Japanese Fans: A Chance to Meet Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson will be at a fan event in Japan.
The date is not set yet but last year Rob looked so fine in Japan :))
Check HERE are our earlier posts for Rob in Japan.

One of our readers Seiko sent us the following information:

I got an official email from "Twilgihter's SQUARE"; official Twilight Saga homepage hosted by Kadokawa Entertainment. Kagokawa is Japanese rep for Summit.

We don't know the date yet. They will announce the date by Sept. 30th.

The first 200 people who bought Twilight DVD (release on Sept. 18) at Shibuya TSUTAYA will receive an official "application" for meeting Rob. The luckiest pair among 200 applicants will get to meet Rob in person for taking photo together. And a free pass to Press Conference! Application deadline is Oct. 12th.

-----translation of the official mail magazine-------------------

Special News for fans who cannot wait for the DVD release of Twilight Japanese edition next week.

#Robert Pattinson is coming to Japan.#

It is now finally decided. Robert Pattinson will be coming to Japan!
He will be here for promotion of Twilight Saga New Moon.

#"Twilight DVD & Blu-Ray Release EVENT#
There is a chance to become Representative of Japanese Fans!

For all the people who pre-ordered DVD from TSUTAYA or plan to buy DVD at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA on Sept. 18th, there is a special PLAN.
We will be distribution "Application Post Cards" for 200 people who showed up at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA on Sept. 18th.
For those fans, there is a chance to get VERY CLOSE to Robert Pattinson.
Go to SHIBUYA TSUTAYA on Sept. 18th!

[What can you have for being an Representative of Japanese Fans?]
1. You'll get to meet Robert Pattinson in person to take photo together!
2. You'll be invited to Press Conference!

[Where to go!]
Fri Sept. 18th 2009 /SHIBUYA TSUTAYA Special Area on 2nd Floor.

[Who qualifies for receiving Application Post card?]
Customers who pre-ordered Twilight DVD from TSUTAYA
Customers who purchased Twilight DVD at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA on Sept. 18th.

Bring in the following documents to be qualified.
1. Shopping Receipt from SHIBUYA TSUTAYA
2. Print-out of the pre-order history page of TSUTYA ONLINE

[How do we get the Application Post Card?]
From 10:00, we start issuing the reservation tickets on the ground floor.
17:00 Come and wait in line with the number printed on the reservation tickets.
17:30 We hand out the Application Post Card to the first 200 people in the line.

[What do we do with the Application Post Card?]
We will be posting NEWS as soon as we know about Press Conference or Photo session dates.
Make sure you are available on the dates, and send the Application Post Card to us.

[And then?]
We will email you or send you a letter by Oct. 16th.

[Deadline for application]
The Application Post Card must be received by Oct 12th.

Official Mail Magazine


Mrs. Spunk Ransom ;) said...

Did the man EVER hear of Ireland?

And he used to live right across the pond and all.

You think he'd go to the places that speak his own frickin language first. haha (:

yes, I am extremely jealous atm, and yes I am looking up average flight costs to Japan, LMAO (:

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Me too! Why can't he come back to Portland???? After all he has an Oregon drivers license!

Jewels64 said...

Dammit Goz!!!

I pulled the blog up and I saw the top of his sex hair and I said to myself..."Please don't be the picture where he is pouting...I will lose my mind seeing that pic first thing in the morning."

Yeah...thanks....It WAS the picture I was thinking of...

I am seriously Robsessed when I know what picture it is by the top of his head and the way his hair is....

Mrs. Spunk Ransom ;) said...

Life's a bitch :( lol..

Oh yes, I remeber Japan..mmhmm ;)

Counting down the days to the VMA's, and will be clinically depressed if he doesn't show up..! haha :D

ssherrill115 said...

I'm so sad - I will never get to see him in real life. He will never know know much I love him. Make me want to be Japanese. Makes me want to get on a plane and fly to Japan - I'm afraid of flying. Sigh...

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

It was reported (who knows) that he will appear at the Twilight conventions in Portland next October....really hope he does!

Mrs. Spunk Ransom ;) said...

Well peeps we can all dream.

I always wonder, has Rob ever checked out this site randomly?!

Boy, we would have a field day! haha (:

Suz said...

Suz.. is Turning Japanese, she thinks she's turning Japanese, she really thinks soooo.....

(can I enter, now?)

Mrs. Spunk Ransom ;) said...



We should all turn up, that would be hilarious (:

Anonymous said...

Morning Ladies!!
Boy and we think we have it bad waiting for DVDs to be released. Japan is JUST getting Twilight released!! I hope Rob can enjoy Japan, I remember hearing him saying in an interview in Japan that he would like to go out and hear some music. Or was that from a HP GOF interview?

@Suz ~ too freakin funny!! LOL!!!

MeL C said...


Gozde, how do we leave a note for Rob to stop over Malaysia or Singapore? Cos we would so love to have him here XD

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...


Who's in NY this weekend? Is it Bobby, Sam or Marcus?

Wish I could see one of them!!!
And of course, Rob..

Suz said...


Ana73 said...

they all seemed to enjoy Japan when they went for the premiere, i hope it's the same for him again. he has so many fans EVERYWHERE.

RPG - i left you a message on the last blog. oh, and bobby is playing in NY this weekend.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

GAH! I would love to see Bobby!! Are any of you going???

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...


Oh cool, it sounds awesome. As soon as I finish A Life Extraordinary, and Bel Ami, I will start that one.

I read the first few pages online-naughty!!

Suz said...


rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Lucky- I am jealous!

tanuki said...

I'm sooooo excited!!
Welcome to Japan again!!

AP said...


tanuki said...

Yes! I know a couple of nice Karaoke Bars in Tokyo too.

ROB!! ask me. I can take you there!

RPLover said...

I'm with RPG-soooo jelous of Suz right now! I've been listening to Bobby on youtube non-stop lately, he is unbelievable. Love him! think he'll ever make it to Iowa? LOL

Marna said...

This is great for the Japanese fans, but notice it says you have to bring your receipt from when you bought the DVD? The DVD came out a while ago, I sure didn't keep my receipt, did anybody else? I think this is going to create a lot of freaked out Japanese fans.

AP said...

@tanuki: Enjoy his visit and I hope you get to hear Rob sing. Good luck!

Athena said...

Yay, more Kobe beef for Rob! Hahaha!

I think a Red Alert should be sent across the whole Western Pacific area (both emispheres)... if that event is happening around January/February, he might be coming our way, too (possibly filming "Unbound Captives" in NZ and coming to see Bobby play in Oz!)...

*prays hard*

P.S.: Rob attending or not, I am SO looking forward to seeing Bobby play! :D

mya bluesky said...

Well done summit.they will send rob away to japan while kris n tay going around america n europe promoting new moon

Anyway,i do happy to have him in asia again,would u like to visit bali rob?i will buy a new blue bali shirt for u :-D

Unknown said...

Please come TAIWAN !

Amitolane said...

Rob was in Japan this year in February right not last year.

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