Robert Pattinson in Slovenian Magazines

Bravo (Slovenia) - Sep 17th 2009

Front page: Who's in charge, Rob or Taylor - love triangle - exclusive interview with the stars of Twilight
Pages 2 and 3: New actress on the set of eclipse - Rachelle Lefevre fired - Jackson Rathbone is in love with Bryce Dallas Howard. (Gozde: Ummm, say what? They are probably referring to an old interview where Jackson named Bryce as his celebrity crush. Way to rehash it when she is a married mom and his co-star)
Pages 4, 5 and 6 : New moon is an action movie - characters of Bella, Taylor and Edward have evolved - emotional turmoil - Rob's role is supporting - Taylor's dedication to keep the role of Jacob and his transformation to a man - they hang out together in their free time - the fame is really annoying, they love their fans but sometimes they wish to be unnoticed.
Favourite Twilight books: Taylor: Eclipse, when the real action starts;
Rob: New Moon, I am fascinated by the tragic reality Bella has to endure;
Kristen: New moon, because Bella has to play so many different roles.

Obrazi - September 3rd 2009

With 15 kilograms ( 30lb) against Pattinson?

Taylor is more and more popular, will he endanger Robert Pattinson - he gained 15 kilograms to secure his role in sequel of Twilight - he will be walking the red carpet premieres along with Kristen and Rob.

With his new body, Taylor would easy win a fight over 6 years older and slimmer co-star Pattinson, the main question is, will he win over Rob as one of the hottest and adored male stars in the world. Robert is the king or at least the prince of many "the sexiest guy" charts around the world. His sex appeal was confirmed when he played Edward in the Twilight.

The sequel will be interesting, Edward and Jacob will fight for the love of Bella. We will have to wait to see, whose fan base will be bigger at the end of this year.

A BIG thanks to Darja for scanning and translating these for us :)


rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

One of my fav Rob photos! Actually, they're all my fav.

RPLover said...

"We will have to wait and see whose fan base is bigger at the end of the year."

Are they for real?! and if I have to hear about Taylor gaining 30 pounds one more frickin' time...!

that is such a good photo of Rob :}

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

couldn't agree more!

Taycob is not on the same planet as Rob...

Kathy#1 said...

Ok, i'm sorry but i cannot see Taylor ever eclipsing Rob in the hotness, sexiness and overall popularity from all women. I suspect Rob would be more than happy to give up that role to Taylor though. Poor him...but don't want him stalked...Rob that is.

Unknown said...

I don't think Taylor would ever gain the same popularity as Rob's..he might be getting more popular with the teens, that's probably cuz they'd think he's more reachable than Rob and same age as them..but Rob has that appeal to a wider audience.

He doesn't even need looks (or muscles)to prove his appeal, and he definitely doesn't need to work his butt off in the gym to get tons of attention,heck all he needs is to flip that damn sexy hair using those sexy long fingers and everybody in that same room goes crazy. And get is much sexier to be asked "to bite" someone than to be asked "to growl" at someone.(get that taylor??)

Ana @ Ana na S said...

Uau, that is sooo cool. Im from Slovenia and I didnt expect this post!!! :D

Carole UK said...

Yes, I get a little bored hearing aboutTaylor's 30 pounds in weight, too.

Even so, well done boy, but you're nowhere near in the same league as Rob.

womadsart said...

It will always be Robert. It's not about how cute and buff you are. Rob is special, sexy, misterious, has a personality that no one has, he is the SEXIEST, HOTTEST human being on earth and will remain for quite some time!!!! There. I stand by that! :)

RPnKSaddict said...

Saw a poll on vanity fair site between Rob and Taylor. Rob's ahead by 75% DUH!
I know I sound 12 but there's not contest in my mind.

That black and white picture is to die for.

Haystackhair said...

Gene transplant is right Goz (LMAO!). Not even close.

latuacantante. said...

wow, a whole post dedicated to Slovenian magazines! It's kinda strange to me becuase I thought that people don't have a clue about where Slovenia is, and now i see a whole article about it! thanks to gozde, kate and darja (which i do not know and would really like to get to know her)for posting this and for helping us being more recognizable around the world (even if people know us only by magazines full of bullshit about rob:)) --> rpattz fans of the world unite! :)

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