How To Be Soundtrack Will be Released on April 12th

Per the Dreamboat Records Facebook page, the soundtrack for How To Be will be released on April 12th!

The How To Be soundtrack includes 4 exclusive tracks performed and sung by Art (Robert Pattinson); the much requested Hammond Song from the trailer (The Roches); tracks by the Roller Coaster Project (Ronnie, played by Johnny White); and, the beautiful original score, written by Joe Hastings and produced by Gary Moore.

Dreamboat Records says they expect the record will be available for pre-order "soon" on their website.

Source: tMF

Thanks to Aurélie for the tip :)


Anonymous said...

cannot wait, his voice melts me like butter.

crazy said...

and that's ANOTHER thing! that singing voice. how does he do it?!!!! there's no end to the splendor that is Rob. ;)
Love you Rob! ;)

Tess said...

Looking forward to this... Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I plan to see this film soon. Has anyone out there seen it?

I heard Rob as Art is very poor musically so I'm wondering how this translates into a soundtrack?

Can anyone verify this...that his character is awful musically speaking???

lovindashow said...

So much more excited about this than Twilight. Though I know that my twilight dvd is arriving tomorrow.

Is that weird?

Whatever. I don't care. I'm weird.

Divinesally said...

I have my tickets for IFC Center on the 24th of April! So friggin excited!!! I decided to take my mom after all. I am most definitely not taking Chris (bf). He's not really into Indie flicks. Neither is mom, but at least she appreciates how excruciatingly handsome he is. I had to practically rip the GQ out of her hands today while waiting for the DVD at Borders Penn Plaza. There were about 400 people there. Edi signed most of the copies and I got one. You know we were disappointed it wasn't Rob, but Edi is a very cool dude, answered all our questions had fun, and was very funny. Very down to earth dude. He's very charming in person.

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