all the media frenzy caused by the huge success of Twilight?
I don’t know what my real life is any more. I have to do this [acting] every day so I guess this is my real life anyway.

How are you handling it all?
I hope all right. I don't really know how I'll be in the long run about it. When the second one[The Twilight Saga:New Moon} comes out, then I'll see how I am then. But right now I can still ignore things to quite a big extend and kind of pretend they're not really happening.

It must be overwhelming at times.
It is. It's crazy, believe me, when young girls come up and say stuff to you like they're going to do this or that if you don't turn up at their school ... But I think the lucky thing is that I didn't set out to achieve anything so it's quite easy to deal with, and the only thing you have to deal with is the actual new lifestyle. My brain isn't changing, I think. It's people around you who change or who treat you differently.

Sequel Talk.Rob talks about bequeathing the spotlight (sort of) New Moon.

In the book version of New Moon, your character Edward isn't in many of the scenes. But in the movie, Edward constantly appears in the dreams of Kristen Stewart's character Bella.
Yes I am, but I'm very much not the lead. It's Taylor[Lautner as werewolf Jacob, Edward's competition for Bella's heart] who's the lead and the dream stuff is very subtle. I'm a supporting role in it, which is why i felt so free. I don't have to hold the movie at all.You look like you're very happy indeed about that.I am. It's so much less pressure.

So lots more ass-kissing?
Yeah. [laughs]It's weird, you know, your parents reading interviews and stuff about you. because they relate to you on a different level and I want them to still just be my parents.

If your parents ever ask you for your autograph, you know you're in trouble.
[Laughs] Oh, that would be weird.

How do your friends back home handle everything that's happened to you? Do they still treat you the same way?
Yeah, they take the piss out of me all the time and they've always been like that so our relationship's the same. I think the thing is that people expect you to change and when you show them that you haven't, then it's all good. I've been friends with them for a long, long time so whatever's happening on the work front is not going to change that. they're just not so used to people following us when we go out or something. But they're very protective towards me. So yeah, it's all good.

Were you ever worried about you or your friends changing?
Yeah, in the beginning, if I'm being completely honest. You hear stories from other people about how those around them changed [when they became successful] and all that so I was scared that it would affect my friendships. But i don't take any of it seriously so [my friends] don't either. It's just a job; I love girls screaming out for Edward not Robert.

Which actors do you admire?
It's difficult to say out of new actors. I mean, I like Ryan Gosling's career a lot and I think Christian Bale's. I like alot of choices. Of course, I'm a huge fan of Jack Nicholson because Jack Nicholson did good movies his entire career.

Is it true you used to impersonate him as a child?
Yeah. Pretty embarrassing now.Have you met him yet?No. If I ever do, I'm sure I'll make a complete idiot of myself.

How did you get into acting in the first place?
It was kind of weird because I wasn't one of those kids that danced around the living room. I was quite shy and one day my dad and I were in a restaurant and all these gorgeous ladies girls came in.And went up to them and asked them where they'd been and they'd just been to an acting class. And from then on my dad kept on at me to sign up for some classes. I think he's quiet a creative person but he never got the change to express it. My sister is a songwriter and he loves that because he never got to do that, and I think he was really into me being an actor and sort of having that experience for him. It sounds weird when I say it but it's not.

How did you handle it when Rolling stone magazine put you on top of their Hot List last year?
It's funny because I know those people. Like you meet the editor and you're like, "That's the guy who chose me."

Where do you live now?
I kind of wherever I need to be.

Can you live a normal life wherever you are?
It's a bit tricky. In L.A. it's really tough. In London, it's a bit easier because I have my group of friends. It's only bad when you're like by yourself or with one other person. If you have like ten people around you, it doesn't make any difference because then you have a cocoon and you can have a completely normal evening because I don't think people want to come up to you when there's a whole group of people [with you]. It's more intimidating if you're out having dinner with someone, then you get people coming up to you all night. Although as I said, they [fans] will trail us, which my mates find weird.

You sound like you're able to keep your sudden fame in perspective.
I guess my parents raised me to be pretty level-headed and also[the fame] is from a character that's already written and people transferred their affection for that onto the film, so I can't really claim anything.It didn't come out of nowhere. Not that I knew it was such a popular character, but no one was screaming for me before, so they're screaming for Edward[now], not me. And some people do scream "Edward' so in that way it's easier to be a bit separate from it all and in that way you see it as a job. Like to have them screaming at you is part of the job.
You don't think, "Oh they're all screaming for me, Robert you hear that[puffs out chest]'?
So no, that doesn't happen. They want Edward, not me. I still find it hard to get a date. [Laughs]

So, you're not dating your costar Nikki Reed[plays Rosalie Cullen]?
No Comment. [laughs]

Are you single?
No comment. [laughs]

You're going to film a movie called Unbound Captives with fellow hearthrob Hugh Jackman.
[Laughs] Yeah, hopefully the girls will be screaming at him for a change and leave me alone. He's really cool. We did karaoke in Japan. He was promoting Australia there. It was him and [director] Baz Luhrman. [They] were singing ABBA songs, it was pretty funny.

What were you singing?
I was singing ABBA songs as well. It was sort of an ABBA song sing-off, you know, last man standing.

Who won?
I think, he[Hugh] did only because he can drink more than me and still sing in tune. He's a cool guy and I'm really looking forward to [the movie] It's an amazing script and I think it's really different to stuff he's done as well because he's not really too macho in it, even though he's playing a cowboy. It's a ghost of a cowboy and he's like a wreck and I don't think he's played that in a while.



