Who would you rather date? Edward or Jacob...?

Cheestastic analysis of the Twilight guys but still kinda fun nonetheless.

Thanks to Spunk-Ransom for the vid linkage.


Nicky said...

There are no words for these ladies...but just to get in on the debate.....DUH EDWARD! :)

Anna said...

Um, Jacob is underage, ladies.
Not that it matters. This is so not a contest, I'm not even going to come out for Edward. (wait...)

Anonymous said...

These women are two of the most annoying people alive.

anna F said...

I love how they are really referring to the characters and not the actors.

They were quite funny! I don't know if it's really "clever TV", but it was entertaining.

anna F said...

Jacob's temperament annoys me...
and Taylor does not intrigue me... (plus he is too young I guess)

Edward is not perfect in twilight, he is temperamental, somewhat of a stalker... but also devoted to his love!
Rob is just... ROB!

That's why both character- and actor-wise, I pick ROBWARD!

margot said...

hmmm... really like dogs
... don't date (or obsess over) boys

so THE man over a boy, there is no competition anyway

Edward is an old soul (I think Rob is, too) even if at school (for the 50th time)

RPnKSaddict said...

Love Jacob's character he makes me laugh.However....Edward makes all the the wonderful feelings come alive. He's at the top of my list.
They're all in seperate compartments for me.
Then there's Rob a completely different entity in his own right. If I had to choose. Rob hands down.

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