Little Ashes - New Scenes with Translation

This is the video I posted yesterday. We now have the translation thanks to Diana, Britanny, Little Ashes Spanish blog and Little Ashes Promotional Blitz.

The scene decides the more open sense of the word and it occurred in real life. Residencia de Estudiates, Madrid, 1922. Federico Garcia Lorca enters a room, Luis Buñuel presents Salvador Dali. Three geniuses in this sequence the movie called Little Ashes and its about the complicated, intense, passionate and historical relationship between these three giants of our culture. Javier Beltrán stars as Garcia Lorca in this film that is directed by the British Paul Morrison.

Javier: "Unravel how he was as a person, not just the myth and the legend. We had to strip off the wall, the masks of the myth and the legend."

Buñuel is also the star of this exposition. Private photos, family photos or with friends that of course being friends with Buñuel are not just any friends. Film and expositions are two good excuses to keep away from the bad weather that has come over us. An unwelcome guest has arrived, the rain. The rain that always has the virtue of putting everything on backwards.

P.S.: I just saw that "satellite" translated it for us in the comments section yesterday. I usually can not read all the comments so I missed it but thanks so much Satellite! ROBsessed readers are just awesome!


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