Robert Pattinson Doesn't Drink and Drive

Well I sure hope not with his self admitted "amazing" driving abilities :))

Yet another reason to love Robert Pattinson—the hearthrob uses a designated driver when he's had a few.

Last night a Celebuzz spy caught the vampire hottie at The Bar, a watering hole on the edge of Hollywood, Ca.

"He was sharing champagne with his group, passing it freely to others in the bar," the source says of the actor, who also noted RPattz was in very good spirits and, naturally, looking "very hot."

What's better? At the end of the evening, with encouragement from his crowd, Pattinson resisted driving home and accepted a ride to a friend's house.

Hopefully the star got some shut eye, as Pattinson told the group he's headed to Vancouver, BC today to begin production on New Moon, the sequel to the blockbuster Twilight.

This is the second consecutive party night for Pattinson (on the heels of a Japanese press tour), who stopped by Hollywood bistro La Poubelle on Sunday night for dinner with a group of three


Thanks to Norma for the heads up :))


Divinesally said...

Wow that picture is gonna be the death of me. *sigh
I want some damn champagne. =/

He's in good spirits. I would be too if I had people all around the world lusting over me.

Kate said...

Oh here we go again!! "It was his second night out partying"! Well ya he's going to Vancover today so he was obviously fitting in as much time as possible with hs friends! And from what I can rememeber he wasn't partying last night it was dinner but lets asay he was partying "WHAT ABOUT IT". God give him a break!!! They always love to blow things out of proportion!

Ellie said...

Yep, Kate. I totally agree with you!

Oh,, and the pic of Rob~~

Bootstrap Intern said...

Heaven forbid the man goes out two nights in a row! AND have some drinks... LOL.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited he's finally coming to Canada...granted I don't live in Vancouver, but close enough. And I'm headed to Vancouver Island next week...might have to take a side trip to Van to search for him (yeah good luck with that one lol).

Anonymous said...

lol...I spend way too much time on these sites....but I spent the most time on your LOST!! I drove from LA to the Screening of How to Be in San was cool!

Anonymous said...

So Norma~

Can you tell us about "How to Be"?

About his so-called partying...he doesn't have a home here so naturally he's going to go out! I'd be on a high, too, if I were Rob. The crazy fame part only lasts so long (until the next "new" thing comes along), so I hope Rob enjoys it. ~Chicago girl in LA.

Laura said...

I would be more than happy to be Rob's designated driver.

Hansom Ransom said...

I would say I could be his designated driver, but my driving with him in the vehicle would be equivalent to driving drunk. not such a good idea.

Anonymous said...

@ Kate & Bootstrap Intern: Looks like the American society has a serious problem with alkohol. ;-)

CoyoteUgly said...

Does Rob know how much trouble he can get himself in with that look!!

Does anyone know what happened to the Blog of Robert Pattinson Life….

Anonymous said...

What I wouldn't give to sit and have a pint with that man. What a mind I'd like to get into!

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