Robert Suggests Something and We Run to Buy It


Robert Pattinson's suggestion of Ticket to Ride by Dennis Potter makes it a newly big hit

In a few interviews, Rob Pattinson, who plays our beloved Edward Cullen from the Twilight Series, has been asked to recommend books, movies, music, etc.

Yet, it may come as a surprise to him just how much us Twilight fans take his recommendations to heart.

As of March 3, 2009, there are 21 bids on a paperback version of Dennis Potter's Ticket to Ride, a recommendation made by Rob off-handed in a few interviews. The going rate? Over $80.00.

I am no exception to this plague of RPtaz intrigue. Though I had heard of the book and wanted to buy it many years ago, I was quite intrigued to find that Mr. Pattinson so vehemently recommended it to his fans. I was able to find it for much less than the apparent going rate, though, and I'll be happy to provide a review of it very soon. is averaging $123.50 for the book, holding very few copies in stock.

And just "What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item?" Amazon asks, and answers. Well according to its own information, most of them buy the movie, the collection of books, or the movie companion. No surprise there.

It just may be that Robert Pattinson is unaware of the dazzling his non-human form can still have on us wee-humans, as I saw a few of the paperback books on sale, claiming not to be in very great condition, for a little over $200.00.

As promised, a review of the book will be up shortly to put that digging urge to know to bed for many of Robert's fans. In fact, I may even be willing to sell my book to a loyal reader at cost if they should so show the interest. That has yet to be determined.


Our Dani posted a lit of the books Rob reads. You can find them HERE.


Divinesally said...

Yup, i knew that would happen. What about Virgil, "Doomed Love?" I want a copy of that and A ticket to Ride. The Last Tango in Paris, that's a sexy movie. I started listening to James Brown, Kings of Leon and Laura Marling because he said he introduced the cast to Laura. Nikki did the same with KOL. And Rob also said when he was a young lad he would walk to school and would listen to "Cold Sweat" by Mr. Brown on his portable music device. Anything he advertises will become popular. I'm even drinking Coke more now, and I was always a Pepsi fan. Oh man, I wonder if Rob understands the loyalty he's gained from his fans. I think he does know, that's why he loves us so. He seems so happy lately when he's around his adoring followers. xoxo

Divinesally said...

Oh and by introducing, I don't mean physically meeting, what I mean is showing them music by the artists. But I'm sure you all got that, hehe.

Anonymous said...

I bought it after hearing him recommend it...I found it to be a difficult read...maybe because it's very "English"...when I finally finished I just sat there going wtf??? lol

He certainly has interesting taste in literature!


Suz said...

Rob the new OPRAH!

Suz said...
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Kathie said...

I'm sorry, I think Rob is great, I guess I am just not as obsessed as I thought ... or I am just a cheap ass, but I would not spend $200 for a book just on Rob's recommendation.

I do think that the sellers charging so much should give a finders fee/commission to Rob though.

Divinesally said...

I agree I would NEVER pay that much for a book. I'm not THAT obsessed. I'm pretty sure I can find those 2 books for cheap somewhere in the Village, in used bookshops. No worries.

Really Cori? Hmmm, I'd have to read it to find out if it's up my alley. Has anyone read Doomed Love?

luckygyrl said...

I would totally read whatever Rob recommends, if I had the time. The guy is smart, and I love that about him.

Oh, speaking of reads, WA finally had an update on LJ. Oh, was it good!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to donate my copy to anyone who wants to read it...first one to email their address can have it!


Anonymous said... ladies are quick! I have a taker so...the book is spoken for.

Perhaps, since it is a hard to find item, it would work well if everyone wh finds one just passes it on to someone else when they're finished...just a suggestion.


luckygyrl said...

That is a really nice suggestion. And a great idea. I rarely read a book more than once.

Lisa Serrano said...

Crap..... I bought this book back in November when Rob mentioned it in an interview.
I think I paid $8.00 for it.
I ordered it online, it actually came from Powell's bookstore in portland.

Huh I'm unemployed right now.....Ebay sounds like a good idea :)

bimbambom said...

of course there in poland books are unavailable :(

Anonymous said...

I wondered if Van Morrison has already sent Rob a letter of thanks, he should have noticed an increase in record sales as well.

Anonymous said...

YAY! I looked at my school's library catalog and its there!! I placed a hold on it...WHOOP WHOOP!


Tess said...

I think this is hilarious... and he'd probably scratch his head over the thought!

Some celebrities are accused of setting a bad example for their fans, but Rob seems to be single handily broadening the horizons of his..


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