Rachelle, Edi, Kellan talk New Moon and Rob

Fear.net has a lengthy interview with Edi Gathedi, Rachelle Lefevre and Kellan Luts. You can read the whole thing at their site. It;s a great interview, they are all so personable and fun!

Here are the parts about Rob:

How have you all of you guys perceived the attention you've been getting? Do you find you have it a bit easier than Robert and Kristen or do you still feel like you're drowning in it?

GATHEGI: A little easier? No man, I can't imagine what they're going through. Jokingly, I think Rob can't leave the house without full security detail. He's full-blown A-lister, presenting at the Oscars. He's getting it bad. It comes with the territory though. It's an icon right now, a full blown pop-culture phenomenon, this movie. I personally can fly a bit under the radar since I look different in person than I do in the film. I'm not wearing huge locks. I think people are starting to know who I am but my character is not big enough or significant enough to garner that kind of public attention. It's nice when I do, but I can definitely retreat and enjoy a meal at a restaurant.

Those dreadlocks. I'm going to grow them out now. [Laughs.] I get a table at a restaurant, they'll be like "Edi who?" "Edi dread." "Oh, This way!"
Can you talk about anything on the Twilight DVD that fans might be especially interested in?

GATHEGI: Absolutely! The suggested retail price is $13.99. [Laughs.] It releases March 20th. It's at midnight, that Friday night. It's a 2-disc featurette with commentary from the director and Rob. There's going to be music videos from Linkin Park, Paramore…

LEFEVRE: Kellan wants to invite everyone to his midnight DVD release party. [Laughs.]

Any deleted scenes to look for on the DVD?

GATHEGI: I certainly hope so. I know there's going to be 5 deleted scenes and some extended scenes in there. I'm going to watch it from beginning to end! There's a documentary on the DVD. It's a 7-part documentary, a couple minutes each, kind of following the creation of the entire process. There's a Comic Con segment where we're first exposed to the fans.

LUTZ: That'll be fun for me. Since both of you guys were there it will feel like I was there. Just to feel the craziness of what you guys told me about. It won't be the same, but still intriguing.

LEFEVRE: I'm still excited to see it because I was there, but I wasn't there. It was one of those crazy out-of-body experiences. I'm going to watch it and say, "I don't remember any of that."
Any chance you might go back to Comic Con this year with New Moon?

LUTZ: I think so. I was so bummed I thought this was the movie to make me go there.

LEFEVRE: I hope so. Maybe we'll get to go as a whole cast.


In general, how do you feel about the rumors of well-established stars joining the film series? Since you guys seem like a tight family unit at this point, are you at all apprehensive ?

GATHEGI: I think it's cool that we've been a part of something that stars are attracted to and want to be apart of.

LUTZ: Yeah that's really cool. Dakota Fanning, Madonna…

GATHEGI: That's awesome. I welcome them. The more stars we have the cooler the project can be. I'm not threatened. I've got mine, now come get yours.

LEFEVRE: I think also we spent so much time together filming, doing press, hanging out. We've really gotten to know each other. The perfect example is... Rob, for us, isn't Rob Pattinson. He's just dorky Rob. That whole thing has been an indication that it doesn't matter who comes in. We get along, we do our thing, and we have a great time. I think that energy is infectious. No matter who comes on board, even if they come from a bigger status, I think they'd be welcomed.

LUTZ: We do hazing.

LEFEVRE: I don't care who you are. We will haze you. There's no hierarchy.



...wowie! said...

Rachelle's funny..."Rob, for us, isn't Rob Pattinson. He's just dorky Rob." Love it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, i just love rachelle, but i can't stand Nikki!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yesh...dont you just love it when they say how dorky he is? lol.. its funny how the media say he is suave and aloof..but whoever knows say he is dorky, funny, charming and extemely nice...i heart him...

Nicky said...

Rachelle seems lovely and down to earth. But there is something about Nikki, on the surface, very nice and friendly but its almost TOO nice and friendly, almost fake. I dunno, I could be nuts, its just a hunch....:)

Anonymous said...

Is exactly what i'm trying to say.
Nikki doesn't seems to be honest, you know

Anonymous said...

Rachelle is great. And he is "dorky Rob" to us as well, albeit a really hot dork. ;) I must add there is more to him than dorkiness though, for sure. Love you Rob!!

...wowie! said...

Anon...and I heart him too.
I want to give him a big squishy hug!

Anonymous said...

♥♥♥ Rachelle & Edi! They are fab actors and people.

Anonymous said...

Just curious- why does Nikki seem so suspicious to everyone? Clue me in. I thought she seemed ok. Is she really famewhorish?

I did notice that she, Kristen, and Taylor (star of New Moon) were out and about.

Anonymous said...

Edi always seems so nice and straightforward. Decent fellow!

Anonymous said...

the cast is doing good with the press and they really cover each other ass..laughs...

oh well, nikki always taking seriously for rob, right??
just in my case, i didn't get why she is always the one who knew who rob really are ?? if you really best friend, you just shut up and let it flow like i don't care about the side of you, i knew my bestfriend in heart and i always keep it, it seems not like nikki,..

just keep it real here, we knew rob from media and rumors and we think he is cool and dorky but smart, yeah, true, any one with brain cells will figure it all, so what's up nikki...of course we can't chat along with robert hours to know about his other habit like what book he is now reading, gosh...but thank you for sharing your intimate nikki..

but, they all amazing cast, i just still wonder how they get into the characters so fine.. good luck ..

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