Los 40 Principales (Spain) Mag Scans and Interview Translation

This below from Twilight Poison the source of the scans and translation.
Los 40 Principales Spain interviewed Rob and Kristen back in December for the release of the movie in their country. We finally got a copy of the magazine. Eventhough the interview is old-ish it’s still really good. It features some new stuff about each actor that we didn’t know like how Rob used to make 60 euros for gig in London. It also feautres a quiz on how compatible Rob and Kristen are, as well as on how well they know each other. It’s really cute :).
Here’s the translation:

“The Beauty and the Vampire”
To give life to a vampire, one must live at night. Robert Pattinson (22 years old, London) does it: “I never leave my house during the day; I only socialize at night”. In Twilight he plays Edward, a vampire for which all the girls in the world have fallen in love with. Robert, Harry Potter’s Cedric Diggory is shy, pale and skinny.

You have two songs in the movie’s soundtrack. Are you a musician?
I used to have a band. I wrote one of the songs, and the other one was written by a friend. Catherine heard the songs and she decided to put them in the movie, Only one of them is in the sountrack “Never Think”.

Do you have any plans to release an album?
Look at the Disney kids…No, I hate that. I won’t consider it until I quit acting. I’ve only played in pubs. I had never recorded anything or made money with music. Maybe just 60 euros for playing here and there. I don’t want to become a franchise like the Disney kids.

You lived in Spain while filming your movie Little Ashes.
It was interesting. We filmed on the countryside and nobody spoke English, so I spent months without talking and reading about Dali.

Are you a loner?
When I work, if I don’t have enough information, I have to create the character by myself. I don’t have much of a life outside of acting, I don’t have a group to hang out with. I have two friends that I grew up with and that’s it. I could wake up one day and disappear without leaving anything behind.

How are you dealing with the fans and being chased by them?
It’s like having two jobs; acting and mantaining your fans interested so you can keep working.
What to you like to do in your free time?I don’ go out much. I like to spend the day by myself doing my things and then socialize at night. I get bored talking to people. I ask someone out for dinner and 15 minutes later I’m tired of them.
And for the quiz...a lil of how much do Rob and Kristen really know each other...so very cute.

Favorite Movie
Rob: “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
What movie did Kristen say? Hers is The Jungle Book. She just said it”.
Kristen: “Rob loves Breathless. He gave me the movie. Me… I don’t know. I love American Beauty.”

Favorite Song
Rob: “I used to be really into Morrison, now I like hip-hop. Her? Yeah, I guess I only play my music when I’m with people, that’s terrible, isn’t it?
Kristen: “I like Cul de Sac by Van Morrison. Rob’s a huge fan of him. If he says he’s not, he’s just saying it to contradict me”.

A recipe
Rob: “I’m really good with the microwave. She makes noodles and meatballs” (he did say noodles, not spaguetti).
Kristen: “I make canned meatballs and noodles. The best thing he knows how to do is opening a bottle of beer”.

What would you do if you couldn’t sleep?
Rob: “I’d read. I only sleep like three hours a day. I don’t like it. I never dream anything, it’s so boring”.
Kristen: “I’d write. I’d go crazy. Rob is going to say something just to tease you. He’s going to say something very dark and dramatic”.

If you could bite anyone, you’d bite…
Rob: “She’d probably say she’d bite me (laughs). I would bite anybody”.
Kristen: “Nikki Reed. Just kidding. He would bite me. They say we’re dating but we’re not. I have a boyfriend.”(Note from Vale: I really don’t know if she meant she would bite Nikki or if Rob would bite Nikki. It’s not clear).
Thanks so much to Vale and Twilight Poison for the scans and Interview translation.


SummerGirl said...

Thanks Dani.

I agree -- REALLY cute.

Is the interview recent?

Nicky said...

He is such a clever chap, I swear he takes the piss out of interviewers sometimes, not in a mean way, but in a way "I am so bored with interviews, I am going to say something abnormal and wierd for some shock value" sort of way....could be wrong, its just a vibe I got off the interview. And I think Kristen's knows that about him, from what she is saying in the interview...

SummerGirl said...

What does Kristen say about The Clash I wonder? (the caption on the picture)

SummerGirl said...

I agree Leanne, they are both trying to keep it interesting.

And fun for them I guess.

Nicky said...

That's a good way of putting it, Summergirl, keeping in interesting....but somehow he still manages to be polite, fresh and charming with his answers, DESPITE all the repetition....

tina said...

Is the translation correct? When Rob is quoted he gets bored from people after 15 min, isn't it supposed to be the other way around? I remember an old interview, where he claimed he was boring and that people lose interest in him in few minutes...and that he took that Spanish fan out to dinner after she waited for him I don't know how many times outside his hotel...and that's what happened- he was boring and she never bothered him again,,.

SummerGirl said...

He is so polite and courteous, isn't he?

I *heart* him <3

It is prob a combination of both tina, he gets bored and maybe he is a little boring? He seems really funny to me though, not boring at all.

Unknown said...

Does Rob really only sleep for 3 hours? or teasing as Kristen said. Or is that what he thought Kristen would say?

Martina said...

Rob would bite anybody. :D
How about he starts with me? XD

anna F said...

Great interview.
His aim is really to confuse journalists and fans, that's probably part of the appeal! It's like trying to figur out when he is answering seriouly and when he is goofing around.

Kristen really seems to know him better than she gives herself credit for! (remeber how she said she knows "one part of him really well", it's the one part I'm referring to).
it's nice to see how they get along so well.

marya said...

its weird...i used to think rob was really honest in all his interviews like he said once he just spills the truth right out and cant help himself or something...but now it seems more and more that almost everything he says is a joke and not meant to be taken seriously...i mean how can he only sleep 3 hours day? thats humanly impossible...im sorry hes not edward...lol i dunno i guess ill have to start reading between lines...

anna F said...

marya, I believe he is really honest in some answers, but he is also joking in others (and mistakenly taken seriously then), and this ever since the heavy press junket tour has started...

it's obvious here:
brutally honest: "It’s like having two jobs; acting and mantaining your fans interested so you can keep working."
joking: “I’d read. I only sleep like three hours a day. I don’t like it. I never dream anything, it’s so boring”.

At least, that is my interpretation.

...wowie! said...

They're so cute. I wonder sometimes...but they could say the same thing about how me and one of my best friends are. We're just close like that and it always looks like we're intimate.

Christy said...

I think, for a lot of interviews, if he is asked fluff questions, he just says the first thing that comes to his head, no matter how absurd it sounds.

Anonymous said...

SummerGirl- all it says is "Kristen wearing her Clash t-shirt". The pull quote below the pic is from the interview.

Shani said...

Leanne and Anna- Y'all are right, I remember Kristen saying in an old interview from last year about Rob taking the piss out of interviews. Because they were getting the same questions over and over again he decided to switch up his answers. He would laugh about it afterwards with Kristen. And even though she said in the MoviePhone interview that she only knows one side of him. She seems to know him enough. Hence the he only knows how to open up a beer comment.LOL :P

TwiHartRK said...

This is a total crack up! More confirmation Rob is good with a microwave and flipping BS. I love how Kristen confirms this too!!

Caro said...

I read it and it isn'n well translated, if anyone is interested please write to my mail and I will translate... including what she said


marie said...

I think Rob really likes kristen. Somebody who really likes a person tends to buy gifts for that person. He gave her the movie breathless????. Didn't he also gave her books, a guitar for her birthday etc????

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