Robert Pattinson on Saturday Night Live?

Yes please :)

From E! Online:

The Funny Three—that would be Seth Meyers, Andy Samberg and Kristen Wiig—all want a piece of Robert Pattinson. But really, who doesn't?

On the red carpet for the Primetime Emmy Awards, we fiercely kicked off our campaign to get Rob a hosting spot on Saturday Night Live.

He could be next year's Justin Timberlake, you follow? Well, according to the SNL crew, they want R.Pattz, too:

We know you're kicking off the season with Megan Fox, but how about getting Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson on to host?
Seth Meyers: We would love to get Robert Pattinson. How dare you tell me he's the hot guy from Twilight, like I don't already know!

Seth Meyers, closet Twilight, or maybe just Rob Pattinson fan. We love it! So the powers that be at SNL would be into Rob hosting?
Yes, absolutely.

Think of all the ridiculous skits you could do with him. The possibilities are endless! That hair...
We're actually hoping if [Rob's] not available, at least his hair will come by and host.

If you all didn't already heart the adorable Seth Meyers, bet you Twi lovers do now! Kristen Wiig is totally into the idea too.

We're campaigning for Rob to host SNL this season. Will it happen?
Kristen Wiig:
Oh! I don't know. I don't know about that yet!

Would you give him the A-OK?
Oh yeah, he'd be great!

Two more to go. Andy Samberg, whom we just want to snuggle, was busy making his way inside, but not before giving Rob the thumbs-up. Literally. When we asked A.S. real fast if he thought Pattinson would be able to hold his own on SNL, Andy gave the thumbs-up, nodded his head and mouthed, yessss.

You reading us, Rob? Get your handlers to start chatting with the honchos over at Saturday Night Live stat! You're wanted, not only by the crew over there, but by the people, too...right you all?


DesiEnM said...

this is from Ted C right? tee hee. sorry what was the topic? oh yeah Rob in, er, i don't know, i just feel that he would vomit before he has to go up in the stage...for real. i actually am obsessed with him and comedic together...he has a great sence of humor, but i think he'd be better in 30 rock...yes Tina, PLEASEEE??

Anna said...

Yes please!

I'd be terrified for him, but it could be amazing :)

PS: if Sarah Palin could do it, Rob can do it too.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the hysteria that would happen if he would host SNL? OMG, they would have to have bodyguards lining the stage. I think he would do a fantastic job at it, his comedic timing is great. He's done theater before so the live audience shouldn't intimidate him too much, but who knows, it may be in his future I just don't think in the very near future though. I can see him possibly doing a surprise guest appearance though.

Suz said...





chaos (aka ferret) said...

I would love to see him do SNL. Yes the hair skits would be awesome.

Mars said...

Rob would be phenomenal! His awkwardness would just make him that much cuter to watch! Also, it wouldn't hurt the SNL crew to invite Jimmy Fallon that night... The Real Rob meets Jimmy-Rob! Hahaha, too funny! Crossing my fingers already...

Haystackhair said...


Anonymous said...

As much as I would love to see Rob do something like this....I can't see it happening...I agree with DesiEnm...he WOULD vomit LOl. He was interviewed last year on the Elvis Duran show....actually it was a video interview with someone called 'Gary' before the Elvis Duran show and he told Rob that his fans were campaigning to get him to host SNL and Rob's reaction? - 'Jesus Christ' in mock horror! So I don't hold out much hope...could be wrong though LOL

starfire09 said...

I agree with the others who said they didn't think he'd do it. Live theatre is a bit different from what he would have to do. But an appearance on any show would be fab. We rarely catch him on t.v.

Angela said...

OK. is her name seriously Kristen Wiig?

So, Rob's hair and Kristen's Wig. So many possible jokes. You guys are much more creative than me. Let's hear em.

AP said...
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rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Skits: skank attacks him in ny
the hair
bromamce skit
robsten skit
Anything twilight related- endless possibilities

Bobby, Marcus or Sam.musical guests

rob would NAIL it...Rob would vomit and probably have to be smashed to do it!

Anonymous said...

No way!! Rob said he almost fainted when he was on the Oscars telecast. He's too private to be comfortable on SNL, which by the way hasn't been consistently funny for decades. I feel the skits are mostly stupid and lame anymore. I think Rob should save his comedic skills for a future movie...or maybe another tv show, but nothing live. Did anyone see how crazy New York was just for Remember Me?! I don't see him comfortable doing an opening monologue either. I adore him but just not SNL.

thirtysomething said...

if that happened, i may just jizz in my pants ;)

T said...

I haven't watched SNL in a long time, but if Rob was on, I would tune in.

Karina said...

I would actually be nervous if he did. He's the same sweetheart who CH said had a hard time just pracicing his lines out loud and would stop half way through the first sentence to redo it! But I think he's a natural comedian.

AP said...

Haaa! Now I have vision of Rob on set stopping every third word.."Xcuse me - where's the bucket. I just have to..." followed by a hearty gulp of Heineken during which he looks cross-eyed at the prompter and squints saying “What?” - double-takes, does a quick swerve to avoid the fan who's trying to tackle him, runs hands through hair, sways, about to faint and then looks out at the crowd, finally seeing there’s an audience, and yells “Marcus, Bobby,Sam…fuck….you set me up again! You told me two people and a banjo…”

Actually – I ‘d like to see him do a Jimmy Fallon take…

RPLover said...

I would love it but I think he would hate it...can't really see him doing it, but who knows, maybe he'll surprise me!

I think a good way to ease into it would be to do the Jimmy Fallon show and do a "Bothered" skit-that would be hilarious!! Please, Rob? :)

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