TodaTeen Scans and Translation

Maira has scanned and translated the February 2009 issue of the Brazilian magazine TodaTeen for us. Obrigada babe!

Magazine: TODATEEN (
Edition: 159 – February/2009

[PAGE 8] – Short bios on the guys they think will be hotter in 2009. Besides Rob and Taylor, there are some guys from 90210, Jared Padalecki (Supernatural) and Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl).
[PAGE 68]
Ah, Robert…
Some movies have the power to bust an actor’s career. It was like that for Leo DiCaprio and Titanic, Zac Efron and High School Musical and, now, the same happens with Robert Pattinson and Twilight. Unless you are a superfan of the Harry Potter series (and have noticed that Cedric Diggory was quite cute), it’s very likely that many girls have only appreciated Rob after watching the movie that tells the love story between Edward and Bella. Hold on: Haven’t seen the movie? Nor read the book? So, check the box on the side to learn about the story. And let’s go back to Rob…
Remember this name
As we’ve told before on page 8, Rob is one of our bets for 2009. For the next few months he’ll be quite busy with the shooting of New Moon, the Twilight sequel. Besides, there are other movies with him premiering like, Little Ashes, in which he plays the surrealistic painter Salvador Dalí (his hair was dyed black for the role) and, How to Be, in which he plays a 20+ years old artist who has to deal with the challenges of growing up and firm himself up in his career.
Besides all of that, this British guy with piercing eyes and untamed hair (but that also looks great with short hair – his newest look) has already earned several comparisons to some important actors such as Jude Law. All this because not only he’s gorgeous but also very hard-working: worked out to play Edward and goes deep when studying for a role.
“The hardest thing for Robert in Twilight was to have to wear contacts”

[PAGE 69]
Yes, you already know his career is promising. But what about those “curiosities” we always want to know when we´re into a guy? Ok, here are a few:
• Some rumors say that he would be dating Nikki Reed, the actress who played Rosalie in Twilight. There are several pictures around the internet of him and Camila Belle (yes, the Jonas Brothers´ one) but he´s already said that they´re just god friends (are they?);
• He enjoys going out. And he always looks gorgeous when he does (usually dressed in t-shirt + jacket + jeans);
• Even though he is very good at the piano and the guitar and he has 2 songs (Never Think and Let me sign) on the Twilight soundtrack, Rob wants to keep investing most of his time in acting. However, on “Artist on Artist” (, talking to Hayley, from Paramore, he said he´d love to make a duet with her…;
• He does some private shows, only for friends, once in a while;
• Rob´s already said that he thinks girls are a little complicated and he´s never felt a love so intense as Edward feels for Bella;
• Before becoming an actor, he did some modeling work. Including a very odd one: “hand model” for catalogs. He thinks his hands are feminine (we don´t know if that´s true but judging by the rest of him, they must be very nice, right?).

[The red box tells the story of Twilight, which, I believe, everyone knows already, eh?]

[PAGE 70]
“At first, Rosalie was called Carol, and Jasper was called Ronald”
Stephenie´s word
It was from a hyper-realistic dream of Stephenie Meyer that Edward and Bella came out. Chapter 13 of the book, “Confessions” is exactly the author´s dream and she woke up she felt she had to start writing it. Thank God, right? With the word now, the author of Twilight and the other books of the series:
FORKS? “The first thing we worked on was the title, which in the beginning was Forks”.
NAMING THE CHARACTERS: “For my vampire, I decided to use a name that was considered romantic in the old times but has lost popularity lately. Charlotte Brönte´s Mr. Rochester and Jane Austen´s Mr. Ferrars were the characters that influenced me into naming him Edward… My leading lady was more complicated. No name I gave her sounded right. After spending a long time with her, I loved like a daughter and no name seemed right. Finally, inspired by that love, I gave her the name I was saving for my daughter… Isabella. Aff! Edward and Bella were baptized”.
VOICES: “During all this time, Edward and Bella were, literally, voices in my head. They just wouldn´t shut up. I stayed up late as much as I could, trying to put on the computer everything that was on my mind and afterwards, exhausted, I´d drag myself to bed and another conversation would start in my head. I´d hate to forget anything so I´d get up and go back to the computer. At the end I´d take a notebook and a pen to my bedside table to make notes so I could get a little sleep. It was always a challenge, in the morning, when I tried to decipher what I´d written in the dark”.
[The red box tells what is real about Twilight: Forks, the Quileutes and the High School building]

[PAGES 78 and 79]
Robert Pattinson – Chatting with the actor about Twilgiht, fame and career
TT: You and Kristen have a lot of chemistry. Do you think it´s possible to cultivate this kind of thing or you either have it or don´t?
Rob: “In a certain way I think it´s possible to cultivate it. You need to be very committed to it, but with Kristen there was definitely something from the beginning and I felt that everything was good. on the other side, if you stay in character all the time this eventually starts to show”.
TT: So this means you stayed in character?
Rob: Well, something like that. I mean, I didn´t talk too much. I thought it would be better – oh no, I´m revealing my secrets! (laughs). But I thought the best way to do this was to not say anything to the rest of the cast. So I wouldn´t talk to anyone about anything, except the movie”.
TT: Like Edward, you look a little bit off the normal standards – do you think you relate to him in that sense?
Rob: “Yes, I think I try to portray the character kind of like that, because I realized he´s described as “correct” under so many aspects in the book and I didn´t see how I could play that in a way that was attractive to people who hadn´t read the book”.
TT: How do you think Edward is “correct”?
Rob: “He´s formal and old-fashioned. This works in the book because you can hear everything on Bella´s thoughts but if you stay purely on this image it wouldn´t work. So I tried to make him look a little bit more unpredictable”.
TT: Why do you think the book created this entire phenomenon?
Rob: “I think it´s a little bit of many things. When I read the book for the first time there wasn´t this hype around it, I read it and thought it was weird… It looked like the author thought she was Bella because there are so many things about Edward that are too specific. So, in many ways you feel like a voyeur and this was one of the weird things that let me down a little, to be honest, but when I started working on the part that was I liked the most about the book”.
TT: Lots of girls feel like they don´t belong anywhere. Do you think the fact that Edward and Bella are kind of “strangers on the nest” was what attracted readers and viewers the most?
Rob: “Yes, definitely. That is what I thought the story was about… It´s about “strangers on the nest” and that´s what makes them interesting, particularly Bella, because she isn´t an obvious stranger. She´s very likeable. Everyone likes her but in her own head she´s always thinking: I´m missing something. I can´t connect to this world”. It´s almost as if she hadn´t met Edward and had lived 108 years she would end up just like him. She would think she wasn´t supposed to be here. ‘I should be something more’ and that´s the kind of resemblance I think there is between them”.
TT: Acting is something you were forced to do or was it your choice?
Rob: “I don’t really like the process of acting. I prefer trying to create something, I like to do something more. I try and I create a character so that he´s memorable, this is the reason he´s been filmed. Every work I´ve done has mixed in a little of my own life and, at the same time, I try to put myself inside the movie. In each period of my life that was working on a different movie, I was a different person myself. I´ve had different friends and lifestyle completely different”.
GREEN BOX – page 79
Careful with fame
Lately Robert has been getting a lot of attention. Some fans have even camped outside of his apartment, among other crazy things. But the cutie is careful with the fact that he´s getting famous: “The more people tell you how good you are, more you´ll have to prove later on. And also, more people will try to push you down. It´s as if everyone was telling you how cool you are, and you haven´t even done anything (laughs). All your ambition is diverted and you don´t know what to do with yourself”.


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