Robert Pattinson Becomes a Star - Old Interview

This is an interview from the Daily Telegraph (UK) published on November 28th 2008. I love how they call Cedric "butter wouldn't melt" head boy :))

Enjoy! And thanks to Marina for the link :)

Robert Pattinson becomes a star as Twilight steals thunder from Harry Potter

A young British actor has become a worldwide hearthrob among teenagers awaiting the delayed Harry Potter film.

Robert Pattinson has been named one of "2008's sexiest men" by an American magazine after being mobbed by fans at the Los Angeles premier of his new film, Twilight.

Based on a series of Vampire novels, Twilight is proving extremely popular with the same teenage audience that enjoyed Harry Potter.

Producers of the film brought forward its release to fill a gap in the market created by the delay of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which will not hit UK screens until July next year.

Pattinson, 22, has the role of a lecherous bloodsucker in Twilight – a far cry from the butter-wouldn't-melt head boy Cedric Diggory that he played in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

The vampire novels are written by Stephanie Meyer, a Mormon housewife turned publishing phenomenon who has been hailed as the new J K Rowling.

At the Hollywood premiere of Twilight more than two dozen bodyguards had to protect Pattinson from hysterical crowds of lingerie-throwing girls.

There have been similar scenes at European publicity appearances and thousands of his British fans have successfully petitioned the producers to bring the UK opening date forward by a month, to December 19.

Pattinson, who plays 'undead' hero Edward Cullen who seduces Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, said: "With every week, the fervour and anticipation seem to grow. People know my name and ambush me in public and try to figure out what hotel I'm staying at and ask me to bite them and want to touch my hair.

"Everyone just screams and screams and screams. I have accepted it as real now, but it still feels surreal."

He was named one of the year's sexiest men by popular celebrity magazine, People.

Meyer's most recent book knocked Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows from the top of international bestseller lists.

If Twilight proves a box office hit, as widely predicted, a sequel is likely to be in production next year which could net newcomer Pattinson more than £5m.

The Twilight series has sold close to 14 million copies worldwide – most of them in the United States - and has spawned dozens of internet sites for fans, who refer to themselves as 'Twilighters'.

In the UK, 20,000 copies of the most recent instalment, Breaking Dawn, were sold in the first 24 hours of sale – not as fast as Harry Potter during the height of Pottermania but significant enough for Borders book chain to describe it as "the closest thing we've had to Harry in recent times".

Meyer says her Mormon beliefs influence her work and she refuses to write about pre-marital sex.

The Harry Potter series has sold 400m copies since 1997 and has a wider age appeal than Twilight.



Anonymous said...

awww Cedric :)

Ellie said...

"Lecherous bloodsucker"?? WTF!

Ellie said...

Laura~~FB tonight??

Anonymous said...

Goz, check on you tube. Find a Fanvid called Robert Pattinson The Tiger. It's very entertaining, I crack up every time i see it ( 5 times ). Priceless.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Nikki. Cedric Wooohooo.

Anonymous said...

I love reading all this older stuff about Rob and the vids are enchanting. Most of these I've never seen before ... thanks so much Goz and Dani for keeping us entertained and our Robsession happy *smile*

Anonymous said...

That Youtube IS quite funny! ~Chicago girl now in LA.

Anonymous said...

Also, it looks to me like he probably dated Katie Leung ("Cho" from Potter), pictured here. She seems nice...good for him. Anyone know for sure? ~Chicago girl now in LA.

Ellie said...

Yes, Anon, some of the premiere pics of GoF seem to indicate that they were a couple. Don't know for sure, though. Lucky girl, if they were!!!

Afternoon, ladies!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've heard Rob say in an older interview that he and Katie dated for an entire year! I don't have the link to that interview ... would post it if I did. So, he truly DID get the girl :)

Anonymous said...

I have never heard that he and Katie dated for a year,if at all, his only long term gf was model Nina something, lol. They dated on and off for 2 yrs. He and Katie are friends even now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Smitten~

I tend to believe that as I've read descriptions from Potter fans at signing events that Rob and Katie seemed close and the pics they posted with them gave me an impression that they could've been dating...

Yes, Anon, there are a few pics of Rob with Nina, clearly a romantic relationship.

I think this is good that Rob doesn't kiss and tell and also that he is interested in the person inside, not bimbos with stunning outward appearances. I hope this never changes.

BUT, the idea that scuzzy Paris cornered him for so long post-Oscars and then perhaps followed him to Japan is worrying. If Rob's mom is reading this, PLEASE TELL HIM WHAT AN IDIOT HE IS regarding her!!!!! ~Chicago girl now in LA

Marilyn said...

Where are pics of Rob and Nina?

Anonymous said...


You can start with the oldest pics on and look at their Gallery. Nina is quite tall, blonde and normal looking...seems like a lovely person. ~Chicago girl now in LA.

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