Ted Casablanca's Change of Heart?

Here is a compilation of what Ted wrote on E! Online today. Thanks to anjourose on imdb for putting it together :)

Ted used to write nasty things about Rob (including the Rob is miserable in LA bit) but lately it looks like he had a change of heart. No one can stand Mr. Charming for too long :)

Rob Pattinson's a Smart Boozer

Tue., Mar. 3, 2009 4:22 PM PST by Ted Casablanca
Robert Pattinson Austin Visschedyk, PacificCoastNews.com

Those Brit's love to drink. And although Rob Pattinson might do it more than others, at least he's more in control than previous young famous misfits, à la Lindsay and Paris. Our friends over at Celebuzz got a surprising Pattinson sighting out last night. No, he wasn't sober, but he was technically in Hollywood.

R.P. was posted up at the Bar in the outskirts of H'wood last night, in "very good spirits" as he downed some bubbly with friends, Celebuzz reported. "He was sharing champagne with his group, passing it freely to others in the bar," a fellow drinker dished, adding that Rob looked quite sexy with his lips around that bottle.

So who did Pattz go home with at the end of the night?

After "encouragement" from bar patrons, say fairly sober witnesses, R.P. "resisted driving home" and got a ride to his friend's house.

Hmmm, wonder who exactly that might be? Hopefully he didn't continue the party too long, 'cause Robbie is supposed to begin production on New Moon today in Vancouver, B.C. Take good care of him up in Canada, Twilight loonies!

Dear Ted:
Fairly new to your site and column, but since I plan to make Robert Pattinson my mister someday, I have to know that Judas Jack-Off is not him. I am pretty sure it&'s not though, because I think from all your hints, it's Kellan Lutz! Am I correct?

Dear Wedding Planner:
Rest easy your Twilight soul, neither are Judas.

Dear Ted:
Why is Camilla Belle dating Joe Jonas and not Robert Pattinson? Is she wearing a purity ring?

Dear Belle of the Ball:
No! I'm so not a fan of C.B. and her pretentious ways. She can't (and won't) take Rob's heart.

Dear Ted:
Regarding Robert Pattinson's anti-Hollywood misery, something isn't adding up. How is it he signed for a three-picture deal for Twilight, had his records on the album, presented at the Oscars, etc., if he hates the Hollywood machine? His suits had to know when he signed for Twilight what he was getting into. I get that he wasn't ready for all the fans/fame, and he just wants to act and be away from L.A., but take some responsibility—it's part of the acting job. So tell me. Is he trusting the wrong people to handle his career, or is it all an act? Love your site!

Dear Patty Pretender:
I think he just simply wasn't ready for this much fame this fast. The guy loves his craft, so he'll make his appearances, but I'm sure he's just overwhelmed. Who wouldn't be?


Anonymous said...

I see that Casablancas is jumping on the Rob bandwagon...if you look back in his Rob comments, not only did he say that Rob was a lush but he also made fun of his face (won't repeat that hideous, clearly jealous comment). I wonder what happened that made Casablancas comprehend Rob? Still, I have to say that this columnist should NEVER BE TRUSTED for he has shown us who he is...

I don't think it would take much for him to start dissing Rob again...JMHO. ~Chicago girl now in LA.

luckygyrl said...

I think your sooo right. Hes a gossiper, and thats what they do. I'll admit that Perez always seems to have love for Rob, but doesnt matter to us. We heart Rob always.

PS I love that fucking GIF.

Anonymous said...

I made a mistake in my above post with that gossip's name and never corrected it (I NEVER do this)--that should tell you how low I think this guy is!

Perez does love Rob and so we love Perez. Though I feel sorry for Perez--some of his regular posters are so mean to him. ~Chicago girl now in LA.

Tenneil said...

Lucky... How is going...are you working.... again???

Well as far as Ted goes... he can go crawl under the rock from which he came.. Thanks for saying nice things Ted..... but we know you all too well. Cant be trusted..

Laura said...

Ted Casablancas just wants Rob's


He needs to fucking get in line.

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