Unknown said...

The September issue of Ok Philippines has ""Robert Patitnsion- Most Beautiful Star" and it's SO right!!

I think you get a little too excited over there. :)

Temptation said...

Did you read that Ladies Rob still finds it hard to get a date ????


DesiEnM said...

is this interview real? its OK magazine so i don't know..

Athena said...

Being OK, I'm not even sure it's a real interview (although it does sound like Rob), but if it is:

"They want Edward, not me."

Dearest Rob, I beg to differ on that.

Mrs. Spunk Ransom ;) said...

"Still find it hard to get a date"

What world do you live in Mr. Pattinson?!

LK said...

First of all,we're talking about OK magazine.So take all this with a grain of salt.Second,what was that question about Nikki Reed and Rob's "no comment"?This point makes me think the interview is fake!At least some pieces are.I'm positive!

Kate said...

LOL Mae! Thanks ;-)

I think it's a mish mash of a few different interviews. I've heard all the bits before!

Rhonda said...

They asked about Nikki, and not Kristen? Interesting. Still wish there was video of he & Hugh doing karaoke.

monika said...
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JandR said...

an Abba Karaoke sing off between drunk Rob and drunker Hugh - now that's comething we all wanna see! LMAO

monika said...

@DesiEnM, it's recycled, like all interviews in such crappy magazines, it's OK! after all:) I doubt at this point he would grant any of such trashy mags an interview.
I read some of those answers ages ago in other interviews, also they wouldn't be asking him about Nikki if it was new lol

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

If this interview really happened (in one sitting with Ok! or with another publication, or bits and pieces culled from different mags), then it/all happened early this year. We've seen pieces of this interview picked up by other publications and sites.

He's very humble. We all know that. But it’s nice (for me) to be reminded of it. That's one of his many positive character traits that I love. (Kudos to his parents.) He said he "..can't really claim anything." We all know he's a great contributor to the success of the Twilight. (And Summit agrees; they're now paying him $12 mil per picture!)

In the context of this old interview, here's another proof that Rob is a real gentleman: When the interviewer asked him point-blank “So you’re not dating your co-star Nikki” after he said he "still find it hard to get a date", he answered correctly - "no comment".

I doubt people are screaming for Edward now. We love Rob Pattinson the person. I hope he does not change. (Rather, I hope he does not change much. Again, let's review the '13 Reasons Why Girls [and Women] Love Robert Pattinson". Haha, this has become a good point of reference.)

Cindeeloo said...

OK....Why is it that sometimes I feel guilty loving him as much as I do??? :{

@ then I read bits and pieces of interviews like this and it makes me love him even more :}

I'm just hopeless!

Cindeeloo said...

@ Thansa, I think I need to review that ( 13 reasons why smart girls love Robert Pattinson) Do you have the link?

Suz said...

You can tell how old this "news" is.. Nikki Reed? lmao

He hit dat and quit dat..

(allegedly, of course!)

Karina said...

aw, how cute, the Filipino version of OK! is like two years behind in normal OK! trashy gossip. It will take another 2 years before they find out in the Philipines they are engaged!lol

RPLover said...

huh, agreeing with OK! just wrong...LMAO

that's a hot outtake on the first inside scan, don't think I've seen that one before!

and, he did not give them an interview, right? can't imagine him doing that-how is it that they can claim it as theirs? aren't there some sort of rules to follow about flat out lying about your source?!

Unknown said...

@Kate no problem. I <3 your blog. :)

Yeah, I think It's bits and pieces of interviews he did in the past.


"They want Edward, not me."

I beg to differ too! We both want you! But because you're real and not a fictional character, well.. Let's just say girls go gaga over you. 'Nuff said. :)

Unknown said...

This interview is a mixture old quotes taken out of context or altered and fake quotes. It's Ok!, would anyone expect anything less?

Gozde said...

Oh dear, I AGED reading her long ass blog post. Damn girl! It was boring & jaded.

Before you all lose your time:
She didn't even MEET Rob. Rob didn't dance...(I'm shocked!, lol :)

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to have seen the karaoke ABBA sing off between Rob and Hugh! Especially since they were both drinking!! It was probably a blast for them!! Makes me excited to see UC with them. I think Hugh will be a great influence on Rob because he's such a nice guy. I loved that they hugged at the MTV Movie awards.

skorpia said...

take a chance on me ROb-buggery bullocks!

AP said...
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rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Can't get a date? Have looked on this site rob? You'd have no problem!

God I love that he's still so Rob!

Anonymous said...

"It's Edward not me"
It's YOU Rob. I've never seen so beautiful creature. Every gesture, thought... Completely captivating. Unique DNA indeed. We love you because of who you are. And we are grateful.

Haystackhair said...

Um, Rob, no honey, it's you, not Edward!

Unknown said...

@Cindeeloo - Here you go..enjoy :)

If that does not work, try googling "13 Reasons Why Smart Girls Love Robert Pattinson" - written by one of the eXaminer writers, Connie Ann Kirk.

bonemama said...

I think some of it is made up and other comments from other interviews like Kate said. And as far as him dating Nikki and Kristen. How does that feel when the all get together in a room. Are they looking at each other like well how did he do it with you? If thats the case what sort of man are we all in love with? (a drunk comment)

MMc said...

hmmmmmm no comment to dating Nikki???

and no comment to are you single?

what's up with that?

He kept saying girls scream for Edward not "me" so I can separate myself. That's not entirely true is it? Most of the women really are crazy for Rob too!!

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